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  1. Empire Minecraft gives players the option to earn rupees each day by voting, which is extremely helpful for new members that are just getting started. These sites can be found here.

    How to vote
    You can vote by clicking the links below. When voting on multiple sites, the best method is to right click and open them all in separate tabs.
    Vote for the Empire!

    Voting is a great way of earning extra Rupees every day while helping The Empire in the process. In fact, you could earn over a thousand Rupees per day along with exclusive and rare items by just taking a few minutes to vote on each Website!

    When voting, make sure you enter your name correctly on each Website. If you don't, then you unfortunately won't be rewarded for that vote.

    It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes for your rewards to show up. Once your vote has been verified, you'll get a message in-game, and any Rupees and Tokens earned will be shown in your currency logs.

    You can increase your vote bonus once every 16 hours, so spread out votes for the maximum reward and vote every day to maintain your bonus.

    If a Website doesn't work, vote using a separate Website, and let the non-working Website know that you were having problems. EMC isn't able to fix problems with the voting websites.

    Vote TopG.org
    Vote ServerPact.com
    Vote Minecraft-Mp.com
    Vote Minecraft-Server-List.com
    Vote Minecraft-Server.net
    Vote MinecraftServers.org
    Vote MinecraftServers100
    Vote MinecraftServers.biz
    Vote PlanetMinecraft.com

    Each site is different, but most of the time you will have to fill in your username - when doing this, make sure it includes the same characters and capital letters that it does in-game - and complete a Captcha. Sometimes this is a puzzle, picture or word challenge.

    How the voting system works
    Each vote on each day will net you 100 rupees.

    However, we also have a chain multiplier bonus. If you vote two days in a row, you will earn a 100 rupee bonus on your first vote for the second day. Each additional day after that (as long as you voted days in a row without missing a day), will net you a 10 rupee bonus added to the next days first vote. So day three in this example would earn you 210 rupees on your first vote. The next day would be 220, and so on up to a maximum of 300 rupees per day for the first vote. Once you're at 300 a day for your first vote, it will stay there each day until you miss voting a day, in which case the scenario will reset for you.

    You have 30 hours from your last vote until your streak resets, however, it does not fully reset:

    Rupees are credited automatically after you vote and you can check that it worked in your Transaction History
    The number of sites that you can vote on and the voting system can always change. Make sure you check back to the Empire News forums often!

    Voting really helps EMC out! A tip to consider when trying to remember to do it is book-marking all the sites in a folder.
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