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  1. What is Akaikee's Afternoon Miners?
    Akaikee's Afternoon Miners (AAM) is a Event were a bunch of people meet, just to have fun and go mining together in all kinds of places! Since AAM is heavily inspired by the original Friday Night Miners, i would like to keep it very close to the original idea. My goal is to capture the fun and the feeling of FNM and deliver it to people that are not able to attend to Friday Night Miners!

    Why are you hosting Akaikee's Afternoon Miners?
    FNM has to be my favorite event of all times, just the fun everyone can have together, without any particular goal amazes me! But the sad truth is, that the time FNM is held is very late where i live (2AM), which makes it impossible, because of work and family, for me to attend.
    This here is my contribution to the community, since i want to give something back to you guys. I want to try and bring the same experience to every player that wants to attend, be it because he cant be there when FNM is happening, or because he wants a second "FNM" in his week.

    When is Akaikee's Afternoon Miners being held?
    To find this out, we will host the first sessions on various days in the week (and on the weekend). These sessions will hopefully be full fledged experiences, but are also a measurement for when i will hold future AAM's. The final goal is to find a day, and time in the week to hold a AAM, to make it a constant event. That way i can integrate hosting this event into my schedule, and guarantee hosting it without having to cancel it in the last minute. The exact date of the first Session is not known yet, since i have to do a bunch of RL stuff first!

    Will Staff be present there, as they are at FNM's?
    That is not really my decision to make. Surely i will inform our Event Manager of the Event happening, and she will most likely add it to the Calendar, but who shows up, is up to the player.

    Dramanya needs our help!
    Help her Figure out when to hold possible future Events!

    This Thread is made for Discussion!
    Please leave your thoughts on this in here, and if you have a suggestion do not hesitate to post it!
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    Update #1: Created AAM Banner, and supported #FurnaceForce
  3. I love this idea, I am so there! When you're getting closer to hosting the first AAM, maybe you could open up a poll to figure out what day of the week most people would like to attend. Also, have you figured out what time this is going to be held? :D
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  4. I'm so excited about this! Can't wait for more information as it becomes available. ^_^
  5. Good idea, i will probably use that for sure!
    I'm thinking about 3-4PM on the day that will be chosen.
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  6. I will bump this thread!
  7. Made a new Banner for my Event! Also BUMP!
  8. I like how it looks like a furnace force member is on it lol :p
  9. That's what i was going for :D Glad you like it!
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  10. Just Bumping here.
  11. I attended FNM last night for about an hour, and had a lot of fun!
    I will go ahead and try to plan stuff out next week, hopefully I can be done with the planning phase next weekend.
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  12. Just bumping this to let more people know about it!
  13. Sorry for the long silence, i had a really hard week full of work and currently my mother is visiting. That leaves me with a bit less time than usual.
    The planning phase wont be finished this week end, but ill try to get it done during the next week. That will also be the time frame the first date and time will be set for AAM!
    Stay tuned!

    Also i will make sure to get on mumble the next few weeks, just to make myself a home there and give people the chance to talk to me. I will definitively be in mumble while hosting this event.
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  14. Sorry for the wait everybody. I've suddenly lost my apartment and had to temporarily move back to my parents. Because they basically now nothing about computers, they lived with a broken DSL Router for the past two years. I finally fixed that, hopefully live will take a bit of a break of getting in the way so I can do some awesome afternoon mining :)
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