Smp7 help build the servers only active super mall

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  1. I have been on smp7 for about a month now and anytime I want to do convenient one stop shopping I have to go to smp6,8,9,1 to get my things. Soon, this will be a thing of the past. Smp7 has old super malls that are bought out and not kept up with but without being able to get anything there its really irrelevant. The closest thing I have found is Wolfdragon81's shop which I wouldn't classify as a super mall and I have found several things out of stock, its really pretty though :D

    Nutriciousbudha is in the process of bringing a super mall to smp7. Right now he needs help supplying the mall. I'm sure he would entertain suggestions about adding your specialty to the mall as well. Need breeders, miners, loggers, and mob hunters. He has got the first floor with all of the "essentials" put up with signs and frames. The foyer is done and he has built a potion maker, so expect potions at the mall as well. He seems to also be using all his xp on enchants for auction items at his res, that could be a possibility as well.

    If you visit the mall now you will see an incredible amount of hoppers, to me this is what really makes this mall awe-inspiring. Budha set up a system of hoppers(about 500 hoppers I think) that allows him to take all of his stock and put it into one chest and it will sort 178 items! If you donate items please don't put non-stackable items in the chest as they mess up the sorter. There will be another floor for non-stackable items. Perhaps even more aweinspiring than the thousands of iron ingots that went into making the hoppers and the pleasant foyer, the chests, signs and item frames all having been set up now, is that budha has done all of this by himself and in only a few days after being on EMC for less than a week. I will post screenshots in a little bit

    Edit: hoppers are now hidden for aesthetic appeal.
  2. I am attempting to make a mall for /SMP7, since I agree, we really need some nice shops again!!

    My mall won't be huge and fancy, but hopefully offer always stocked items with good prices.

    Now if I could think of a design and stop being too lazy to start building it ... :rolleyes:
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  3. At this rate, my mall will be up like the year 2020. School will always be getting in the way. :(
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  4. We already have 45 of most every basic block that is stackable in the game for the sorters and a Dc of about half of them. The ones we only have about an sc of are ones that aren't used for building, the mob drops need some work, the eggs for basic animals we have covered, could use more ocelot and wolf eggs. The high value items or more rare-ish items we have some in stock but not nearly enough. If we find something is out of stock we will definitely get it stocked. Between two people that have been playing 10-12 hours a day and trying to conscript other help, I don't see the mall falling on its face. Its true that Budha, and probably myself too, will make mistakes but nothing I forswear putting the mall out of business.
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  5. So, I just dumped about another 20k resources into the mall and people are actually coming by. we are still going to need help stocking. all the obvious ones that are hard to keep in stock: obsidian, quartz, brick and ice are being refilled as we get them. Come by and see the mall 15223 and let us know if you can help.

    eidt: Budha has also expressed interest in allowing others to sell their promo or rare items in their own shop at the mall. message him or me in game to set that up.
  6. On top of that, budha has been playing minecraft for years. I just made adjustments to the prices, as that was a bit of an issue from the start, but that would be expected. I have already learned a lot from budha.
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  7. Prices have been adjusted. I haven't seen one thing in stock that was outrageously priced except emeralds XD Half the stuff was way too cheap. if you are going to have a mall a whole lot cheaper, we welcome the competition lol.
  8. Now for those screenshots I said that I was going to post of the mall:

    Spawn in entrance:

    First floor "essentials"

    Second floor "rare and ingots"

    Second floor advertisement

    Hopper craziness sorter

    Justin8846's auto farms, can only be seen if you /v nutriciousbudha h

  9. @Gawa and Budha - I really like the mall. The spawn reminds me of a different server I used (aka taking a break) to play on; someone had one just like it.

    Just one thing - more lighting. One of two things I immediately notice about shops/malls/reses - it's too dark, or really laggy. I think a bit more lighting maybe on the floors would make the place look a lot nicer. :)
  10. Thanks PineappleGem(I capitalized the G :p) The lag could be the sorter if someone had just dropped a bunch of items in it. hoppers put a lot of strain on the server and sorters are the worst. I don't THINK that should happen if it is not in use but I could be wrong. I don't usually get lag over there. Also, budha just dispelled the last "ghost" I summoned on his res and those create a lot of lag also (trapdoor clock lol)

    I noticed that the lighting was a little low also, I usually play in a somewhat dark room so I didn't think much of it but I will definitely let Budha know.

    Budha admins another server and has played Minecraft for a long time so you very well may have seen another of his creations on your other server. I don't know what the server is and I wouldn't be able to say anyways. You can message him on the forums he has his phone alert him to those :D
  11. Many updates have been made to the mall including the black eyed peas "imagine dragon" song added with noteblocks, horse shop, potion shop and the enchanting shop is being stocked after being completed. The main floor has had a face lift and a speed beacon has been added. I will post screenshots tomorrow. im about to go to work now.