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  1. I made a survey i would wish for you to take part.
    its a short survey that tells me what time it suites YOU player to join events.
    its a few questions
    firstly what days are best for you. what times are best for you, and what country you are from, an which time zone (cause some countries have a few time zones)

    This survey does not collect data on who you are, and i don't want it to.

    i will be leaving it open for about a week, let as many as can take part of this, but keep in mind for the siblings and pairs out there, there is only 1 submission per computer

    so here is the -----> survey link<------------

    Best regards
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  2. "2. What time would suit you best EMC times"

    Does that mean for unique events? The question is being very specific and is asking for a one-time date.
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  3. when you open the survey it gives you a chance to name 4 times.
    3 times that are good for you personally to show up (emc time)
    and 1 that is the worst time for you personally to show up (emc time )

    it just means, what time in general would be good for one to show up at a start of an event.
    for one time events, or even a event that would be monthly or even weekly
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  4. Well its really hard telling the US time cause i live in New Zealand so im not usfull for this
  5. Just finished the survey. I realize this is for mainly European citizens as I see a couple of complaints for time zone issues. Hope fully they can get some fun time to :).
  6. Use as a guide when converting time zones.
  7. Ah thxs peng dude
  8. i finally got what you ment! duuh me
    so i changed it!
    thanks for pointing it out. ofc i dont want people to out the dates in.. just times. so i changed that type of the question.
    it not has a time period to choose from
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  9. Thanks so much for doing this! Took it ^_^
  10. Sent in the survey. :)
  11. So I sent in a joke survey and now i cant do a real one. So bad batman is bad
  12. thanks guys i got 59 reply's for this survey

    the results turned out quite surprising.

    most of you wanted late day 3-6 PM, ( 64% )or early evening 6-9 pm. (58,97%)
    3rd place is late evening 9-12 PM (48,72%)

    the days were evenly spread out tho, nothing under 41%

    this gives me a really good idea how and where to try to spread events for the Empire
    thanks a lot guys :*
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