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  1. Welcome to The RPG Forum Game!
    You are a resident of a land known as Gallia, and you are one of the ones with "special powers". But, there is a force that has enslaved many... You can not let it take you.

    1. take This Quiz
    2. fill out the Application Form
    3. Get Fighting!
    • Your Character's Name
    • Your Result for the quiz
    • Your Alignment (Lightside, Darkside)

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  2. Name: Charles
    Type: Ranger
    Alignment: Lightside

    Question: Do we have to be Lightside/Darkside, or can we be neutral?
  3. I can't really think of what quests I could make for neutral... sorry :(
  4. Kk that's fine.
  5. Charles Wakes up in a cave. there is a locked door nearby, a pile of rocks to the left, and a pile of sticks, some twine, and some leather.
  6. Character: Rabbi

    Alignment: Lightside
  7. Felix.
    Dark side
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  8. Name: Rend
    Type: Trapper
    Alignment: Lightside
  9. Everyone But Felix (Because he is darkside) wake up in the same cave with Charles. You also find some steel.

    Felix has been in control of a prison for a while. All inhabitants are to be executed within 5 days. They are given a chance to escape, by building things to break through.
  10. I fashion the steel and sticks into a dagger and exit the cave.
  11. There's a locked door in the way :p
  12. Hmm... I use the rest of the steel and sticks to make a lockpick and attempt to pick the lock on the door
  13. *Rolls A Die* The Door Unlocks.
  14. I walk through the door to investigate how I ended up in the cave.
  15. There are 3 paths. Which do you take?
  16. Which direction do they lead to?
  17. Name:Malgor
  18. Name: Xander
    Type: Magician
    Role: Dark side