Saturday Night Mining

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  1. Saturday Night Mining
    Host: Trucker454
    Who: Anyone and everyone is invited to come to this event.

    What: A group mining activity, to get resources
    Where:Server and location will be released 10 minutes prior to 8pm EMC time on this thread, and in town chat.
    When:Every Saturday at 8pm EMC Time
    Why: To have fun!!!
    NOTE: This event will not always be at 8pm exactly, depending on what i am doing in real life.

    Things to bring
    Bring your own tools/armor/food.
    Donating any tools/armor/food to players that have forgotten to bring such items is much appreciated.
    I will be on mumble for these events.(Voice Chat)
    A certain SMP and Waste you would like to mine at? Comment below and maybe yours will be picked for a saturday night mining event!

    The more people the more fun! Hoping to see everyone! saturday night mining.jpg
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  2. 2/14/15
    Tonights "Saturday Night Mining" Will Be On SMP9, More Details Will Be Announced Later.
  3. Ill be coming ^^ Ill also bring extra food/ armor for those who need it
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  4. If staff won't do it,
    We can!

  5. Me and socks have been talking about this for awhile, kind of a way to help people who can't make it to friday's event. It will be fun!
  6. Smp9 Tonight! Goto /waste w, head west, follow the torches, Coords: -2311 by -319. Hurry and get here! See you all here!