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  1. thanks for that
  2. csb =)
  3. I do not feel that anyone is money hungry here. I understand 100% why donators are given perks over free players. This is no different than any other F2P model... You can get the core game play for free, or you can pay for the perks in addition. It makes perfect sense to me. I understand the costs associated, which is why I would like to know that I, personally, enjoy the community and the server prior to supporting by means of financial assistance. :)

    This community seems to be filled with rather knowledgeable and mature individuals ATT, and that makes me want to come back again. I am going to a Halloween party soon, and must do my preparing now. So, in the future I will be back. :)
  4. Okay awesome. (Not the being lost part). I like to chime in with my long rants from time to time so no people don't get the wrong idea from people who don't fully understand how it all works. :)
  5. Definitely not money hungry but I think the prices could be adjusted a tad as more people opt in.. Diamond costs more than an MMO subscription :\
  6. Sort of Don. MMOs, you have to remember also have a TON of ala cart things. I know of people who spend hundreds of dollars on fake items for MMOs.
  7. Yea, I diffinately would become a supporter and im sure many more will if u guys adjusted the prices. For example:

    Leave Iron at $5, make gold $10 and diamond $15 then even add in another one at $25 and possibly could be called platinum? just an idea :)
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  8. Are you guys in the long run planning on expanding the server? I mean in the very long time... look at ImDeity, they have 500 free spaces? just saying
  9. i deff would become a suporter if i had the money and would be something im looking into doing after my exams
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  10. Nurse took the words right out of my mouth O_O (get outta my head nursey!!!!!) i agree 100% with this message and i support this message aswell! +1

    Ps. Thank you jer and Justin for supporting this server for us,aswell as all of you supporters :) you guys are what truely keep the Empire running :) keep up the EPIC work guys!!
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  11. totally agree with
    ZerreissenDirge and nureskilljoy
  12. So Jeremy and Justin, what u think of the idea of cheaper subscriptions ?
  13. For some reason, when i try to join a game when it is 40/45, it still says the server is full. Any suggestions?
  14. It's possible people were disconnected. To be fair, if the game kicks you out, it will reserve your slot for 2 minutes to get back in.
  15. jeremy, what u think of the cheaper subscriptions idea?
  16. I think $5 is already pretty cheap...
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  17. Thats what i said here, just change the other subscriptions.... and possibly add another ?
  18. I'm not following what your reasoning is. Maybe you can explain it better. You mentioned you didn't want to pay $5 because you didn't feel one should pay to play, which if that's their personal feeling, is completely fine, but then you're asking us to add more, that are higher than $5?
  19. Yes, can one not have a change of heart?
  20. make diamond $15 and make a new one called platinum at $25