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  1. server work is a massive headache...idk how ppl do it for a living i gave up when i was learning it ....
  2. because it's what we love. in my case I do it because I know without it someone some place couldn't be able to do what they wanted and that's what I aim to provide.
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  3. if learning it didn't give me headaches i would enjoy it lol. i guess that is why i am going into mechanical engineering instead of software engineering/IT?
  4. It kind of stinks that I just joined (having found this by searching Minecraft servers through google) And I can't even log in due to the server capacity, but I guess I will just have to wait for a free slot to open up...
  5. First of all, welcome Chaaralis. Sorry you can't connect just yet, but the capacity was unfortunately out of our hands and was something we had to to to maintain the game feeling smooth for everyone. Justin and I are very dedicated to this. We probably spend 80% of our everyday either thinking about or working on EMC, so I can promise you, that we will continue to grow and expand our servers as soon as we can to allow more growth. :)

    For now, just keep trying, the coming and going sometimes happens in spurts, so you should get in one of these times.
  6. I will continue trying, this looks like a very nice server and I'm looking forward to playing on it. Also, thank you for the welcome.
  7. Justin Guy Said:Yeah, this is just a Minecraft flaw. If I set that to display 45 then I would have to kick free players when supporters joined.

    Well, Thats Just Not Nice
  8. He said he wasn't going to do that... And i think google checkout would be great, it might work better than paypal.
  9. wow i can even go on every time i try it says "server slots full go to....." can u gust make more slots
  10. for them to do that, they need to upgrade their server hardware. which cant be done unless there are more supporters.
  11. Okay, before everyone starts hounding Justin and Jeremy about the fact they cant log in, read this ...

    The server that Justin has put his own personal money and time into being able to use to host this game for you all has a capacity limit to it. Don't start bitching because you can't get onto it. There are a lot of people who want to play on this server, so just be patient and deal with it. Getting antsy because you can't get on is just plain irritating. And for those griping about the fact that supporters get on and they don't want to pay to be a supporter ... that's fine. But don't get snooty when you can't get on. These things cost money. And without supporters most of you wouldn't even be on this server at all. So stop being ungrateful, Justin is doing you a service out of his own pocket.

    /rant -__-
  12. Nurse put it the absolute best. Instead of complaining about some things, please realize that, Justin, on top of having to do his probably 40+ hours a week at a REAL job, uses money that he gets from THAT job to pay so you guys can have this server. He is not obligated to do this by any means, he does it out of being a good person. Remember that had he never decided to put a dime into the server way back when, that there would be NO Empire, and you would be on some inferior server right now, never knowing what EMC was.

    I'm sorry if this sounded harsh, but it just gets to me when people complain about a FREE service that is coming out of the pocket and kindness of another person's heart. Justin and I are dedicated to this community and we will continue to grow and add servers as we can, but please just remember, that while you guys are playing Minecraft or having fun with your friends, Justin, myself and other staff are spending time they could be having fun, and instead working hard to make sure everyone here has a good experience. :)
  13. Thank you for supporting my rant, Jer <3
  14. I am not complaining, I realize that Justin has put a lot of time and money into this server, I was merely saying that it seemed well worth the wait, which it definitely is.
  15. Sorry if that seemed directed towards you, which I could see misunderstanding as it was right after yours. We've just been getting a lot of complaints like this from others and this thread happened to be the spot that got the rants, haha.
  16. I understood that it wasn't pointed toward me, I was merely saying that the wait is worth it, this server is awesome.
  17. Okay very cool...and thanks for the words! We're doing our best.
  18. People saying 'what should be free' kinda bugs me. People need to either be patient, upgrade or basically get out. You can't expect other people to fund your playtime- stop being so damn ungrateful. When I get myself a bit of money coming in, I'm definately considering becoming atleast an Iron Supporter. I would already but I'm only a student and have absolutely NO income. :'(
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  19. i like how the servers getting popular, but with the residence-reset-after-1-month-of-inactivity rule, some people wont be able to get on (i havent been able to get on for a while because of this), therefore they get their residences reset.
  20. I am preparing to change this rule so it includes site logins.