[forum game] what is the player above you known FOR

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by jewel_king, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. lots of fighting going on, i bet 1 r on 607, don't make me lose my one r 607 i swear to god

    hmmmmmm from what iv seen for tuqueque,
    he mainly likes commenting and discussing things, not one to start one tho
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  2. I guess I know bosoc for his impression of violence ;)
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  3. Shell and I go way back.
    I know him for his amazing help on smp2 :)
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  4. Skele I know for always being a kind person! By far the most skeletastic person I've ever met =D
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  5. Krysyy steals your avatars :p
  6. for selling cactus pants for 5.5k
  7. For bullying people about selling cactus pants for 5.5k
  8. Harsh xD

    for liking parkour
  9. jewel is known for having a bicolor picture as profile picture here... Instantly recognizable (without having to focus a little)
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  10. Actualy its a rainbow but some of the colors got cut off :rolleyes:

    known for not likeing to unmute his mic :p
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  11. I don't really know him all that well, but I recognize the name when I see it.
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  12. We3 is known for always making sure that no-one gets hurt by his messages, no matter what age, gender, etc. :)
  13. haastregt is partly well-known for being the second ever member of the month.
  14. We3_MPO... is that guy that always kindly tries to play buffer between antagonist people, coming in to put down the flames and sometimes getting scorched in the process. Would'nt he had been there, some threads would have derailed and the controversial sub forum would have been through serious wars.

    (and sorry if you're stuck on me, whoever you are coming next :D)
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  15. TheBidule is known for having a paraphrased quote in his signature that originates in a story from yours truly. :cool:
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  16. 607 is known for being the very first member of the month, for his duck toy Piwi, for being a very kind and open-minded person, and maybe also for his signature.
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  17. We3 is known for not being afraid to discuss a topic when it needs to be discussed. Maybe also his ability to inflame debates, but mostly the former ;)
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  18. Known for being a creeper. And having an awesome res.
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  19. Sydney up there is a fellow Mac user :3

    Also just in case you don’t recognize the username, this is PhoenixAffinity.
    EDIT: I hope you guys know, it doesn’t take much searching to see what I’m known the most for.
  20. Known for donating 150,000r to my future mega horse race track build. :D