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  1. The Federation has started research into putting Batrachotoxin into bullets so that when the bullets hit they release to poison
  2. The Caliphate is shocked and confused that The Federation is turning sides on them, they will most likely try to destroy Federation food ships.

    The Caliphate's trade with Canada is immense, with the Sunayyad Caliphate importing Aluminum, Iron food and many others.
  3. SEU is not about to let a fellow Socialist Ally be annexed.
    SEU has sent aid to the Chileans, and is sending 300,000 troops to aid them. Army Group West has been weakened to achieve this, but the SEU has more men well on their way.
  4. maybe you should be more clear on who's an ally and who is not
  5. SEU Allies and Buddies/Instigated Revolution:
    Chile, USA (semi), Venezuela, South Africa, Guinea, Zaire, South Sudan (trying to help them).
    It's a part of their whole "export Socialist Revolution" thing. As well as this, they're instigating Socialist Revolution just about everywhere with varying degrees of success.
  6. Caliphate Allies:
    The Federation
    Abyssinian Empire (Ethiopia, Somalia, Dijibouti, Eritrea)
  7. After months of hard fighting, Tokyo is taken. The Emperor is captured. Japan has lost 7 million people. SEU lost a few hundred thousand soldiers, Japan lost one in ten.
    SEU troops hurl abuse at the once-mighty Hirohito. He himself is oddly tranquil; but SEU has the prize. Hideki Tojo. The SEU Kangaroo Court piles blame on the Generals and Tojo, citing him as the ultimate mastermind of war crimes; SEU has the ultimate punishment in mind for the Emperor. Tojo is sentenced to "1000 drownings", which consists of constant waterboarding for a period of 1000 days and release into appropriate treatment (spoiler, he lives with a reasonably sane mind and goes on to write memoirs). As SEU wants him to stay alive, there will be frequent breaks between waterboardings. SEU loots information from Unit 731, putting to death every man and woman who worked there. The killing fields of everyone who ever worked with war crimes are full; most are given dignified deaths such as firing squad, at the request of Zhukov. Some are sentenced to various types of hangings. Some, despite the protestations of various Russians, are given the punishment of 100 deaths, or 100 days of painful torture with the very knowledge of Unit 731. They are to be released after this, but they will not survive. New Chemicals are used and discarded. Most go insane within days, the pain is too much.
    The Emperor?
    He has been stripped of his godhood with a complex Chinese-Korean Ritual, actually made up by combining various Chinese-Korean Myths and Legends as well as completely new rituals. It does absolutely nothing, but the symbolism's what's important. SEU is making sure that Japan is put in its place. He is now King Hirohito. He is no longer Emperor; Japan is a Kingdom and he is its King. Japan is subservient, a vassal of SEU.
    The Rising Sun has finally been shot down. Japan shall never be a world power on the scale of Imperial Japan.
  8. The Caliph is shocked at the brutality done towards the Japanese people by the SEU and condemns them for their wickedness. The SEU is no doubt much eviler than the Islamic Caliphate. How many innocents have died under the rule of the Caliphate? Around 2,000 witches, that's really all. The Caliph also subtly loathes the fact that they have more Japanese historic writings in the Library of Alexandria than they do of SEU nations.

    No wonder South Nubia is still apart of the Caliphate, they fear the same treatment as the Japanese, even the Central Asian Nations, all Muslim majority nations who have no hope but to pray to Allah that them and their families will be safe from the onslaught of SEU brutality and the Gulag.

    The Caliphate sends Muslim Missionaries into Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. They build many Mosques and spread Musawaism throughout all the lands. The Caliphate secretly aids revolutionary groups and founds groups who oppose the Socialist rule.
    SEU's activity in South Nubia isn't very effective. Nubians have no real reason to oppress the Caliphate. They have freedom of religion and all the freedoms that they could ask for, with no prejudice. The only reason a "few" want to leave is that they want to be Independent, but that would only make them an incredibly unstable nation as the Sunayyad Caliphate has drastically improved their economy.

    Central Asia is different. Although there is no physical oppression on Religion, they live under the philosophies of Karl Marx who is anti-religion. SEU and USSR? Plainly Anti-Religion, stating its the opium of the people. Have there been any genocides? No, but the SEU has a history of prosecuting various religions, like Jehovah's Witnesses. People of the SEU and USSR hate the Caliphate, it isn't uncommon for Muslims to be spat at, harassed and even beat in SEU and USSR public areas, some Mosques are even trashed by SEU citizens plainly under the control of SEU propaganda.
  9. SEU gave justice to those who deserved it. The Civilians have been left alone, but there have been hundreds of mass suicides which the SEU have not bothered to stop, for obvious reasons.
    Under the despicable deeds of the Japanese, SEU lost 500,000 people, 400,000 of them from one massacre. SEU is pissed, for good reason. They have lost much, and SEU is being rather merciful to them. They could have killed 400,000 in retribution, but SEU has killed 10,000 who deserved it.
    OOC: Otus, you do know what Jehovah's Witnesses are? They're a CULT. A REALLY EVIL CULT.
  10. OOC: You can say that for Islam too
  11. They're not as bad as Jehovah's witnesses.
    Take my word for it.
  12. I'm not going to bother getting into a flame war since its against the rules, I don't even know why you even brought it up in the first place, I just said it was a concern to people of other religion that neighbouring beliefs were being abstained heavily, something which could happen to them...
  13. Jehovah's witnesses are probably the worst possible example to bring up tho
    in any case, SEU is not actively anti-religion. They treat religious organizations like any other for-profit organization. They tax religious people.
    In any case, SEU is discouraging hating Muslims, and if they are going to hate Muslims hate all religions equally.
  14. SEU Police has raided a Jehovah's Witnesses building.
    Raided is not the right word, it escalated into a full-scale battle in the middle of Nanjing as witnesses and SEU police clashed in a fortified building.
    1 week ago: SEU Police is tipped off about a Child Abuse incident; the NPD (Nanjing Police Department) moves to raid the involved Jehovah's Witnesses building, or the Nanjing Headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses. As the Jehovah's Witnesses have had some militant activities before, the NPD mobilizes Heavy Police Units in order to counter Witness activities. In addition, the Nanjing Headquarters is a rather... labyrinthian building. As the JWs took on a more militant Pan-Abrahamic Unification theme (directly due to the 1919 Yellowstone Volcano Eruption and following events), their buildings became more complex and fortified, as well as higher.
    7:20 AM: SEU Police move into an early-morning Jehovah's Witness service. They are stopped at the door and questioned, and because SEU Police doesn't deal with this they force their way in. They are immediately expelled by witnesses, and the 50-60 officers involved request backup. They have no idea what they're in for.
    7:41 AM: SEU Backup arrives only to find that JWs have erected barricades. SEU Heavy Officers (equipped with Riot Shotguns, Submachine Guns and Rudimentary Body armor) use battering rams to breach the building, and make their way in. As the Police make their way in, many get lost in the complex layout. In addition, there are reports of non-violent resistance. SEU Police are ordered to non-lethally defeat this resistance.
    8:09 AM: An altercation occurs as SEU Officers and Jehovah's Witnesses open fire on each other. Several officers had been attempting to breach the records room, and were stopped by some JWs. Escalation results in several JWs opening fire on SEU officers.
    8:15 AM: A shootout is occurring in the records room. As both sides are cut off from assistance, the better-armed SEU officers gain the upper hand. The shootout is soon discovered due to the gunshots, and the NPD sends emergency assistance to the officers.
    8:37 AM: The shootouts spread. Three major shootouts have emerged.
    • North End Battle: 30-40 Light SEU officers, 5 Heavy SEU officers, 100-120 Jehovah's Witnesses.
    • East End Battle: 80-100 Light SEU officers, 15 Riot Police officers, 20-30 Heavy SEU officers, 120-140 JWs.
    • Records Room Battle: 15-20 Light SEU officers, 4 Heavy SEU officers, 20-30 JWs.
    The East End Battle is by far the largest, as SEU Officers clear room after room. The original purpose of the raid is forgotten, it is a fight for survival. The Northern Flank is on the brink of collapse, and NPD sends as many Light officers as they can spare, but it is not enough.
    9:00 AM: The SEU Military has stepped in and taken Operational Control from the NPD. The goal is to now rid the building of JWs, despite the NPD's protests. Casualties are running high, and the North End is on the brink of collapse.
    9:40 AM: SEU Soldiers step in to reinforce the North End. It is a bloodbath. However trained soldiers mercilessly open fire on the Witnesses.
    Within the next 30 minutes, the JW front collapses.
    As a direct result of this, SEU has banned the Witnesses as a religion and expelled the Governing Body. They have proven themselves a dangerous terrorist organization, and SEU is acting accordingly.
  15. Currently, the Soviet War Machine looks very strong to any outside observer. However, it has some issues.
    • The immense Soviet industrial capacity advantage is significantly hobbled by the fact that the East and West have no significant land routes connecting them. They have no idea how to get their T-34s and vehicles to the front, and they'll continue to have no idea for a while.
    • Army Group East has been significantly damaged by the war with Japan, and they've lost 3 field armies to the Japanese. They are in no condition to help Army Group West, they are trying to rebuild.
    • Army Group West is currently undergoing significant internal purges to rid it of incompetence. Many positions are unfilled, and it'll take a few more months to replace them all.
    • The Unified Soviet Military Forces is not very unified, indeed each nation operates independently. They can and will accidentally collide.
    • Army Group West consists of mostly conscripts who are fresh, because SEU needed to expand their Army fast. SEU has numbers on their side, but all of their best soldiers are in Army Group East and Army Group East is rebuilding itself from war with a fanatical foe.
    For the advantages...
    • For one, the best anyone could hope to achieve at this point with SEU is a draw, and that's assuming they do very well at defeating SEU. SEU has too much resources, manpower, and industry, the only one that could even come close is India, and they don't support anyone. Trying to win is a hopeless battle.
    • Army Group East has some of the most hardened soldiers in the World. They have seen more than any other soldier, and they are dead inside. Once Army Group East finally rebuilds itself, they will be able to send veterans to the field.
    • SEU possesses a well-rounded military, with a now reduced Navy, stronger Air Force, and Stronger Army. They can respond to any sort of situation with ease, unlike the other nations.
    In any scenario, SEU is crafty and plotting.
    The wild card is India, but they support no one.
  16. Half of the ships are destroyed by the Federations pillboxes leaving only 150,000 left the federation also just turns around and goes home after this not wanting to anger anyone else
  17. How on earth would this be accomplished?
    SEU is sending 300,000 troops to Chile, not to the Federation.
    How would pillboxes defeat escorted ships that are very far away from the pillboxes? In any case, this is a months-long project escorted by the SEU Navy. It's not done yet, too.
  18. Look for the post i made a while back concerning building the pillboxes
  19. You did not build pillboxes on the Chilean Coast. In addition, Pillboxes don't have much range.
  20. alright fine the federation turns around and instead of annexing chile they start annexing Uruguay