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  1. Ultra Miners EXCLUSIVE

    Disclaimer: This is in no way an "exclusive" club, it just sounds fancy.

    Coming soon!

    How did Ultra Miners Exclusive get its start?
    So I have thought long and hard about what I can give back to the EMC community. When I started playing EMC I would take new people out mining with me and set up a base. I set up DOZENS of bases in the first wastelands of 2015, before the first reset of the year. Also there is this really cool event called: Friday Night Mining. However not everyone can make it to that time and I have seen several people try to start a Saturday Night Mining or another Saturday Night Mining and most recently Friday Afternoon Mining.

    Well on Smp7 we had an answer for these problems. When we would get on we would invite everyone out to mine with us and almost every day of the week we would have 3-5 people with haste 2 mining out in a random place and setting up an Underground Miners Utopia. It evolved for a while but I moved on to building more and being all mined out. During these "events" I would teach new players the basics of mining, must haves and ways to find diamonds really fast. I am pretty well versed in mining as is evidenced by this AWESOMENESS website set up by Azoundria.

    Well then, get to the point, what is UME?

    UME or Ultra Miner Exclusive is a group of people that get together and go mining. Pretty simple. The more members we have the more likely that we will be able to get people together no matter the time of day and get that special haste 2 buff and have fun interacting with other players, which is what makes group mining so much fun. I intend on setting up a miners guide to be distributed to new members. The ins and outs of mining, what you should bring with you and of course, how not to die. UME will not be exclusive to any smp or even to the type of mining we do. With mining for ores, mining for quartz and even a very special mining for rupees which will actually be exclusive and require more training and a third party. The last part is pretty special. I personally love that mine and have invested countless(actually the hours probably ARE counted in a very sweet database) hours in helping expand that mine.

    This sounds great and all but when will this be opening?

    Still waiting for a good time to get this started. IRL issues are a problem for a little bit but should soon be sorted. Some friends I plan on conscripting to help get this off the ground will go over structure for the group(I'm very anti-authoritarian so don't worry about it becoming over bureaucratic, that simply won't happen we will have too many digital hugs for a serious rank structure) and ideas to foster a good environment for all members, ideas to mix things up and keep it interesting.

    All input is welcome and appreciated!
  2. I might be interested but everything is mining isn't it lol
  3. Well that is the main focus yes. At all UUMB's (Ultra Underground Miners Bases) we will build a base with necessities like food, wood and I have made stables and have had people put in apartment type deals with pretty pictures on the walls/floor cieling, throne rooms just stuff you come up with as we keep making new bases or returning to ones that have some life left in them. Of course just like in FNM people could make surface houses or structures as they see fit. Think FNM all the time with a little spice added to the mix. I have had really fun and profitable nether adventures(quartz mining) with decent sized groups as well. Spelunking, rescue missions for the poor souls that get lost or cornered by cave spider spawner(memories) and anything that you would normally do randomly when you are in a group with people. The focus is mining, like FNM but what happens besides the mining is completely up to fate, like FNM as well. There is also the training and "booklet" that will come with the group and an oppurtunity to join the third party mine if you "prove" yourself.

    Edit: eventually I hope that many LEADERS will join and we will have several groups across smps going at any one time. EMC is only growing and I don't think that too ambitious.
  4. Alright well I am going to be working every day until the 24th or the 25th so I guess this was a bad time to try and get this off the ground... I WILL absolutely one hundred percent be doing this though.