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Should I make more and take reccomendations?

Yes 11 vote(s) 64.7%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Maybe 1 vote(s) 5.9%
Who are you again? 3 vote(s) 17.6%
ROFL for the Waffle 2 vote(s) 11.8%
  1. Heyo, after looking at Moople's and the now retired We3_MPO's comics, I got inspired! I decided to dub some own comics and share them with you. I am currently using Microsoft Paint XD, but any recommendations to easy to use websites or painting tools would be very helpful. Here is Part 1 named 'Krysyy's Misunderstandings' I promise Part 2: The complete strip will come out tomorrow to see how I am feeling. Also, if you want a custom comic, feel free to ask in detail of what you want for it and I'll make it free of charge!
  2. Note the first Krysyy on the panel was a draft
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  3. Cool awesome
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  6. The humor in it is great keep up the good work :)
  7. As promised here is the finished version
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  8. Hope y'all like it! Next one is coming out completely today! It's called THE OP VILLAGER doesn't understand language
  9. It's nice. :) I like the facial expressions.
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  10. Thanks
  11. Oh noes
  12. A little bit sloppier but I promise the next one is gonna be good. Its called 'The Trial of More Moople'
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  13. These are amazing, Comander! :D
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  14. Thanks CarFryer I appreciate it!
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  15. Imagine a comic on me and Marlix battling for the skeleton throne with humor XD
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  16. I'm on it! It'll come out in 2 days or your rupees back guaranteed XD
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  17. Here is Part 1 of The Trial of Moople! I feel like after the first comic I made I drained some of my skills, hopefully Ill gain them back when part 2 and 3 come out!
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  18. This is so awesome
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  19. Thanks
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  20. I guess if I'm doing a comic for Skeleboi I should ask if any one else wants a custom comic. I'll edit my page right now!
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