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Should I make more and take reccomendations?

Yes 31 vote(s) 70.5%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Maybe 4 vote(s) 9.1%
Who are you again? 3 vote(s) 6.8%
ROFL for the Waffle 6 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. *Inserts OP's Panic mode*
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  3. I didn't get away
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  4. Welp...I guess the Stairway to Heaven is more like the Stairway to Hell
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  5. That parkour was definitely the Stairway of Doom and Insanity. First few minutes I tried it and I went bonkers.
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  6. omg xD my face in the 4th frame looks like a rasin lol

    also when did i become the parkour king? :confused:
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  7. Since I crowned you Parkour King :)
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  8. This is more relatable than I would care to admit
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  9. is the parkour still open? i was kinda in the middle of a hotel spending all my money on perlers and ramune

    don't tell my parents >.<
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  10. Farthest someone's gotten is balloon 3/7
  11. I suppose that StarKnight and OP are impressed at Comander's improvement over the months...or are ashamed he would post that on the internet...
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  12. And here we have a wild Commander, still on life guard duties. Guess he thought that people would drown in the amount of items there were...
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  13. Protect and Serve, that's what I do

    'the nightmare is back! lifeguard commander!'
    I saw that comment. I think I was waiting for OP to pop by lol
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  14. Comander's already done with this week!
    This is the first drawing I've done with no use of MS Paint in a long time. I still have much to learn though. Another couple of things I should mention is that:
    1: Fewer comics will be coming out starting next week.
    2: After a few original comics, requested comics will be coming out
    3: A few characters may or may not be getting redesigned, particularly because some people's skins change over time, and I cant be using old skins to prevent confusion. For instance, I changed BennyLikesBelts skin on my profile picture because he's now a blue bear rather than a half human half zombie kiddo :)
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  15. ah yes, another red and white underwear user, welcome to the club
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  16. *finds banked comics to upload*
    I-Is that...My March skin slapping THE_OP_VILLAGER?
    This needs an explanation...NOW
  17. RIP, I'm sure he's actually dead now, look at those muscles.
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  18. them muscles tho
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