New server on its way!

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  1. Yesterday I signed the lease on a new server for EMC. It is better than what we have now and should allow us to open more slots, as well as reduce lag and improve performance.

    First I would like to thank all of the supporters. This would not have happened without you. We promised if we got more supporters that we would upgrade, and we did so we are keeping our word :)

    Now before everyone starts asking and assuming a million things here are some details:

    • The new server should be ready in a couple days.
    • Yes we will require about a one hour down time when we change servers.
    • The new server is in Florida (current server is in Arizona), and the data center has three tier 1 internet connections (current server has 1). This means most people should have less latency. However there is always the possibility some people could have a little more (everyone has different routes across the web).
    • Yes after we move we should be able to add more slots to the server. However even though the server can handle hundreds of connections, it doesn't mean the game can. What I mean by this is the server can be doing great but everyone lags because it is too much information for your game to keep up with. Once we move we will be slowly changing the max players until we find the sweet spot. What we don't want is a server with 200 connected laggy players.
    • I am new to this big Minecraft server thing so I can not promise you any amount of max connections at this moment. Like I said above, it is sort of a trial and error process.
    • This new server is going to allow us to run some stricter anti-grief and anti-cheat plugins, so trouble makers beware!

    This server is going to allow us to expand in some unique new ways that we will announce later on. Our goal is to provide the Empire experience to as many players (free included) as we can :) We working hard on it and appreciate everyone's patience.

    For the nerds here are the specs on the new server (no the ram is not a typo):

    Dual - Quad-Core Xeon X5550's (2.66 GHz, 6.40 GT/s)
    64GB of ram (DDR3-1066)
    4 x 450GB SAS RAID 10
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  2. An impressive server indeed!

    I'm gonna give my ballpark estimate at about 115 connections. Anybody else? Taking all bets, here!
  3. nice, cant wait
  4. around 90 i would say
  5. Thanks again to all the supporters for making this possible!
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  6. Damn i wish it was in like texas X_X
  7. i am gonna say between 100 and 120 connections...and Good show guys :)
  8. This may be a dumb question, but would it reset town?
  9. I helped run a larger server before, but it got shut down, but I will put in a bet of 145 connections. Also yay I will be able to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. No fluffinator, it will not reset the town. It just increases the capabilities of the server, but even if it does affect the worlds, they can just save the maps before they upgrade and then use those map saves to bring the town back to what it was.
  11. Sweet! Hope this new server really pays off! The new player limit would surely define Empire!
  12. The server is going to be better then ever and hopefully ill be able to get back online again.
  13. AWESOME.... thank you so much Justin. This is great, its been really cool seeing this community expand soo much :)
  14. excited for there to be more slots been havin a lot of trouble gettin on lately
  15. I am glad to changed your mind (and attitude) about supporting the server. J
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  16. Holy crap 64GB of RAM!!! I thought my 8GB of ram was good lol:eek:
  17. Congrats on the new server! Impressive specs as well. :) I am so jealous of your RAM count... Glad to hear it is now going to ping Florida from here in Georgia. :D
  18. No Town will NOT be reset. However on the official release of the game the other worlds will:
  19. Actually you would be surprised how internet routing actually works. You can have a server in the next building, do a trace route on it and fine you are circling the entire country to get to it lol.
  20. That ram must be a typo. Say whatever you want, I still won't believe you.