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Have you played The First Loser before?

Yes 10 vote(s) 50.0%
I wanted to, but I didn't get in 3 vote(s) 15.0%
No 7 vote(s) 35.0%
  1. The First Loser
    (Now with pretty colors =D)

    Row 1: Jay2a, 607, jacob5089, FadedMartian
    Row 2: MajorHaze, Foxy_Kitty, SkeleTin007, Sazukemono
    Row 3: SunnyStorm7, TomvanWijnen, Carbonyx, Sydney4363
    Row 4: Smooshed_Potato, CarFryer, jewel_king, belac555


    We're back and at it again! The well-loved forum game started by Zervados/StoneSky/Skydragonv8/That one weird slab guy has returned for yet another round! \o/
    (There are some small but important rule changes/clarifications this time, so even if you know how to play, please read through the rules again <3)

    How to play

    • Post on the thread saying that you would like to play. The first 16 people to respond will be entered.
    • The game begins with 16 players randomly placed in a grid
    • Each round the players will fill out a short form to cast their vote.
      • Each round lasts about 24-72 hours
    • After each round, I post the results here.
      • The person with the most votes is the winner and has their own column and row to be immune in the following round
        • (New this game) At round 7, the winner chooses whether they want to save their row or column, and at round 11, only the winner will be safe. I figured you guys would rather know exactly when this is going to happen instead of just "whenever it becomes an issue". :p
      • The person with the second most votes is the loser (coined "The First Loser") and is eliminated
    • The losers choose the final winner

    • You must vote in each round
      • If not everyone has voted after three days, results will be published ignoring the votes that were not received.
      • Failure to vote in 3 rounds in a row will get you eliminated.
        • If you can, please let me know if you will be gone beforehand. The aforementioned rule will not apply to you if you tell me you will be gone.
    • If a tie occurs, it is handled by the last person to be eliminated.
      • Random.org will choose should it occur in the first round
    • No alternate accounts
    • This game can be played however you want.
      • You may play dirty or clean.
      • Feel free to rally up some votes, bribe people, or team up with others, secretly or out in the open. I am just the host.
    • (New this round) You may vote for yourself. Many of you said in your feedback that you wanted this to be an option, so here it is. :)
    Huge thanks to Equinox_Boss for donating 100k to the prize fund! :D
    • First place: 75,000r
    • Second place: 50,000r
    • Third place: 25,000r
    One last note, I will try to do better about posting the results in a timely matter. That was the single largest issue we had with the last game I hosted, so I'll make a solid attempt to fix that. *-*;

    So now, without further ado, let the games begin! \o/

    1. Smooshed_Potato
    2. Sydney4363
    3. jewel_king
    4. 607
    5. TomvanWijnen
    6. MajorHaze
    7. SkeleTin007
    8. Foxy_Kitty
    9. belac555
    10. SunnyStorm7
    11. Sazukemono
    12. Jay2a
    13. CarFryer
    14. Carbonyx
    15. FadedMartian
    16. jacob5089
  2. I am sooooo in! \(^_^)/
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  3. I guess you thought I was waiting too long? :p
    I was honestly intimidated by some of your reactions to hosting; I was going to send you a pm to ask for advice, but this is fine as well: this will make me able to postpone it for a while longer. ;)

    I'm in, as I don't know why I wouldn't be. I might not play my best, but we'll see. I'll read the rules later. :p
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  4. I'd love to join again, please. :)
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  5. I'll join this round!
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  6. I am back in :)
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  7. Ah! I wonder how being able to vote for yourself might change things. It's got quite some potential, but I don't expect it too make too much of a difference, to be honest.
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    I'm in!
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  9. lets do it i'm in
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  10. I'd like to join, please! :D
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  11. Bump, 6 more people until we begin!
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  14. Sign me up!
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  15. Bump, we need 3 more people!
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