[FORUM GAME] Grey Matter: Independence

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  1. Story
    Every Day. We worked. We built. This world became ours. But then, IT happened. We couldn't figure out what caused it, just what it did. It just suddenly hits you. You suddenly snap, and walk to the land of... them.

    after that really srrs story, im gunna become normal nao
    so um
    this is actually a revival of sorts of another thread I made a little under a year ago
    buuuuutttttt i'm improving on it :p
    like, a lot
    so, here we go!

    This is a Roleplay thread. Your character is an inhabitant of a world called Dentalin (might change that)
    The world has been cursed by- something. You must stay alive in this world without being cursed.

    Character Creation
    First, go to the following link. http://www.nodiatis.com/personality.htm
    Then, retrieve your results. (like the following)
    finally, fill out the form.

    Character Name
    Character Class
    Character Gender
    Character Karma (lightside, darkside)
    Character Appearance (just give me a picture or a description)
    Character Starting City (CrescentLight, Golach, or Genesak)
  2. Character Name Sonaria
    Character Class
    Character Gender Female
    Character Karma (lightside, darkside) Lightside
    Character Appearance (just give me a picture or a description) ~14ish years old, brown hair, normal person clothes
    Character Starting City (CrescentLight, Golach, or Genesak)[/IMG][/URL]

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  3. Character name: Tamara (Tami or Tam for short)

    Gender: Female
    Karma: Lightside
    Appearance: Tami is a fairly young girl with one dark blue and one orange eye. She has short, a little longer then shoulder length hair but she has a fringe that is big and thick enough to cover her orange eye. Her clothes vary but dresses and skirts are rarely worn.
    Starter city: Cresent Light (Map please?)
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  4. (ill make the map when my tablet finishes charging, ill use the old one i guess until i make it)
    You wake up in a building. It seems like a hospital, but all the lights are off, and there's blood on the walls. There's a door, and a cabinet.
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  5. Character name: Tigerstar :]
    Gender: Male
    Karma: Darkside
    Appearance: Dark brown tabby Tom, with redish black striped and scars all over, and a giant scar across my whole chest and stomach area.
    Starter city: Genesak
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  6. I rub my head and groan "Wh..." I try to look around but the darkness makes it almost impossible, but the blood smeared on the white walls is still noticeable.... There's a light coming from a door, but the voices from outside stop me from leaving. I notice a cabinet on the other side of the room. I make my way over to it and open it.
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  7. You wake up in a Genesak solitary confinement cell. You remember you are serving a lifetime sentence, you have to get out. There is a bed, a toilet, and a box.
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  8. You find a key, an egg, and a strange stick thing.
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  9. I grab all the items quickly, but taking extra care with the egg. I smile at it and gently lay it in my jumper pocket, hoping that it might eventually hatch into something. I carefully make my way over to the door, holding my arms out to stop myself from bumping into anything. I try the handle but it's locked... Remembering the key, I slowly unlock the door and peer outside, looking for where the voices I heard earlier came from.
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  10. *Walks over to the bars, and slips through them* Thinks "They do realize I am a cat? I can just walk straight through their cells..."
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  11. as you open the toilet, you get splashed in water. The Guard Asks if you need help.
  12. You keep walking, but suddenly hear footsteps. You hide in a cabinet, until they pass.
    (solitary confinement is a locked door, not bars)
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  13. I say yes
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  14. he begins to open the door. *ambush, nudge nudge wink wink*
  15. (#Outlast) I shudder as I hear the footsteps pass by, hoping they don't hear my breathing. They walk by without a problem and I slowly open the cabinet and continue walking down the corridor. It seems to be empty, but voices can still be heard from all directions, murmuring things I don't understand...
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  16. (note that i *might* be setting up a character meet)
    There's a door marked 430. There's another door marked 8. Or you can just continue down the hallway.
  17. (Oh, joys xD Tami is going to be killed by a vicious cat <3)
    The empty corridor is tempting, but I give in to curiosity and go into door 8 since it seems to have no other people in it.
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  18. (not quite)
    There are a ton of buttons on the wall. And a cabinet. The room resembles this one http://tinyurl.com/lzoqkg7
  19. *Kills him silently and walks out of the cell being as quiet as possible...*
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  20. A man in a cell calls out to you
    Oh, Crap. All the guards are going to come down on you.
  21. I slowly make my way over to a button that has a red 8 on it "What a strange room..." I quietly whisper to myself. I press the button and get startled by a deep voice saying "Eight." at me. I press it a few more times but the outcome is the same... I stop before the voice lures anyone into the room. I make my way back into the corridor and walk into room 430 since room 8 wasn't the most interesting thing... I stop and survey my surroundings
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