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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am Gawa or Gawadrolt. I played minecraft PE for about a year. pretty much all of my experience with minecraft before EMC had derived from that game. So saying that I am a noob, well I think it fits.

    I spawned into SMP7 and have spent the past two weeks there. In that time I have met many interesting personalities and had some fun adventures. Less than two weeks in and having little clue as to what I am doing, watching many tutorial videos, I have finished my house, two redstone contraptions and have made two mining bases. One of which I have spent over 30 hours in. I put up several shops on my second day and have only added a few since then.

    At the suggestion of Pab10S I started to create a mall, however vanilla, it is still under construction and I am not devoting all of my time in minecraft to it so it may take a few weeks/months to actually have operational.

    In my first posting, I assume I will just continue the blog on this thread, I would like to make a shout out to several players that have helped me along the way. There are more but I can't remember them all off the top of my head.

    Jesuspower2 has helped inform me on many mechanics and has donated several different things to help me get started.

    Piswurm1 has taken me out on several adventures, including our first encounter where I had to do a search and rescue to go get him.

    Garrison905 helped me to clear out a ton of dirt from below my house so I could start building my mall and other useful places. I had several people help me but none helped... or let the animals out, as much as he did. XD

    wolfdragon81 has provided the most glorious residence for me to have the pleasure of seeing and buying from. If you haven't seen his res on smp7 you should check it out. Very awe-inspiring.

    Pab10s has also provided much glee in the way of visual and intellectual stimulation from his res. I got a sneak peak at the inside because he left the door open when he logged. I must say, very organized, almost magically so.

    LindenNZ While I have yet to meet LindenNZ I got to play around on the carnival that LindenNZ built. which is quite an experience. Unfortunately the only time I have seen LindenNZ online was when I had first logged on yesterday... LindenNZ has disconnnected... well, "Hi Linden!"

    Time to go wait for the smp3 friday night mining event:

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  2. Welcome! Hope this blog is a success!
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  3. Hey!
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  4. Logging in 4 hours prior to friday night mining... well lets kill some time. I figured out how the vault worked, started gathering things I thought I might need. Chased 1 obsidian for a half and hour looking at shops... I could have easily made a generator or even went out to the wild and got it in that time. *facepalm*

    I finally make it over to smp3 and start asking if anyone has space to rent so I can store my items. Finding room and board I set out to repair my sword which is getting dangerously close to breaking. I don't know if they have this in the smp7 frontier but on smp3 there are multiple farming apparatuses, which I discovered when being shown to an anvil.

    Weapon fixed, a home away from home and my inventory looking like it should I was waiting at the town spawn with about a dozen other people. Someone started talking about horses. What a good way to waste some time. I tried several different people to get a horse and saddle. to no avail. Oh well, time to head out into the waste.

    Mumble, town chat and eventually local chat were all lit up. Where are we going? Which direction? How far? Each of these questions had to have been asked 20 times. Which is telling of how many people were there. If I had to guess I would say 30-40 people, sprinting across the wastelands and a few galloping. Live map looked awe inspiring almost covered from the western spawn point to the edge of the western map with different users.

    I took off, following "monster" and eventually over took him and just kept sprinting west. Evapony close behind. Noting that I only had one stack of food I figured I would kill the cows and chickens along the way with my fire sword for quick on the go meat. evapony liked the idea to I guess as she kept picking up the meat and xp XD.

    When it looked like everyone had slowed or stopped I went out to the west of where everyone was on the live map and set up a quick shack, thinking that getting it up quickly and getting down to bedrock would be the way to go. As I was setting up my hut someone jumped down the cave right next to it. Ok, got to get this done faster. Throw it up, set spawn point and off to mining.

    Immediately into an abandoned mineshaft, in quick tow behind the player(which eventually i realized was two players) that had beat me to it. Figuring that they had all the goodies I cleaned up the iron, coal and even some gold that they had bypassed for the more enticing loot. I didn't spend too much time in the shaft before I couldn't hold any more. So I headed for the surface. Going... west.

    When I got top side I had my f3 display up and just kept heading west. across a body of water, "I remember that." Across another body of water. "wait I must have went to far north or south." I check live map and I'm way west of the group and my hut. Ok, need to head east... for some reason I had a temporary case of dyslexia as I again headed... WEST. After I finally hit the end of the map I wondered, "Am I at the southern edge of the map?" Finally realizing what I had done after looking at the live map I began the 600 block trek back.

    Due to my impeccable sense of direction, I had missed the beginning stages of what would end up becoming a very elaborate village. When I returned I explored the village and noticed someone had started a SKY BRIDGE... way higher than necessary, mind you... all the way back to spawn. I'm not sure what the coords for the spawn is, I'm guessing -3,000 for west but we were at -3,400 to -3,500 so this bridge, I'm guessing, was 400-500 blocks long. WOW. It was up within an hour and a half and from my understanding two people did it. Itsmematheus built a giant krusty krab which was hilarious. he laid out the carpet first so im sitting there thinking, why is there so much carpet just laying around on the ground man?

    After my confusion with what matheus was doing with his carpet I discovered someone had set up an ender portal. "Now that looks like more fun than scraping the bottom of the mines for diamonds for an hour." I jump in and find myself right next to some glowstone. After taking out about 4 ghasts and building a "net" underneath it I retrieve my prize and head back to the portal, not seeing a really clear path in any direction and not having anyone else there with me. As I get back to the portal I spot bailib whom I guess is who put the portal up.

    Running around the village admiring everyones creations there is a fuss on mumble about saving someone. Well of course it's a video game and we all play the part of the hero. 3 people rushed to the rescue and destroyed two spider spawners. I almost died and so did another player. In the end, as far as I know, we all made it out alive.

    Coming back to the village, I'm exhausted. So much adventure today. I start snapping pictures to remember the adventure and putting my stuff in my ender chest. Getting ready for the long walk down the sky bridge back to my rental house.

    Today was so much fun. I have had fun adventures and went out with people previously but this was just awesome. 30-40 people darting for a land grab, people throwing up buildings as fast as you can ask what they are building, heroic adventures and the best part: getting lost.

    I took DOZENS of screenshots and plan on linking them as soon as I get the chance. Thank you mrsocks75 for putting on the event and thank you to every person, even the griefers that gave us a good laugh, for coming out to friday night mining.
  5. :)Hey, /smp7 represent!
    I remember LindenNZ was one of the first players I met in-game (they had a nice mall that's closed now:().
    Awesome that you're having a lot of fun! Friday Night Mining is always a great, community event.
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  6. It's been a week since friday night mining. since then I have put in quite a few hours on EMC but haven't done a whole lot. I have spent time mining, adventuring and helping others. I have realized how expensive enchanted armor gets... quickly and have started looking for a better sword. I bought a whole set of enchanted armor off of an interesting player I met the other day Just_So_Pro. Other than not having the unbreaking enchant on any of it, it's nearly exactly what you would look for if you were not limited monetarily and I only spent 9k, thanks JSP.

    I did spend a lot of time Monday and Tuesday trying to find a server that was 1.8 compatible that was similar to EMC. I did find some interesting things but nothing that could quite stand up to EMC, even if I have to wait for 1.8... and now 1.8.1 content :D Which, to be honest, the only thing I really am waiting for with that is the Oceanic structure and guardians as the bunnies, doors and new stone blocks have a limited appeal to me.

    I put in an application for farbranch on smp7. A frontier outpost that is just getting started, I believe. I was looking at moving into the frontier on my own but this sounded like more fun.

    Not a whole lot of meat to this post, hopefully there will be more to tell over the coming week. I plan on being at Friday night mining tonight, hope to see you there.
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  7. Not a whole lot going on. I have been a bit busy with IRL ventures. My time in game has mostly consisted of mining to replenish my diamond reserves for tools/armor and a whole lot of communal lumberjack organizing. I was tasked with 2 DC's of oak logs for the outpost and the first three hours got me about 1 SC. I then started hiring people to help after setting up a forest of trees right outside of the waste outpost I visit the most. I had 3 people come and help and paid generously while also giving a bonus in the form of a 600r horse to my best helper, Sarastar868. Thanks for the help sarastar868.

    When she inquired about the job I referred to her(formality where I am from) as ma'am. She made sure to let me know that she is too young to be called ma'am so I referred to her as "young ma'am." I was quickly corrected. Sarastar868 is a young lady, for those that want hire this young lady in the future. ;-)

    I did attend my first mob arena yesterday. It was fun but I did enjoy the friday night mining events more. I did horribly in my first round, no items. The second round I didn't fare much better, normal items. I lost a full set of iron armor, a diamond sword, shiny flesh and assorted potions and ender pearls(which you can't use in mob arena apparently.) I didn't take anything too expensive. A group of enraged zombies hit me all at the same time while i was going to use a potion and unwittingly was instead eating some steak instead. The third round was no items again. I feel I did a little bit better but there were still several people left when I died. I sat out the boss arena round as I had only brought enough items for one round of normal items. I might show again at next tuesdays mob arena, depends on what is going on.
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  8. This past week has been fun filled with lots of mining, monster hunting, exploring and playing with various people.

    About a day after my last post I met a player that has been playing minecraft for a while and has enough free time to play as much as I do... if not more. Nutriciousbudha joined EMC February 2nd. Visit his res though, you won't think he has only been here for a little over a week. I went over to his res shortly after meeting him and was quite impressed with what he had accomplished. We went out mining and set up a base with another player, whom I'm having trouble remembering at the moment. Later I took him to "my" mine. I don't generally take people out to my mine because most people are incapable of following directions and screw up my system lol. I also took WyntyrReavyn(I hope I spelled that right) out to my mine and the three of use spent about an hour and a half to three hours mining and doing a little caving. I found two diamond veins in one trip. on my way back I found a lone diamond ore and was trying to clear the lava out around it. While holding sneak, somehow I knocked the block out from under me. This should have been no problem as I have potions, both fire resist and health, but I panicked. I went straight for my water bucket and suffocated myself in obsidian with all of my items to disappear in the lava below. Losing some 20-30k worth of stuff between my eff5 fort3 unbr3 pick eff5 unbr3 pick eff5 unbr3 shovel, infinity1 power4 punch1 flame1 bow, sharp5 unbr3 sword and the 34 diamonds as well as various other things I had just mined. I spent the rest of the night rebuilding my mining gear and weapons, spending some 20k on enchant books. Lesson learned, go for the potion, not the bucket.

    A couple days later I went caving, chasing down dungeons and finally found my first diamond horse armor, woot!

    Yesterday I went to see how nutriciousbudha's super sorter system for his new mega mall that he is building 100% by himself was going. The foyer looks very nice and the sorter has something like 500 hoppers that sorts the majority of what's going to be in the mall, allowing him to deposit everything into one chest. We went over pricing and I dropped 4 DC's worth of stuff into his sorter and brought a few more supplies(I had helped a little before) for the construction of the sorter and mall. All in all I think I'm around70-80k invested at this point but I couldn't quantify that with 100% certainty. A more accurate(albeit less precise) guess would be 50k-100k.

    I suggested asking for help on the forums and said I was going to make a post... but fell asleep so I'm off to do that now, if he hasn't already.
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  9. So my previous blogs have been wordy(kinda my thing) and completely devoid of... PICTURES! This blog comes stocked with some pictures.

    I have to start this off by telling you all that I have a huge headache. This headache comes directly from helping manage stocking a whole mall. Budha's mega mall on smp7 at 15223 or /v +budha. I have now invested well over 100k worth of resources and have pretty much cleaned out my own over stock of items. I also now have like 3k rupees, which since day one is less than I have ever had. I promised pictures and this set is just one of them. I already posted them so I'm just going to leave a link to that post:

    This has pretty much taken up all of my time. If I haven't been there I have been mining in the overworld/nether or breeding soooo many cows/chickens/sheep/pigs/mushroom cows that I don't want to see another animal or vegetable for a good while.

    Today however I took a little bit of a break from that. I did my "stalk the new guys" routine and it turned out this new guy was adventurous and we immediately ended up half way between two waste outposts at y-11. I stayed on the surface for a while and collected food/seeds/animal(the chickens i lured down, the rest I egged)/wood/clay/etc. When I got down into the mine there really wasn't anything there, just tunnels and Tussitas wasting no time finding diamonds, gold, redstone, lapis and a dungeon plus an abandoned mine shaft. Nice choice of spots. Later I found a ravine also. I didn't go mining much though, just enough to see what all tussitas had found. I was bored of mining so I set out to make the mining base self sufficient and somewhat pretty.

    I usually use tinypic to upload images because I usually don't have that many. I think I used photobucket or something for the 70+ pictures from friday night mining. Today I have a few pictures but not quite that many and I tried imgur which was super easy and quick. So... I don't have loyalty to any of these websites lol, they are all pretty much the same thing. Anyways, instead of cluttering the post with a bunch of pictures here is the album:
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  10. Brace yourselves, this one may get a little long... we have lots to cover. Before we get to the juicy details I have two things I need to do. actually after getting done with the first part, im going to do another post for the second part, just to keep the readers from getting overwhelmed.

    First: I want to shout out to all of my favorite emc players:pineapplegem, Nutriciousbudha, Wyntyrreavyn, Dreacon78, Jesuspower2, minecraftpro771, mrmazerunner, mrsocks75, trucker454, justin8846, kutekitty24(yeah I did that) ShelLuser, 607, tinykate1, Just_so_pro, garrison905, piswurm1, byeforever, mudcrosser12, pokadotpuppy03, itsmematheus, ximph, dajokoe, delticmad, balib.

    Pineapplegem: you replaced Budha as number one because you are going to get me stuff lol. Thank you for your kind words and being willing to take my girly pink cat off me if I so wished, which I think I'm going to keep it. Thank you for the birthday wishes, I plan on today being a good one, happy thoughts. You also replace budha because I need some citrus tang up in this EMC life. MMMMMM fruity goodness combined with gems... diamond gems?

    Nutriciousbudha, we met over a cauldron of auto potion mixing and ended up brewing the most interesting EMC friendship I have had to date. You are a freaking genius when it comes to MC architecture and machinery and always good for a laugh. Also, I always enjoy hanging out with anyone that will go mining with me. You have set up what, three bases with me now? You come in first on the list and top of the list. Our "joint venture" on the mall(you know where you do everything and I drop a couple things in and try to take credit) has been a blast.

    WyntyrReavyn you have been spending a lot of time in your giant hole, putting up almost 15,000 stone bricks in the last, what 36 hours? So, it seems like I haven't seen you in a while when in fact it was sunday night that you went out mining with me, like you have done several times. You also don't sit on the server and completely ignore any and everything said and anyone that talks gets points from me while those that talk and dont beg for admin on my res get double points. If you need help with your giant hole just let me know.

    Dreacon78, HOOAH. Yeah yeah, you do ships and seas. Well, I'm a boot and I have no clue if you all say anything manly so I will let you borrow our slogan. I have enjoyed our conversations greatly on SMP7 even though I think I have actually seen you in game once, when you tried to take over my mountain. Lol. Stay golden pony boy. Don't let those exotic ladies put a ring on that finger XD

    Jesuspower2, you came out to save me from the nether my first day here. Though you failed miserably and died and lost your stuff the same as me, I appreciate the effort. Since then you have helped me with random general knowledge questions and with getting those last few credits to get my shiny toys with your sell shops on your res. Another player that isn't afraid to have his name in chat and is respectable, to say the least.

    Minecraftpro771, you are indeed a minecraftpro. I like seeing your new redstone creations and mob spawners. While the past few times you have asked for me to help you out I have been previously engaged, I would love to help out whenever I can. Especially if, for Farbranch.

    Mrmazerunner, speaking of farbranch. The lady with the plan. Thank you for bringing us farbranch and undertaking the tedious task of laying out the paths, recruiting and managing logistics. Hats off to you and your organizing and creating outpost Farbranch.

    Mrsocks75, you know what I love to do? Chase dem diamonds. Thank you so much for hosting Friday night mining, I have so much fun there and a bunch of the people on this list wouldn't be there if it wasn't for your events. You have also been a joy to talk to and deal with when un-fun issues come up. Thanks for your support and thank you more so for FNM!

    Trucker454, you know what I was saying about loving mining? You took Friday night mining one step further, whats better than a night full of mining, building and mumble antics? TWO! Thank you trucker454. I know there wasn't a huge turnout last saturday but it was the first, this weekend more people will know what is up and we will get a better turnout. honestly as long as one other person is there i'm content mining.

    Justin8846 thank you for letting me lean on your shoulder when my better half was being cruel... LMFAO. I have had fun talking to you and appreciate what you have done to further the progress of the /v +budha mall. I hope to spend more time with you in the future.

    Kutekitty24, you may never see this and that saddens me dearly... but you will have about half of the next post so I will save it for then. :( .... XD

    ShelLuser, you know what I have been doing more than anything else? playing EMC. You know the only thing that comes second to that? Being an EMC forum addict. Thank you for the follow and all the likes, the positive feedback and making sense in your own posts on the forums. I don't doubt I will be watching for many more of your posts on here.

    607, like with ShelLuser you have been very supportive in my writings on the forums. More than anyone with my blog with your likes and comments. Thank you, it is appreciated.

    tinykate1, blog blog blog it up! Your blogs are so much fun to read. If that's not enough, thank you so much for your 10k donation to the mall. We are probably sunk in about 400-500k+ between budha and myself with a whopping 18k in sales thus far but every bit is appreciated and put to good use! Also, thanks for hopping over to the server and keeping us company for a couple of days. We hope to see you around more often and that we didn't scare you off with my late night budha troll.

    Just_So_Pro, I have only had the honor to play with you once but we had a rather lengthy conversation and I believe I remember someone selling me an armor set that is probably worth 20-25k for 9k. Thank you so much. One of the coolest guys I have met on EMC.

    Garrison905, where did you go! You used to keep me company and you have disappeared. I hope to get to go mining out with you again. As I have stated several times earlier in this post, mining + being social = good in my book.

    Piswurm1, the first person to go on my wall of friends. My damsel in distress I saved from the waste, almost killed a momentus with(still haven't got the chance to) and went on countless exploration missions with. You need to log back into EMC and stop running around to all the other servers, you know they will never provide the quality and unique gameplay we get here.

    ByeForever, I think everyone knows why you are one of my favorite EMC players. I think even you know that everyone loves your designs and creations. I have yet to see any byeforever structure that wasn't absolutely beautiful. Few people get recognition from me on what they have built, you are among the few and probably the best I have seen.

    mudcrosser12, lyriumjunkie, Endoparasite and pokadotpuppy03, you know what you all are? You are one of my many emc newb(while some of you may not be new to minecraft) targets. You are exactly what I'm looking for when I go newb stalking. Someone that is willing to grab a stick, head out in the waste with me and build a massive underground mining base while at the same time pulling in loads of diamonds. Stay awesome and conquer mountains, or ravines or tunnels... you know, whatever strikes your fancy.

    ItsMeMatheus, Ximph, DaJoKoe, Delticmad and BaliB, oh the FNM crew. Matheus thank you for your support with facilitating these events and settling disputes, but most of all for building AWESOME stuff at our events. Ximph thank you for making those awesome youtube videos with the awesome audio. You either studied a lot or lied about them being your first videos :p also, we see there is snow, so turn it off so we can see everything else XD. DaJoKoe I am not entirely sure I spelled your name wrong... or right for that matter. You have been to every FNM I have been to. You have been in mumble everytime and I absolutely love your voice and your humor. Keep on being awesome. Delticmad, your wit is that of its own kind. I enjoy following your conversations in mumble and the british accent(I will take the fall if it's aussie, some dialects I have a hard time distinguishing) are always a joy to hear. BaliB, you started going into your own channel after the second FNM I went to which was really sad for me because I enjoy everyone in the mumble chat. Your voice is soothing like a mothers, I have no idea what it is about it and I'm not going to get all creepy but you are missed in mumble on FNM. Also, great job at almost winning the mob arena the week before last, that was the only one I have been to.

    So now that I have got that out of the way as I have been intending for a while now... lets talk about me.
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  11. Firstly I'm very pleased to be on your list and secondly it was great fun hanging out in smp7 with you and budha! :):D
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  12. ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm turning a youthful and energetic 27 years old today. You know what, I feel the same as yesterday. Now that you know, lets talk about this last week I have had in EMC, or more accurately the weekend and Monday.

    The saddest thing happened on Friday. I missed friday night mining. I don't even know what I was doing or thinking but that is just unacceptable. So when I logged in I was less than happy. I spent the night mining by myself and talking to dreacon about him finding another mountain to mine/obliterate.

    With Saturday came new hope. Trucker was doing a Saturday night mining! I got all my stuff together, my new shiny eff5 unbr3 pick, a horse, ender chest and the essentials. I headed out about five minutes late and quickly caught up with the group as trucker had picked the mine area ahead of time and placed torches all the way there. it wasn't nearly as far as we usually go out with FNM which has its pros and cons. Pro's are easy, you don't have to walk so far and less chance of getting jumped by creepers on the way. Con's are pretty simple too, the closer you are to spawn the more likely someone has looted the abandoned mines/dungeons and caves. The area seemed pretty untouched though. I set up my chest and headed down to look for diamonds. In about 25 minutes I had found 3 veins and pulled about half a stack of diamonds out. unfortunately... that eff5 with haste 3 is reallly fast and so goes the durability. After mining for only 25 minutes I was on a quest to get my pick fixed and fast. I jumped onto every server offering to pay to have my pick fixed asap. Some people offered to help then didn't show, others offered to help and were out in the frontier or wild while others disconnected. All in all I spent an hour looking for someone to fix my pick when I finally decided that it was just an exercise in futility and went to get the xp myself... which I will be doing this coming up friday with effectively 5 eff5 picks to start out with and a quick enderman grind to fix a pick or two putting me at 6-7 picks over the course of the night. When I got back to the mine site it was a little after 10pm and everyone had left. FNM has people out until 2am sometimes later so this surprised me but it was the first night and there wasn't as many people that knew about it, or possibly that could make it if they wanted.

    I left saturday night mining in pursuit of a goal. What shall I do... chat up smp7, like always. While doing this I noticed that the res across from me looked different but I couldn't place my finger on it as it didn't look THAT much different. I went over to the res and saw "Welcome to kutekitty24's residence." Little did I know, this welcome message would lead to a roller coaster of events over the next 3 days. "Welcome to kutkitty24's residence." That name is not familiar /p kutekitty24 last time played: 20 hours ago. first time logged in: 13 days ago. A NEW NEIGHBOR!!! I was so excited I got a new neighbor and from the looks of the res and the last login time it would be an active neighbor. All my immediate neighbors log in just to preserve their res... only one actually worth the effort. I have to make a cake, pie, caserole and throw a welcome to the community party. well that's what the normal neighbors do, not Gawa.

    Nope, I start looking for pictures of kute kittys. I found the perfect one. now I just gotta change the color to something a little more girly... what could I use? PINK!! come on, you didn't think that would be hard? So I set out collecting TONS of pink wool, black wool, lightgrey wool, magenta, orange, grey and a whole two white wool. I did the pink througout the process as I used about a SC of pink wool... yup this cat is big. I spent 4 hours getting the cat finished. another hour and a half setting up viewing platforms, climbing all over it, setting up signs and another hour fixing the nose, which looked really ugly at first. SOOOO this is what we have for our new neighbor:

    From the viewing platform on my res after I cut down a signature dark oak and replaced it with flowers

    The guide signs in front of kutekitten that explains a cool trick you can do

    My NEW NEIGHBOR's house from atop of kutekitten

    The view from the roof of kutekitty24's house of kutekitten, after jumping off of kutekittens head

    Sitting in front of kutekitten is a letter I wrote to kutekitty24 to explain what was going on

    I log in the next day and check /p kutekitty24. no log in. Awww, just be patient not everyone is a slave to EMC. Log in the next day /p kutkitty24.... I sure hope she didn't just play two weeks and leave! Log in today /p kutekitty24....NOOOOOO, if you would have just stayed one more day... ONE MORE DAY!! You would have never have left us. :( Now you will never see your giant monument. I will never get to see what my new neighbor was going to be like, the smile on her face when she saw kutekitten. The worst... the absolute saddening, morbid... I can't... The WORST thing about this whole ordeal is... now EVERYONE is going to think I'm a girl >:I
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  13. Happy birthday, Gawa! :)

    • Yeah, I've missed like the past 3 Friday Night Minings since I've been busy with school.
    • You should really get some Fortune III on that pick. ;) It's awesome with redstone. Of course, F3 is realllly hard to get.
    • Awesome! I love new neighbors! Two reses near me have changed owners; one of them has already changed AGAIN! Too bad they don't stay on EMC too long. What's not to like, though? :confused:
    • The cat is extremely cute! If you don't want to keep it on your res, you should totally build it in the waste or frontier. :) Maybe an outpost would want it as a mascot??

    You know, what? Today I'll try to get a F3 book for you! I've been wanting to get one for myself, but it's your birthday, and I've heard you've had some economic problems in EMC. Let's hope I have some luck! :)
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  14. :DLOL
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  15. Third post? Well it was a long weekend alright, I included Monday for some reason... oh yeah because it's tuesday now, I worked yesterday and when I got home I got all of this wonderful material for the blog before everyone left and I became disinterested enough to pry myself away from EMC. XD

    So today I got one of the best kind of visitors you can get on your res. Player teleports in to spawn, see the fireworks and how they are magically placed to go off in the perfect spot unlike those lazy fireworks people. They look at the house, the monster truck, the shop, the fireplace, the pool, the trees, the flowers, the hedges, the driveway, and... the giant pink girly cat -_-. So I get this "Can I have admin?" Alright I have dealt with this kind before and I'm not beating around the bush: "No" that was all that needed to be said right? "Please I promise I won't do anything." /ignore annoying player. meanwhile in town chat: don't you hate that, blah blah. ME: ignore list strikes again! Apparently said player exclaimed some expletives as dreacon let him know that cussing wasn't allowed and that he was being rude, I can only assume by what dreacon said, " Don't cuss its against the rules, you don't have to be rude." My mental capacity for deduction through correlative data... yeah, it was hard to figure out. So dreacon says "mute" At which point I say, "So what did... you know what, no, I don't care. Ignore was typed in for a reason. XD"

    So all night I pretty much did nothing more than chat people up until...
    Me: Gandalf come show me how to make a super fast ticking clock please.
    Gandalf: just put a comparator facing itself

    So I think, two comparators, one facing the side of the other... which actually makes sense when you look at what he said, stop laughing at me.

    Me: this isn't working can you come here.
    Gandalf: yeah that is wrong do this

    Me: and...
    Gandalf: click the comparator

    Me: WEEEEE YAYYYY WOOHOOO you are the best!

    Gandalf didn't realize his part he played in the summoning of an evil diety. I had plans for the night. Big, nefarious, hideously evil plans. I was going to conjure the Noisy ghost of SMP7's Super Mall /v +budha... shameless plug. Hey it IS my blog.

    So I grab 2 comparators, a ton of redstone a shovel, a pick and a bunch of dirt and set out to conjure the beast that would drive budha to the mad house and likely send him roiling into an eternal torture. As I used my two comparators I realized that it wouldn't be enough power, this would only summon a small ghost. I needed big, I hadn't done anything all night and if this was going to be done right... well it needed to be done right. I head back to my house grab 5 more comparators and more supplies. I head back to the mall.

    Me: I have a surprise for you!
    Budha: What is it?
    Me: A SURPRISE!!!
    Budha: lol

    I run around the mall like a chicken with its head cut off seance here, dark statue there, candle here, torch there and the altar... oh yes the altar. there will be a sacrifice tonight. I am still not satisfied! I need more comparators. I go and grab more black magic relics and power sources, trapped souls and mana essence. Tonight would be the reckoning. Budha you shall perish.

    Me: have you found your present yet?
    Budha: what do you mean?
    Me: ok I will wait.
    Budha: where is it?
    Me: you will find it... mwahahahahahahahahaha<--- that part was under my breathe.

    After a very short wait...

    Budha: what is that noise?
    Me: oh, your present.
    Budha: no, don't say... it can't be...
    Me: no its not just that, it is the most powerful GHOST that has dared come into corporeal being in the entirety of minecraft! It is everywhere.
    Me: Why do caps not work!!
    Me: Everywhere.
    Me: ok, losing dramatic effect
    ME: E V E R Y W H E R E
    Budha has a moment of realization, face contorted and mind splitting.

    Did you really set trap door clocks all over my res.
    Me: no, not all over... everywhere.
    Budha: I hate you.

    The end... oh budha died, he will be with no more. the ghosts ate him and if you pay attention you can still find one last one that the ghost cleaner upper thingies havent found yet. Find it soon though as I'm sure budha's lost soul will not bear the presence of the ghost in his resting place much longer... XD XD XD
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  16. Economic problems? No I am having investor problems with an... ambitious "investee?"

    I have a fortune 3 pick but thank you very much for thinking of me. I do need unbreaking 3 on that one if you really wanted to get me a birthday present :D

    Thanks for the comments guys. I will edit you in there pineapplegem, I need more fruit in my favorites ;-)

    I don't really not like the cat, that part is for dramatic effect and I think I split Justin8846's side when I took him on the tour and told him the story as we went. I really wish I had got it on video because the timing and the wording was perfect and it was HILARIOUS. I always think I am funny though, if nothing else funny looking and I got a mirror handy.
  17. oh no! that wasn't all. I forgot this, I think the images speak for themselves and a couple of them that you just have to use your imagination... another one you don't use your imagination we were talking about donating stone and stone bricks... dirty minded people:
  18. Same diff. :p

    Of course, no problem. Unbreaking III book here we go! I'm pretty sure I already have one somewhere. After my HW is finished I'll drop one for you. Do you have a donations chest on your res?
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  19. errr, I can go make one :D
    Thanks so much! did you see the other two posts? they are pretty funny too, imho

    edit: set up to take up to 2 dcs and 10 items i will prob expand it later but only to keep people from griefing, not becaues i think anyone would bring a vault and inventory full of stuff to give me several times over

    Second edit because I already posted enough today seperately: added pineapple gem to favorite players, shouldn't have to look far to see where he got put XD thank you pineapplegem