[POLL] Friday Afternoon Mining

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Would you like an Afternoon version of Friday Night Mining?

Yes! 15 vote(s) 83.3%
Yes, but i wont be able to attend. 3 vote(s) 16.7%
No. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. The Thread for Akaikee's Afternoon Mining is up now!

    Hello Everyone!
    I talked to our Community Event Manager, and decided to host a Weekly Event called

    "Akaikee's Afternoon Mining".

    I will use this opportunity to find out how many people would like to attend such an event, and at what times and days.
    It is not known yet when the first Event will be, but it should be in around 2 weeks at max. I still need to figure some stuff out, so please allow me to take some time to do that.
    I will post on here as soon as the new thread is opened and then asking for a close. If you have any opinions on this topic, PLEASE share it with me on either here, or via PM!

    Hello EMC!

    I'm using this poll to see if the community is interested in an Event similar to Friday Night Mining but on a more reasonable time, because 8:00 PM can be in the middle of the night for some Timezones, or people just have more important things to do in real-life.

    I want to make this beautiful event available for even more people that wouldn't have the time to attend otherwise.
    Of course not everyone can be satisfied, but this is something I as a person want to give back to the community for all the awesomeness that happens here everyday. If I could split myself into multiple people to bring it to every person that wants to attend, I would instantly do it, but that is "for now" quite impossible.
    But I'm open for suggestions and will contact our event manager as soon as we have enough people that show interest in this project.

    To name a time that would be the most comfortable for me family and work wise, I would say around 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM.
    I encourage you to leave a time that is good for you though just to get a basic overview since I still have a bit to work with.

    If a Staff Member does not want that i host this event, please notify me and close this topic!

    Please Vote, and leave you opinion down below!

    Edit: Entry post rewritten, made intend clearer.
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  2. Hello !! The event coordinator is also from that side of the world and feels your pain. I bet if you message her she could give you some good ideas. Personally I have never been able to make a FNM cause of work. Have an awesome day
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  3. Thanks for the answer, I'll message her later for sure! And you better have an awesome day too!
  4. how about morning mining...?
  5. I would love an afternoon miners because I have activities when the normal miners goes on. :)
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  6. That was an Idea i had as well, maybe there is a possibility for that in the future. But currently i want to get the Afternoon Mining going, because this would be the best time for myself.

    Awesome! Same with me, but i have to sleep when they are going to mine! (Not today though :p)
  7. Does it have to be Friday ? Or will a weekday be okay ? And what is a good EMC time for you all ?
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  8. Wednesday Night Mining 7 PM
  9. I don't have much time on the weekdays, so a EMC time of around 2-4PM would be best. I just wanted to go with the already set theme. Maybe we can introduce a rotation so that we can cover all week days over a set span of time.

    I don't think its the intent of "Friday Afternoon Mining" (name to be changed propably) to just switch the day. I wanted to make it available for people who cant attend at 8PM (or in your case 7PM) EMC time, because its pretty late for a lot of people.

    Also i would not be against the Idea of people hosting an earlier FNM (lets just call it that for now) on their own.
    I just wanted to make something huge and epic possible for People that cant play on that time FNM is normally held. And this requires a set time and date, that is consistent. Otherwise people wont show up.
  10. I was referring to Effin's post.
  11. I know that, i just wanted to point you to the Opening post of this thread which explains what this Event should (not has to) be.
  12. Nice! Yeah i have the same problem, so i decided to do something against that :)
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  13. I love this idea and how you are letting g others have a chance to experience the fun of mining with a fun group.
    This would work for me on days off from my summer job or school. As I have school during this time so XD. And my job every other week.
    But other than that +10000000(infinity) :)
  14. Thanks a lot!
    Every time i read that "Friday Night Mining begins in 1 Hour" i feel a little sad inside that i cant attend to this awesome event, i have the most fun at! Its a very good opportunity to gather resources, meet new people and just joke around and build a big village for one night. Its amazing, and i hope that i can offer this feeling to other players as well.
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  15. Just letting everyone know, I've rewritten my entry post to make it clearer what I want to do.
  16. I know it isnt on friday, but on saterday and sunday most people have more time on their hands / have more freedom of when to do their work.
    So then 3-4PM would get alot of people I think.
    For me, 3-4PM is an excellent time :), no matter what day of the week it is.
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  17. That's why I choose this time. It's still in the evening for me, but early enough to keep it going for a few hours. Glad you like the Time :)
  18. Just bumping this for visibility!
  19. Please tell me what you think of my idea, and if you have any suggestions do not hesitate to leave them here! If you do not want to discuss something publicly, i also like to hear from you via PM :)
  20. Bumpidy-bump!
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