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  1. SO, probably a better question than who knows what this is, who doesn't know what this is? It seems a lot of people on the forums are pretty familiar with MC and the updates and the most popular kinds of builds. I'm interested to know if anyone that sees this picture doesn't know what is in the background... and well, just wanted to let you all know that by the end of the day I will be starting on the part of this build that makes it tick :D

    Learned a lot in this build, keep furnaces in your inventory not placed somewhere, swim in the water and place sponges with depth strider III. Put diff on 1 while doing it because enraged mobs spawn on water, really annoying. Space the "corridors" that you are clearing water from 3 apart, not 5 apart... I promise it is WAY faster. and the most painful lesson, not all monuments have sponge rooms :(

  2. ya i found 3 temples with no sponge -_-
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  3. Guardian farm. Knda obvious
  4. Some people really don't like reading XD
  5. I'm sure you already know this, but it's a really good idea to lay down slabs at the bottom as you remove the actual monument that way the hostile mobs don't start spawning. Not a big deal for me since I enjoy killing things, but for people like the girl I'm working with, they appreciate it lol.
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  6. Very impressive. Clearing the water is a pain though isn't it? What method are you gonna use to kill the guardians?
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  7. I did 5 wide for only one corridor so far. Is 3 easier?
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  8. I would think it would depend on the method you are using with the sponges. If you go down the middle with the sponges and it is 5 wide I would think you could clear out all the water. I am a little surprised you didn't use sand to make the partitions.
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  9. Sand isnt the best option if you're wanting to use a lot of glass. Sure you can take it down but until you do, that's resources committed needlessly. Gravel works out better on that point.
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  10. I have so much sand its coming out of my ears so I wasn't really worried about the resources, not to mention sand is often easier to gather than gravel :-P if you make it five wide you have to place more than just the ones down the middle. 3 you can place them just down the middle.the added walls take up more of the water too, only takes me about 4-5 minutes per wall.

    he only mobs I have had spawn are the ones that were spawning on the walk ways before I fixed the lighting. This monument doesn't have the pillars under it, there is no clearance between it and the ocean floor so I'm guessing I could really place any block in place of the floor but I brought lots of torches. Oh and the enraged mobs spawning in the water. I just set my difficulty to one and appreciate them taking up the mob count and reducing the number of guardians as I get the ocean cleaned out.

    As far as killing the guardians, open gates to a 35 block fall. Maybe layer it like a layer farm for one button collection? That might be Kinda laggy with all the entities though. Might funnel them into a lava funnel. Haven't decided. Budha had ideas too.
  11. Ah yeah, we had to clear out the water around the pillars. That's when the mobs really started spawning. And I think Aikar is fixing the enraged mobs constantly spawning which sucks :/.
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  12. Oh I see, you thought the prismarine walk ways were the partitions. That'd just what we are using to place the sand/gravel. Making the particions out of anything else... that would take a really long time lol. We are just laying the walls as we go so we dont have to use like 15 dcs of sand/gravel lol. I think we have 5dcs out there of sand/gravel
  13. Well I stand corrected, at the center there is about two to three levels in a bowl so that will be fun lol. I diddnt torch the caves yet so that will help keep from having too much spawning before we are finished. I was thinking about setting up portions of the farm as we go to keep from having to fight the guardians constantly also.
  14. We grabbed a bunch of pig eggs to get the entity count up, which helped a bit with the guardian spawning. Then when we're done we can have bacon.
  15. Oh, that sounds like a plan. I have 400 bunnies in town lol
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  16. It takes me like 15 minutes for one row of the wall...

    I have now noticed how horrible draining is.... #KillMeNow
  17. took budha like 3 hours to do one 5 wide row XD
  18. I'm sorry. I'm a noob and don't fully understand playing on this server.
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  19. Yeah, I have 2 5 wides filly laid out with sand.... yeah no.... Im doing the two and then I will be switching to the 3.
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  20. Lol I saw that you're the reason he's fixing that :rolleyes:
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