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  1. The Empire's popularity has exploded over the last few weeks. We have hit the limits for our current server. Unfortunately this means that there will be times when the server is full.

    Supporters will always be able to connect to the server, no matter how busy it is. Click here to learn more about becoming a supporter.

    Upgrading servers again is a possibility but will cost more than what we pay now. We can't afford this unless we get more supporters. Therefore the number of "free" slots the server has will always be determined by the number of supporters we have.

    I really hate delivering this message and I wish there was another way. I have spent the last several days straight on my computer (I even took time off work) trying to tweak every last drop of performance out of the server. I am going to continue trying to do the best I can with what we have to maximize the number of connections we can support.
  2. The current connection limit will be 45 (but will go over a little do to supporters). If you are a free player, when you disconnect your slot will be reserved for 60 seconds (1 minute) so you may log back in. This is in case the server is full and you get disconnected.
  3. Wow, awesome Justin that the server has grown so much. I am happy for u, welldone. :)
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  4. When I joined Empire MC it was 100% lag free. But, lately I've been having lag spikes and blocks reappering.. it's anoying as hell. Like Justin said if we upgrade the host were using then we wont have lag but that means paying which will lead to Supporters being more important to the server.

    I mean if the server gets full and then non supports get d/c and supports get to log in than i mean this is gonna be a "Supporter server" only it's going to suck lol

    So ya...
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  5. I agree, BUT, Justin has always said, yes there will be perks for being a suporter, but the server will never become a supporter server.
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  6. good show now if only i could get supporter status :/ darn no one in the house allowing me the use of their credit card to make a paypal! Darn them i say!!!
  7. I love of there servers grown this much and I love that the admins are so awsome that they even take time off of work to try to make the server the best.
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  8. It's telling me the server's full when there's only 45 members online.. :S
  9. .....
  10. Ah, I just assumed the limit was 100, because it came up 45/100
  11. Yeah, this is just a Minecraft flaw. If I set that to display 45 then I would have to kick free players when supporters joined.
  12. im happy that the servers grown so much, :) but its hard when your not able to get on cause the free member slots are full and even though the supporter prices are low, you not able to be one.:(
  13. How do I become a supporter? i'd love to give you guys money but i cant find out where its at anywhere on the site haha XD
  14. No problem, here it is: http://empireminecraft.com/account/upgrades

    Perhaps it is too hidden, you can find it in the account drop down at the top right of the site (click your username).
  15. At the top of the page your user name is a drop down menu, go to supporter subscriptions :)
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  16. okay thanks guys =] glad i could support you.
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  17. only way i can become a supporter is if i could pay via a CC as no1 in my family likes the "idea" of paypal *le sigh* :/
  18. Thanks a lot! It's much appreciated.
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  19. Sorry PayPal is about the only way we can do it... setting up to take credit cards directly would require paying big money for a merchant account, going through a compliance process, having customer service for billing issues, and we are not a business lol. However I may be able to add Google Checkout in the future, would that be better?
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  20. Justin... I will try to help you all I can with the expansion of your servers. I have already told anyone who plays minecraft that I know about this server and, if they like it alot, they might even buy supporter memberships.

    --Lord Dim, The Golden Supporter :3