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  1. SHE* SHE* SHE*!!!!!

    Sorry for spam. :p

    "Pineapplegem: you replaced Budha as number one because you are going to get me stuff lol. Thank you for your kind words and being willing to take my girly pink cat off me if I so wished, which I think I'm going to keep it. Thank you for the birthday wishes, I plan on today being a good one, happy thoughts. You also replace budha because I need some citrus tang up in this EMC life. MMMMMM fruity goodness combined with gems... diamond gems?"

    • PineappleGem* (that's a pet peeve of mine)
    • Woot I'm number one! LOL, sorry budha :(
    • I've always thought of purple gems when looking at my name. That's why my sig is yellow and purple. And also when decorating I usually use that color combo... Actually it's more magenta than purple. :p

    Sorry, I really don't have much time to read the other posts ATM ... still doing HW. :) Maybe later, after HW and getting you that Unb book?
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  2. Well I haven't updated this in a while so... kinda a lot has happened. I had the idea to revisit it because I made some poetry on one of the auctions that I was bidding on and I quite liked it and know that it will just go in the archives in the next day or two so decided to share it with a larger audience. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

    This is my sword. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
    My sword is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
    My sword, without me, is useless. Without my sword, I am useless. I wield my sword true. I must slice deeper than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must stab him before he stabs me. I will...
    My sword and I know that what counts in EMC is not the mobs we kill, the noise of our unsheathing, nor the stance we use to strike. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...
    My sword is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its blade and its hilt. I will keep my sword clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...
    Before God, I swear this creed. My sword and I are the defenders of my server. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

    So be it, until victory is EMC's and there is no enemy, but peace!

    Edit: the very first time I took this sword out we were assaulted by a ghast. Flinging the ghasts deadly magma like vomit back at it, a miss. Suddenly out of nowhere, howls. Enraged howls of a groups of four nether hounds as they came barreling towards us. With my eyes on the ghast they got close. Before they reached me the ground opened up from below me. Another ghast from behind. By the time I faced to my now sixth opponent the hounds were upon me. These were not normal hounds, they had been cursed by the Overlords of minecraft themselves with ever aching fangs that sent then into a trance that doubled the strength of their bite. As one fell another hit from the ghast, alighting the ground below me and enveloping not only myself, but my precious sword in fire. I awoke, no sword.

    Edit2: that sword cost me 21k... thanks wyntyr lol. Most expensive sword I have bought to date.
  3. Soooo... since 1.8 I have been busy. I was going to work on azoundrias mine and expand it, advertise to get more people out there and what not until... well 1.8. As soon as the waste reset me and my closest two friends on EMC, WyntyrReavyn and NutriciousBudha went out searching for ocean monuments. WELL, NutriciousBudha and I went searching while wyntyrreavyn was... dunno?

    Budha found a monument about two minutes after we started searching, sent coords via group chat and I started heading that way. Before I got there he tells me someone else was already building a land bridge out to the monument so we went to look for another one. Budha hits again not two minutes later... dang dude! I come over to him at a little island pretty close and start doing exactly what the player we passed was doing, building a land bridge using lava to the top of the monument.

    Once we got so close I hear budha scream in group chat. No later did he screamed... well... I screamed too. "WHAT IS THAT?!?" some sort of apparition jumped up and shouted so loud it almost busted our ear drums. Ghost fish... ghost fish were attacking us. Wait, not losing health. Checking the status screen we realize that we cannot even break dirt blocks now. Time for the fun.

    Budha jumps in the water, we decided we were done waiting for wyntyr(it had been hours... or maybe thats a SLIGHT exaggeration) and were headed to conquer the monument. Budha started hitting the top of the monument... "Dude, what are you doing, you are going to break your hand."

    "Just trust me." Budha said this a lot on this little adventure. Being surrounded by ghost fish, sharks with freakin lazer beams attached to their heads and a giant ancient ruin in the middle of the ocean... I really didn't know what to trust anymore. Budha was by far the least surreal experience going on in my reality at this point so even though I didn't really trust him, I had no choice.

    Fighting off sharks with lazer beams while my friend punches a block for like five minutes straight I was starting to wonder if I had lost my mind. After being exhausted by the onslaught of the sharks Budha finally breaks the block. "I really hope we don't have to do that much more."

    I look around... "Budha?!" Where he went was beyond me, he disappeared. I ran over to the block he was punching and saw him. It had sucked him in. "Follow me." Yeah right, follow you into a hole while sharks are running around and I'm holding my breathe. Budha had it easy, he used my water breathing potions and me? Well I brought a bag with some extra air in it and a magic spell to periodically create an air bubble next to a wall.

    Against all reasoning, I jumped into the hole. "WOW!!" It was blue, then it was green, then it was purple, then it was blue." I was talking about the walls. The walls were changing colors. I could see them too... which was odd. Where was that light coming from? I run over to a block that is lit up brighter than my torches that I used to keep from drowning. Some were lit up and some weren't. I used my torches to light some of them, I'm guessing they just needed a spark.

    After going through mazes of hallways I question Budha's sense of direction. "Where are we going?"

    "Just follow me, trust me."

    "Stop saying that, you know I don't trust you." All of a sudden a lazer beam lights up and budha's chest plate explodes...

    "AGHHHHH! Save me Gawa!!!" Well... that's how I choose to remember it. In all actuality it looked more like Budha wrestling a bear with fins and me turning my head to the side in confusion. Realization took hold and I popped a strength potion, come in to hit the giant underwater monstrosity and with one fell swoop, kill stealing like a boss.

    We proceeded to find two more of these things, at which point I was probably a bit more help. With the debuff gone and all these pretty blocks around I began mining. Dying a few times, mining some more, dying some more, drowning some, being vaporized by lazers and even suffocating in a wall. Glorious. I actually died more than wyntyr... very proud of that accomplishment.

    We all but leveled our first monument. We weren't done however. There would be a more massive project that lay just ahead for us...
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  4. lmao this is some good stuff !
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  5. how have i not run across this before. grats on dying more than me lol :)
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  6. The terrible triplet team consolidated their loot. This was just child's play. Soon we would have much larger fish to fry and the loot, it would fetch a pretty penny. So to the market, the mall recently(at this point in time) renovated by Nutriciousbudha housed the goods which would soon be liquidated by interested consumers. Of course our loot was bought up in no time and that only emboldened our previous idea.

    We would enslave, breed and harvest the monstrous laser beam sharks in a controlled manner in order to industrialize the output of the coveted by products. Most notably, SEA LANTERNS. These animated and entrancing new blocks were like the Gold Rush of EMC. They fetched a high price and sold faster than McDonalds at a NASCAR race.

    Wyntyr, Budha and I returned to our newly claimed land which to date has not been named. Searching within the borders of ourr territory we set out to find a plot of land(sea?) on which we could begin our construction of the industrialized sea lantern factory.

    Many laughs, much frustration and many deaths later we had achieved our goal. Sea lanterns for as far as the eye can see.

    Being that there had to be someone on site to manage the production I came up with the wonderful idea of building something HUGE that would take FOREVER so that I could remain on site had any of our worker drones had a slip up and stopped producing within expectations.

    And so was born. Until this day no one is quite sure what it is or where it is headed but one thing is for sure, its freaking gigantic.

    Recently I have installed a freight line that was well overdue in order to facilitate transport of the material to town. Why this wasn't done when the factory was started up and running is beyond me.

    I also had this really great idea about bringing back a nostalgic period of my time on EMC. The nostalgia stemmed from taking dozens of new players out to the waste, setting up underground mining bases and using the base until almost every ore within a reasonable distance had been mined up. So, I started the
    which is still under development and not yet up and running.

    Today I decided to try and do a dry run of days long past. "Starting a mining event in fifteen minutes. Pm me for group invite." Well... this doesn't always work and today is one of those times that it simply did not work. I suppose I can devote some more time to that gigantic... thing?
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  7. I have been pretty steady about updating this almost exactly one month from the last post for a few months... if you don't count June. I was pretty busy actually doing stuff in game to fool too much with the forums. We all have our off-days. Errrr, months.


    "What was that?"

    "The giant voice in the sky? That's just Aikar giving us more 'half-truths' using his sky god voice of red lettering"

    "I didn't see any red lettering?"

    "Well if you would stop living on the forums you might have. Maybe not though, I'm not sure I wasn't in game when it happened because I was busy having a life... HAHAHAHA, not."

    Budha texts me about five minutes after I read... well I think you got it. I told him not to get too excited. If my experience is any indication of the massive nerf to the mini boss spawn rates then they are still at half or less than they were before the nerf. Aikar doesn't like to tell us the truth though. "Spawn rates have doubled." Is far to vague to really accept it as being the whole story. So for the next 24-ish hours after that was said... spawn rates were more than ten times if not twenty times what they were the day before.

    Well, of course Budha and I weren't aware of this when we logged in.

    Wyntyr: "uhh, a momentus and a marlix just spawned"

    Naturally Budha and myself both soiled our pants in glee... well, maybe that was just me. We both grabbed swords, bows, armor, potions and a couple Notch apples and quickly began our trek out to see our greedy hands filled with loot.

    *elevator music playing* "Oh nice, you fixed the torches so that they don't split my brain open and I can actually look at the screen while on the rail." Wyntyr, "Yeah, you are welcome for that."

    Like the fat girl from willy wonka shooting out of the diabeetus tube, Budha and I BUST through the portal and sprint to the front of Wyntyr's castle. "We have arrived." Wyntyr, un-amused, "Briliant" She takes us inside and we finish the final preparations making sure to lather ourselves in brain scent so the zombies will be especially excited to see us, as I hear when you do that they drop better loot. we may have just done /diff 7. Brain scent is a bit more fun though. As we are getting ready Wyntyr shows us a picture she took of the Momentus. It had spawned on TOP of her castle!

    She showed us a picture... not the actual momentus as apparently there was a slight accident. "Follow me."

    We follow wyntyr to the top of the castle but see no momentus. "See this spire right here? Well, the momentus kind of suffocated in it."

    Completely distraught... nah, lets go kill a marlix!

    "It was over here somewhere."

    "I see it!!! My first Marlix!"

    Budha runs up and starts bludgeoning the Marlix. It freaked out and flew up, almost crying at the punishment Budha had inflicted upon it.

    In the most shrill, deafening voice I have ever heard. "If you are going to bring YOUR friends, I am going to bring MY friends! MWAHAHAHA."

    All of a sudden I hear the all too familiar sound of a bow being drawn and flip backwards just as an arrow flies by where my head just was. "This is getting a little sticky guys." They both ignored my doubt. Wyntyr attempting to jump the two stories the Marlix had just flown up and Budha assaulting the summoned minions with the same fervor he had the Marlix.

    I snuck around behind the Marlix and climbed a tree. When I got on top I could see the Marlix just level with the tree top and jumped! "You won't get away that easy!" My weight brought the Marlix back down and I swung my sword. "Man this guy is fast!" He dodged the first blow and drew his bow back. I dodged to the side and swung again. A hit! I had hoped it had wounded him but I think it only made him angry. Budha was dispatching the last of the minions when all of a sudden another half dozen popped up.

    Wyntyr took advantage of the Marlix being distracted and shot an arrow right into his back. This was a good hit but unfortunate for me as I was in front of the Marlix and he came crashing right into me. I flew back, I don't know how far but once I stopped... man that hurt. The Marlix is cackling screaming through the skies and sending volley after volley of flaming arrow down at us. Budha managed another arrow into the Marlix and another bastion of his evil doers ambushed him again.

    This is no time to be hurt. I chugged down 3 potions. I went from feeling like I had just had a mooshroom fall on me to feeling like Notch had possessed my very soul. Time slowed, I could hear the rustling of the grass as if it was next to my ear. All of a sudden that sound turned to that of howling gale force wind as I rushed forward at super speed and jumped higher than I have ever thought possible. I raised my sword above my head and almost felt sorry for the demon just below it. As I sliced my sword through the air, down through bone, I could swear that the Marlix had turned to butter, my sword sliding effortlessly right through the marlix's center as he fell into two pieces. I quickly turned to budha who was being overwhelmed by the minions. Now that wyntyr and I had finished off the Marlix we could assist. As the last one was dispatched there was a message in the sky in red lettering.

    "Server reboot in 30 seconds, fixing stuff I broke... you are used to this just come back in a minute."

    "HAHAHA." "Oh man, all those minions." "Good timing Aikar!" We reveled in our victory and split the loot as fast as we could before Aikar unloaded us all.

    As the evil youtubers annoyingly say all the time: GG
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  8. So, since I have been on EMC I have easily had MILLIONS of rupees and resources worth of rupees pass through my greedy little fingers... however I have never really had over 100k for more than a few hours because... well what good is a pile of rupees laying around? I use them to buy tools and resources to assist in builds that I am working on or to improve the efficiency of my money making schemes. However, recently I have run into a few rupees and ironically it was about the same time someone decided to write this in town chat.

    Since then I have purchased SEVERAL god picks, 9 beacons, 70k worth of enchant books, 2 dcs of ink sacks a dc of cactus, a few pieces of god armor, handed over a gold voucher to an employee and basically spent them like I always do. This picture was taken last week and this week I'm back down to about 500k lol. I didn't get all of that for 300k I don't think. I am still making money and spending it like silly as I always do. I'm sure that will be gone for the most part in the next 2 weeks.
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  9. AUGUST 2015!!!!??? Dear lord, you guys need something to read yeah?

    So, let's see... that was before the holidays, when everyone abandons minecraft(oh hey, you are here this year?) Which means that was also before 1.9. Quick recap of august 2015- the release of 1.9.. stuff happened and I was gone for a good bit of it.

    The GOLD Rush

    "Hi guys!"

    "Where the hell have you been? We thought you had quit."

    "Oh, well I dated this crazy lady that was apparently married to another lady, which I found out after I got an apart.... ya know what, I'm just glad to be back :D"

    Upon arriving back to my home on EMC I had discovered that the developers at Mojang had been busy. I wasn't initially too excited about this "combat" update. I did PVP every once in a while and mobs are too dumb to really call that combat so it seemed kind of lack luster. A few weeks into the teasers for the 1.9 release we find out though.

    Whaaaa??? We will be able to fly? The end is getting a total freakin makeover? There will actually be a reason to go to the end other than to get those terribly ugly blocks? Sweet.

    That wasn't the news that got all of EMC's market analysts and investors in an uproar though... The death of the Notch Apple would have huge implications for the EMC market... Which in hindsight was a knee jerk reaction and really it didn't matter... but that knee jerk though!!!

    "Gawa come out to the outpost, JDHallows just finished making me a farm!"

    As I approached from the north I saw in the distance a structure of megalithic proportions. Had JD resurrected the ancients in order to outdo the pyramids of Giza and stonehenge all in one go? I crept closer, a little leary of what is waiting for me. Wyntyr, after all, has a penchant for trying to kill me.

    "Wow, this is huge. What is it?"

    "It's a replica of a GOLD farm that I gave JD blueprints for."

    Wait a second... Notch apple death+knee jerk+hype+gold farm+literally no life to speak of=$$$$$$$$

    I lived at that gold farm, the cries of pigmen falling on my sword being the only thing that I saw for weeks. Momentarily interrupted by enchanting, sorting and crafting as fast as possible so that this cosmic gold farm didn't overflow my cpu's pitiful capabilities. Weeks of doing the same thing over and over again and you get pretty good at it. Thanks to EMC's "wonderful" mob mechanics I actually had to have two accounts on at one time to get the farm to work optimally... and oh boy did it work.

    2 million+ rupees later we all found out how silly it was that the price of gold had sky rockets some 5 fold.

    1.9 was to release in the morning and I was so sick of looking at pigmen that I couldn't wait. I was going to be on for this and I was going to be spending a LOT of time... in... the... END.
  10. Huh, I had missed this thread until now!
    Sorry, but I won't be reading back all posts right now. :p
    I'll follow any stuff from now on, though! :)
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  11. I thought I would give a little time before writing the next part of this. Well, seems that time has passed :p

    To the End we go

    I didn't prepare for the next leg of my journey whatsoever. Didn't know what I was getting into, hadn't read up on it or played singleplayer 1.9 yet, just jumped in head first. I did grab some eye of ender and those crystal things to summon the dragon.

    After following an eye of ender some 5,000,000 blocks... ok so that may be a slight exageration... I arrived to the end portal. When I jumped through I expected to find myself looking at a pretty barren island, full of enderman and some obsidian pillars...

    "OW OW OW OW OW" What is hurting me?

    "You have died"

    Alright... so something is going on here.

    I heard the screams of brave nights as they fell upon the ominous dragon's breath. So, that is what killed me. I rush to retrieve my armor and weapons dodging the purple poison vomit of this tricky beast. Apparently I didn't need to summon the Ender dragon, it was waiting for me. As I watch manic cries in local chat I spot a tower regenerating the dragon.

    Well... it's always a good time to be a hero yeah? I ran over to the pillar and elevatored up with the nonsensical minecraft physics and broke through the iron bars.

    "Let's see how you fair without this!"


    Now that the dragon wouldn't be healed by his magic crystal's beams we could crash this party. Myself and two other strangers shoot volley after volley of arrows into the air, only a few scraping the skin of the beast. All of a sudden it swoops down, right at me.

    "Patience Gawa, you might not get another chance if you mess this up." I draw back my bow, stairing down my fingers, the length of the arrow and into the eyes of what would surely be my undoing... again? Yeah, I forgot I already died once. Steady, hold it. I could smell the poison foaming at it's mouth, it was so close. I quickly twisted my bow around and aimed straight up and let the arrow sing it's way from my grip straight into the belly of this flying abomination.

    "Get him!!!" The cries of another knight, I must have hurt it because it had landed right behind me and was writhing around pouring forth it's spit onto the ground everywhere it could. We unsheathed our swords and charged.

    I'm not really sure how many stabs and slices the thing recieved... almost felt sorry for it at the end, perhaps would have if it hadn't already killed me once. It was time for us to claim our prize though. The head of a dragon, complete with smp8's latest(they always come up with weird stuff) toy mechanics, an opening and closing jaw.

    I spent quite some time killing dragons, bringing out everyone on the smp to let them have a go at the dragon and get their own dragons heads. This wasn't what 1.9 was about though, this was just the warm up. The next leg of the adventure would be just as much of a challenge. The search for the coveted elytra...

    To be continued....
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  12. Found a piece I wrote for hashogs never say never event... none of them were posted on the forums so have a read:

    As a young child there was an idea, an extraordinary idea that was constantly reinforced in my life. Never use absolutes. Seemingly contradictory, of course. Later in my childhood the idea that anything is possible, often expressed by "Never say Never" was constantly reinforced in my life. "Anything is possible as long as you stick to it, Never is a word for quitters."

    With the idea that Never was for quitters I would seek out to find Never, no matter what it took. It had to exist. I searched near, within my mentors, my family, my friends, my educational tools. I did not find Never. Was my fault that I was looking near and not far? I must change my approach.

    I left behind all that was familiar, in an attempt to conquer Never. I traveled further than I had ever been before. If Never showed no traces where I was then I would find it somewhere else. I would travel as far as I had to.

    Again, I searched. I looked high and low. I didn't find it. I must get further. I traveled and searched, everywhere. There were many that professed they had found Never and even that they commanded it with proficiency. When they would bare their professed Never they were left empty handed, without vindication. They did not command, or even fathom the power let alone the notion of Never.

    After getting as far as I could possibly get from where I started, through the seas, the skies and all of the land, I had not found one trace of Never, everything seemingly having an end or some change about it. I became weary, frustrated and demoralized. I must once again move further, change my approach.

    This time I would abandon physical restrictions in my attempts. I would not search high, low, far or wide. I would not travel and I would not look with my eyes or hear with my ears. I would continue the search, even though beaten down, I still had the time and energy to conquer mountains.

    Inside myself I would delve, as deep as I had to. I had to deal with the hurdles of anger, frustration, hate and the worst of all, fear. As I began to cross the last hill of deception, the darkest fears of my mind, I started to understand. What I found was enlightening. My quest had taken me so far. It had given me such hardship that it could not be adequately expressed to another.

    Through all the pain, I had endured. My journey was about to come to an end and Never would embrace me and validate my struggles.

    Down the last slope, I rolled, I fell. I got up to my knees, I crawled. Only a little further, only a little darker. This is not the time to give up, you are so close. That's it, push.

    Here I am, before YOU. A man that has endured through a short and arduous life. I have what you think you want. Never. It is not your loosely correlated data, it is not your facts, it is not your books, it is not your tests, manic experiments. It is not your philosophy and it is not your religion, your institutions, your laws, your churches.

    Never, the truth, the power. I have it. Finally. It is... no. It is not. Never is not. Never is absent, vacant, missing. It simply is not, it does not exist. It is a void.

    A void, is that what never is? You may put whatever you want into it and even convince others that something is there but it very simply, is not.

    There is no Never. Not a scrap of evidence to suggest any indication of its existence. It is not here, there. I do not have it and neither does he. It is not inside you and it is not outside. It is not obtainable or otherwise unobtainable for that matter.

    Now, I am a man. A man who has endured. A man that would not accept Never as an answer in my ironic pursuit of Never. Not allowing myself to become a quitter because of this literary abomination. I should be able to answer your questions. I am believed to be able to give you hope in the absence of your own understanding, your grasp of Never. Surely, after all this time I understand it.

    I today stand as a self professed educator, a mentor and at times a prophet. If you take nothing else from me I wish you to take this: there is no Never and you are its slave. Never is not for quitters. For that to be true there would need to be Never. There is only Never defined by its own existence. The Never we are taught about you submit to under lies, false pretenses that there is unarguably a Never that you are unable to obtain and unable to command. That what you have been told is true. That there is a right answer. Today you must understand, everything you attribute to Never is nothing more than a deception. Never only exists as an ironic rebuttal to itself. Everything ends in some capacity and change is something we must face as a reality. Embrace today... for tomorrow will Never come.