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  1. Two satellites were launched from a launching pad in the Mountains of Turkey, Gök 2 and Gök 3.

    Nearly a month after the X-5 launch vehicle brought Gök 1 into space on January 30th, 1955, on March 1st the X-5 launched Gök 2 into orbit, this time carrying a Palestinian Pariah dog from the regions of Canaan. She was named Chaya, a Jewish name no doubt. The launch was a success, however nearly 1 hour into space orbit, she died, notably peacefully. Cause of death was noted to be due to technical failures, and little training of launching mammals into sub-orbit prior.

    The third launch was noted as a failure, Gök 3 on June 21st 1955 the X-5 embarrassingly suffered a loss due to a malfunction in the X-5's system, causing the fourth stage to not ignite, resulting in the Gök 3 not reaching orbit.

    Engineers called the accident a 1 in 10,000 chance, (they were wrong). Immediately research was done, and they concluded the plan to launch Gök 3 again, this time on a variant of the X-5, the X-5/87.
    The Gök 3 will launch again in 5 posts.

    The space agency has attempted the trial of further testings of placing animals into space, and plan to deploy nearly 6 more mammals, 4 dogs, 2 chimps into sub-orbit territory with the X-4. The dogs are noted as strays, and have gone through toughened training, as well as the chimps. Results will comprise in 10 posts.
    The CSA (Caliphate Space Agency) noted that the Caliphate had launched various minor animals onto X-3 and X-4 rockets in previous years, however they were mainly fruit flies, mice, snakes, wasps, beetles, cockroaches, snails, scorpions, etc, etc.

    Once the first human in launched into space, the CSA wants a space station up there too, one able to support a human crew for long periods of time. Currently, only talks have been made of space stations, noting the previous lore about it from 1929 books. The CSA know its possible, but will only start a design once they launch the first human into space, notably in the early 1960s, and tests will begin later. By 1969 a production model is estimated to be launched.

    A lot of the CSA's space parts come from the SNE. The CSA orders them (they do most of the desired design) and they are shipped from highly professional factories and facilities in Germany and the U.K.

    The Caliphate has industry no doubt, although never to the point of the SEU, the Caliphate can pull a little bit of their own weight, but they REALLY support producing space parts in the SNE, by Jewish and German scientists. The Caliphate doesn't want to rely on a past enemy, and so construction on professional factories and facilities which can produce the space parts demanded by the CSA are in construction. One should be completed within 1-2 years time.

    List of launch stations or space ports in the Sunayyad Caliphate:

    Ottoman Space Center: located in Eastern Turkey.

    Atlas Space Port: located in Algeria close to the Morocco border and Atlas Mountains near Bechar, Algeria.

    The Ottoman Space Center is the newest, and focuses on more highly research base launches, while the Atlas Space Port uses the Sahara as a sandbox. This is where the most tests belong, tests where the outcomes are expected to be less than greater.

    The NAE wants a space center in Somalia, they requested this by the CSA and requested their own role in the space program. The CSA has consulted with them, but no clear signs to the public of construction of one has been made. However, if the CSA goes with assistance (probably not a whole lot of help, just so they don't drain their own resources) the Space Port would go on the coast of Somalia.

    Pakistan plans their launch center, for the sole purpose of testing missiles and rockets, and hopefully for launching satellites. They are expecting to build one and launch their own missiles and rockets based upon Caliphate designs by early to mid 1960s.
  2. The SEU has several governmental headquarters.
    • Palace of the Soviets: The most extensive and most fortified building on Earth, the Palace has many aspects that allow it to survive enemy attack. The Bunker underneath the Palace could survive a direct Nuclear Strike due to its great depth and fortified concrete.
      • The Palace of the Soviets and the respective bunker is the largest and best of SEU's governmental headquarters. The Palace is located in Beijing of all places; Beijing is hard to invade due to its geographical distance, and SEU is working on ways to defeat Ballistic Missiles.
    • Residency of the People's Leader: Able to contain the PL and his/her staff as well as massive communication arrays. Contains one of the Dead Hand systems.
    • Nanjing SEU Governmental Headquarters: This governmental headquarters is a backup and never really used. Fortified in the event of attack, but not that much.
    • Moscow SEU Governmental Headquarters: A large network of buildings that serve to contain the People's Congress and People's Leader should the East Fall. In addition, this is also where Grand Marshals of the West live and eat so that they may direct any war.
    • PL's Il-707: The most barebones of the Headquarters. Contains just enough room for the PL and his staff to direct problems should they arise.
  3. The Caliphate is using their own ballistic missiles to delve into heavy research of anti-ballistic missile technology. Sending a barge of missiles is one thing, intercepting them is another.
    A system like the Iron Dome is planned, highly advanced computing technology which can detect incoming missiles and intercept from anti-ballistic missiles lined in strategic zones.
  4. Francisco Franco.
    The mastermind of the assassins in Spain, brilliant General, and mastermind of the Spanish resistance.
    He has evaded the Masif Corps for many years, because he was the mastermind behind the Spanish rebellion in WW2 and he has had an ever-increasing bounty on his head.
    Mr. F. Franco has undermined Sunayyad Control of Iberia for years. He is 80% of the reason why Iberia is still very much unruly and in a constant state of military occupation. F. Franco sent many letters which were intended to spread the Masif Corps and protection thin; this allowed Franco to get in a rifleman and he would have succeeded had the excellent Caliphate intelligence agencies spread misinformation.
    F. Franco has been the greatest pain in the side of the Masif Corps for a very long time. His insurgents have gotten their hands on AK-47s. As in a massive stockpile of SEU weapons. Given, with the exception of the AK-47s they are mostly WW2 vintages (and even then there are Mosin-Nagants and SVT-40s). How they did it is rather unclear, but it might have something to do with the fact that SEU weapons are easy to make and maintain. Heck, they have a T-34 they use sometimes.
    They do endless terror attacks, mostly on Mosques and if possible non-occupied ones. They try their absolute hardest to minimize loss of life and maximize property damage. The Caliphate has a nasty tendency to get angry instead of tired when faced with threats and Mr. F. Franco does not want to incur their wrath. Trying to attack the Caliphate head-on is suicide. Effectively, Franco is doing something incredibly genius.
    Francisco Franco is rallying the whole of Spain to his cause while making sure that the Sunayyad Caliphate Police and Sunayyad Caliphate Defense Forces cannot respond effectively, because there is very little loss of life (2 deaths and 34 injured in 10 years of resistance against the Caliphate. Now that's a record.) and going on a full-scale manhunt to root out resistance would do more harm than good.
    The Nationalists revere him as a godlike figure who is the Catholic Answer to Ashqar Ayyad. He is far from being a god, but he is a good strategist and tactician that is on par with Ayyad. The Vatican is neutral about this, but there are many in the Vatican believe that he just might be able to unite Christian Europe against the Caliphate. Therefore, the Vatican is starting to preach unity among Christians.
    In a Swiss mountain, Francisco Franco and Benito Mussolini carve out a deal. They take it to the SNE for approval.
    Step 1: Drive the Caliphate out of Southern Iberia by force or by diplomacy. Just get them out of Iberia. (HARD: Franco is going to need all the help they can get, and the Neo-Roman Empire won't be enough.)
    Step 2: Convince SNE to relinquish its hold on Northern Iberia and to just get out. (EASY: SNE gains nothing and wastes money and troops staying in Northern Iberia anyway.)
    Step 3: Franco and his nationalists get Spain. Rome gets Portugal as a new province. SNE finally removes Caliphate presence from mainland Europe after it being a pain in their back for ages. (EASY: It's not that hard to carve up land, and Franco's Spain will be a satellite state of the Neo-Roman Empire anyway.)
    However, there is a Economic Crisis that has been created. The Neo-Roman Empire and Franco's plans can wait!
  5. What is the Second Great Depression?
    (Or as SEU political analysts put it, the 1955 Great Depression?)
    Well, it's not that great.
    It's more akin to the Great Recession.
    It began in the SSU.
    The USSR Economy is closely tied to the SSU. Despite the Southern Socialists and the Soviet Socialists hating each other's guts, one could not exist without the other.
    And then the SSU Economy started collapsing. Mainly because of rampant corruption and inefficiency. The SSU Economy was always slightly Bubble, their growth unsustainable. India could grow, indeed they could probably hold an even larger share of the World Economy than at present. But they need to remove the inefficiency, and that would mean a lot of temporary pain.
    They didn't take the pain.
    The pain came for them.
    And then the SEU Economy started to go down with the Indians. Now, the SEU Economy is rather stable and the SEU Soci is a very stable reserve currency. So SEU wasn't too badly affected. That's why it hasn't made headlines until now.
    The crisis spread without anyone noticing. SEU felt fine, just a bit of slowdown, normal, that was all.
    And then a bombshell dropped. Namely, SEU's Oil Industry fell in on itself. The SEU Oil industry was unable to survive in the face of the much superior Caliphate Oil Industry, and the State had effectively subsidized it. After a while, the Oil industry got too comfortable. And the dominoes began to fall. The Soviet Economy is being devastated because they can't import any more SEU Oil. The Caliphate is in big trouble; SEU won't buy their Oil, SEU needs to save their industry. The SNE is in big trouble; the Soviets were their biggest trading partner. Basically, the entire world is in big trouble. Nations big and small.
    Deng Xiaoping has announced an import ban on Sunayyad Caliphate Oil, as well as a dramatic restructuring of the Oil Companies so that they may never again be so corrupt. He has also announced massive Public Spending projects to put the "great restructuring" (SEU's way of saying tearing down old things and making new things) on total overdrive. The SEU Government has had a large budget surplus for years now, and SEU is spending it all to stimulate the Economy. Deng Xiaoping kind of saw this coming and had been preparing for this for many years. The SEU Economy is experiencing 0% growth. This isn't too bad when considering that some nations are going into the low negatives, but SEU was used to upper 3% growth all the time. This is a nasty shock that things aren't going to be so great anymore.
    The Socialist Ideology is growing up.
    In any case, SEU has work to do. Because the Soviet Union is self-sufficient and contains all the materials to stay alive even if the rest of the world spontaneously vanished, SEU is trying to use it to some degree of success.
  6. The Caliphate would only leave Iberia if they get to keep Granada and everything below that to secure Gibraltar. Keeping Iberia Is a mistake, it has helped nothing. The Caliphate only wants Gibraltar, nothing else. Ashqar wants to talk to Fransico Franco, immediately. If one more mosque is damaged, the Caliphate will see that wrath is more of an action and less of a threat.
  7. Gibraltar is SNE territory, and they don't seem too keen on giving away their most strategically important city any time soon.
    You're going to have to ask them. Franco has no jurisdiction whatsoever over that, and I doubt even Mussolini and his Neo-Roman Empire has enough pull.
    Build something in Morocco?
    In any case, SEU is in deep financial trouble. SEU has canceled all future military procurements to focus on the current crisis. The SEU Government is employing millions at personal expense in order to jumpstart the economy. Right now, it's been barely a month. The effort is continuing, but there are several potholes here and there. The legality has been questioned by opponents, and despite the omnipotence of the Socialist Party they still need a half-decent excuse to do all this illegal crap to save the economy.
  8. SNE never had Gibraltar in this entire game, it belonged to spain, then when WW2 came it became the Caliphates. The Caliphate owns both sides of the waterway going into the mediterranean from the atlantic, aka gibralatar
  9. There is no evidence whatsoever for what you just said.
    The whole "Colonial Empires broke apart" thing sas an excuse for me to use a modern world map, because using a contemporaenous map would mean massive chunks of Africa in one Color. I doubt the British would give up their most important Naval Base, no matter what.
    In any case.
    SEU is in deep trouble and continues to flail around in an attempt to solve this crisis. Private citizens see their pay drop. The SEU needs all the cash it can get, and the Soci being the World's most powerful reserve currency helps.
  10. The SNE, not owning much oil, starts developing oil mines/extraction projects in Norway. This is possibly the only way they'll get oil with the economic crisis going on rn.

    Also now the SNE, realizing how behind they are, step up there nuclear bomb/technology game. More money is being invested in it though it's costly. They can't fall behind in this

    OOC:SNE never owned any territory in Spain until WW2, when the Caliphate and the SNE split it. So if anything the Caliphate owned Spain first so they would have rights to there land. But nothing was established
  11. Well then, I'm establishing something. I'm Gamemaster, I get to do this.
    TLDR: De Facto Sunayyad Caliphate territory, De Jure SNE/Spanish territory.
    The Caliphate gets to control all trade going in and out. They basically make all the money, all the taxes, and enjoys all the benefits.
    Gibraltar, while formally joint SNE-Spanish territory, is currently leased to the Sunayyad Caliphate for 99 years. This basically means that SNE is in theory still ruling, the Caliphate is in control.
    SNE and Spanish citizens can move in and out as they please. The EEC around Gibraltar is SNE-controlled, but Gibraltar proper has Caliphate warships and is a Caliphate Military Base.
    Does it seem I really like 99-year leases for compromising? Yes. I really like 99-year leases.
    The Caliphate argument about the areas below Granada aren't exactly valid, but that's not my problem. SNE, the Neo-Roman Empire, Spain and the Sunayyad Caliphate can settle it themselves. My nation is currently in a deep economic hole, and I have better things to worry about than some territorial dispute.
    Deng needs to fix SEU's economy. Right now, because the Han Chinese will be very very angry if the SEU Government cannot fix the economy and go right back to being the most powerful nation in the world, with a high standard of living and healthy economy.
  12. No.

    The Federation first owned Spain, then gave it over to the Caliphate, at this point I would have forgotten about Britian owning Gibraltar but it would have not mattered. When the SNE invaded Iberia in WW2, its common sense that the Caliphate took Gibraltar, even if it was never stated, the SNE never did anything to control Gibraltar or anything.

    Gibraltar is the Caliphate's, if you want it, cause a war for it.
  13. Dude.
    I'm acknowledging your supremacy over Gibraltar.
    99-year lease or not, you have control of the territory. You get to do whatever you want. Do you want me to add another 9 to that? You can do whatever you want.
    You've annexed the territory. You have what you want. The Sunayyad Caliphate owns that territory.
    The SNE formally owns it, but the Caliphate can do whatever the heck it wants.
    Not that hard.
  14. Fine go with that, make it a 666 year lease if the game will be over by then anyway.
  15. The Depression shows no signs of abating.
    SEU realizes that the Depression has collapsed several fundamental faults within the SEU Economy; this is good for further growth, but very bad for the immediate future.
    The SEU Economic Growth rate is at -0.1%. The SEU Government is pumping money into the economy in an attempt to resuscitate it, with some success.
    The SEU Economy is not in a good state; due to its sheer bulk, and the fact that the Indian Economy is going down with it, the rest of the world is feeling the impact. The Caliphate Oil Industry has lost its biggest consumer; SEU is only buying Oil from itself because SEU needs to rescue the Oil Industry, which caused this whole economic crisis.
  16. The Caliphate suffers a lot, but can still run its course. The seu stopped buying, but there are still enough buyers to get by. It's not optimal, but honestly, the Caliphate won't go to a fishing nation again, but it is a massive hit, especially to the Emirates.
  17. Fun facts of WW2:
    • When the SNE and SEU were negotiating terms for peace, SEU General Vasily Chuikov and SNE General Hans Krebs were negotiating some details. Chuikov had not been prepared; this was the first peace conference and so he dressed up 2 of his drinking buddies as Black Army Staff and stuffed a poet into a Closet. The poet fainted halfway through and fell out.
    • Rear Admiral Liu was actually very competent in strategic planning. He was the very same Admiral who masterminded SEU's Naval Rise with little cost, and his protege Vice Admiral Han is currently leading the Guided Missile Cruiser revolution.
    • Adolf Hitler provided many pictures for SNE History Textbooks, including WW2 ones. He is a very successful artist.
    • Hideki Tojo went on to write memoirs which were bestsellers. His writing is borderline unreadable due to the extensive torture, but it was extensively cleaned up by staff.
    • Lancelot Holland commanded the SNES Hood, and in an ironic twist of fate was killed by a Caliphate 8-inch shell in the bridge.
    • Admiral Raeder of the SNE Navy was second-in-command of the SNE during the war.
    • Giovanni Messe was awarded a Triumph by Benito Mussolini for the conquest of the Balkan Federation. The Triumph, the first in 1,411 years, had Christian Motifs and was very different from the Triumphs of the day
    • Marshal Georgy Zhukov and Marshal Mao Zedong of the SEU were both awarded Hero of the Socialist Eurasian Union.
    • Admiral Nikolai Kuznetsov is locked in a lifelong struggle with Marshal Zhukov. Kuznetsov, responsible for many of SEU's Naval Victories (much of the rest being credited to Rear Admiral Liu) fought constantly with Zhukov and the two men slander each other to this day.
    • Georgy Zhukov and Erich Von Manstein have a rivalry. Zhukov claims Manstein was a bad general, Manstein claims Zhukov just threw resources until Manstein fell, and that Manstein was the better tactician.
    In any case, SEU is currently trying to dig itself out of the crisis. It's been three months.
    The Economy is showing signs of improving; SEU has cleaned up the banks and mandated new and more comprehensive regulation. The Economic growth rate is not yet increasing, but it's only a matter of time before SEU crawls its way out of the ditch; India is too. Those guys are roughly slightly less than half of the World Economy, so them recovering is a pretty good sign.+
  18. A few more USSR awards
    • Order of Humanity: Two awarded in history to Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels. Highest honor of the Soviet Union and SEU. In theory, there are benefits but the only two reciepients are dead.
    • Order of the Soviet Union: 58 awarded in History. Equal to Hero of [INSERT USSR COMPONENT STATE HERE].
  19. While the SEU is unquestionably in numbered metrics the most powerful nation on Earth, some nations are more powerful in different ways.
    • Military: Overall SEU.
      • Army: India-SEU tie. The Indian Army has roughly the same amount of money as the SEU Army, and they utilize it with similar efficiency.
      • Navy: SEU. SEU has a powerful Navy that allows them to run a anti-pirate business for money. No other nation can do this. (give, the anti-piracy business is a sign the SEU Navy is underfunded more than anything else.)
      • Air Force: SEU. The SEUAF fields the only 2nd generation fighters in the world, the MiG-21 and Su-12. Their MiG-19 and MiG-17 are both decent, and SEU has advanced Radar.
      • Defensibility: Sunayyad Caliphate-SEU tie. The Caliphate has millions of kilometers of near-uninhabitable desert, and SEU is so absurdly large that defeating it completely is impossible.
      • Industry of War: SEU. The SEU maintains the most sizable industry in the world that is greater than every other nation with the exception of India combined which with sufficient time could be rerouted to fight wars.
      • Other: Sunayyad Caliphate-SEU tie. They both have sizable Nuclear Arsenals and excellent supply lines.
    • Economy: Overall SEU.
      • Raw Size: SEU. No explanation required.
      • Growth Rate: SNE-SEU tie. Both nations grow fast and sustainable. The Caliphate is kind of dependent on imports and trade. India's growth is in a limbo.
      • Self-Sustainability: SEU. They have everything. Everything they need to run their nation and then some to export to their Soviet buddies.
      • Control over Global Trade Routes: Sunayyad Caliphate. They control both the Suez Canal and Gibraltar. This makes for some very potent trade benefits.
      • Resilience: SEU-Caliphate tie. The Caliphate is sitting on the most consistent resource of the modern era, Oil. However, a significant part of her GDP comes from trade, something that is very volatile. SEU occupies a forever-needed niche in the economy, namely manufacturing and industry.
  20. The SNE realizes how outgunned they are and how much they are lacking in every aspect. So a mission to have territory on South America is active. The SNE military sent a few ships with 25,000 soldiers to Brazil. This is where they plan to have territory. Brazil is big and rich in resources which is great! The troops will not actively go out of their way to kill people but if violence occurs they will try to keep peace. And if necessary people may die

    With the SNE in Brazil they might as well help it out. On the ships sent there, there is also food and water distributed throughout the county. This will hopefully get the country in there side. The SNE is trying to get Brazil peacefully and will try to negotiate with the government there. Protection is provided during the negotiations and more when they actually become a part of the SNE.
    Results expected in 10 post