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  1. can some one leave EMC because this is reatared
  2. If you dont like it, just dont come back then, but I can assure you that this is not and never will be "retarded"
  3. I havnt been able to join the main server for 4 hours!!!??? its always full
  4. I haven't been able to join in about a weeks you know what i do instead...play forza 4 or battlefield 3...amazing way to not think about it the fact you need a MC fix :)
  5. Strange... I never have a problem getting in >.>:rolleyes:
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  6. wonder why *cough*Diamond supporter*cough*
  7. It has been in the 40s all the time these days.
  8. Why not call the $25 one obsidian? more minecraft relevant..
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  9. Also quick question, is there any system that will remove people from the server if they are afk for long periods of time to hold their spot? ( 2-3 hours/days)
  10. No, But I suggested it a few days ago. Justin said he would look into it.
  11. Yes that would be great, the players should be given purple names and then the admins change their colour to red or some other colour. =D
  12. yay now that makes me not worry that my residence (which i have spent hours on building it) will be reset :)
  13. for some reason when the sever is only 43/45 it still sais its full when i try to log on
  14. This has been answrred quite a few times in the thread.

    it's because when someone leaves they get 2 minutes of grace period in which to join back in.
  15. Sometimes it only has 43 or 44 people online according to Minecraft. Why is this or is it Minecraft and not the server?
  16. Make sure you read full threads before asking the same questions, please.

    The reason, is the server allows for 2 minutes after someone disconnects to rejoin. This is to protect you when you're in and have a connection error that Minecraft is all to popular for.
  17. Hmm i really dont know yet waht is gping on here :(
  18. Basically, we reached the maximum amount of people the server can handle at one time, being at 45 people at one time. If 45 people are on, it won't let others on until someone leaves. We're working on a way to let more in though and will be ready to release it soon. :)