[FORUM GAME] Family Feud Season 2

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Pick a poll choice without looking at the results beforehand!

Piglet 2 vote(s) 14.3%
LLO 3 vote(s) 21.4%
HTTYD 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Rupees 6 vote(s) 42.9%
99 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    It's back! I got to know this forum game from another forum, and ran it for a few months in 2015. It ended because I failed to wrap up the last round I was hosting, as it included a question with rather elaborate scoring, and I wasn't able to work out the maths. :oops:
    This time, I have decided to keep it simple. Moreover, I have written a program to do the calculations for me, and write the results for me too. :D

    The essence of the game is as follows: there is a question. You give an answer. You get points in proportion to how popular your answer was. So the goal is to try to think of what other people would answer. For example, the results for the question "Name a block in Minecraft" could be as following:
    1: Dirt (Egeau, TomvanWijnen, Equinox_Boss)
    1: Stone (Kephras, AncientTower, Hashhog)
    0.66: Grass (ShelLuser, Joy_the_Miner)
    0.33: Block of Gold (ForeverMaster)
    0.33: Stone Slab (Unoski)

    The goal is to get the most points over all questions in a round.
    There is one important rule: do not talk about the questions or your answers with anyone except me until the round is over. This would be a form of cheating.

    That should be enough to understand the game, but if you wonder about the details, you can find some extra rules in the spoiler. :)

    • The answer you give does not have to be correct. If the question is "During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant" and the most popular answer is 'September', then everyone who answered September will get 1 point, despite it being a nonsensical answer.
    • You are allowed to do a web search before giving your answer, to avoid frustrating situations where you don't know enough about the subject to answer (on the other forum we once had the question "Name a species of parrot", and I couldn't think of any :p). You are not allowed to search through Season 1 rounds, or look for the game on the other forum, or look for the same question in the original tv series et cetera. You are also not allowed to consult other people, such as family members.
    • If there are synonyms among the answers, these are added together. For example, if some people say 'cinema' and some people say 'movie theatre', these will count as the same answer.
    • If there are hypernyms among the answers, these remain separate. For example, if some people say 'bird' and some people say 'duck', these will count as different answers.

    I will post the first round in the next post! (in my next post, that is; I don't mind if you get in a post before me :p)
  2. Round 1
    Reminder: the goal is to give the most popular answer, not the most unique or most 'right' one. ;)
    1. Name a block in Minecraft.
    2. Name a species of bird.
    3. Name a Lego product line.
    4. Name a Minecraft developer.
    5. Name a novel author.
    6. Name a country in Asia.
    7. Name an EMC XenForo style.
    8. Name a device you might plug into your pc.
    9. Name a Pokémon.
    10. How old are you?
    Also remember that you are not allowed to ask questions or talk about this round with anyone except myself. If you don't understand something, send me a pm. :) To submit your answers, also send me a pm. If we already have a pm, feel free to use that if you can find it; you are also free to start a new one.
    If you have thoughts behind some questions, are uncertain on a question, or want to elaborate on the process behind arriving at your answer, comments are welcome in the pm! I might use them to spice up the results post. Just make sure it is clear what's the final answer. :)
    Enjoy!! :D I'll write down my own answers somewhere now, so we can see how I would have done. :cool:
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  3. Very low attendance so far. :eek: I'm sorry, but I will not set a deadline!

    I will however, announce prizes. :)
    First place wins 50k, second place wins 25k, and third place wins 15k.
    In addition, everyone gets their score's worth rounded to the nearest integer in Club Points.
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  4. You brought some great memories with September. Good reference.
  5. Bump; the (non-existent) counter is at four entries.
    I am waiting until I get 10, I hope we'll get there. :p
  6. Still waiting on more entries!
  7. Looking for four more players!
  8. Bump.
    Edit: Wow, I didn't think it had been a week since the last!
  9. I'm pretty sure we still need four players, maybe three. But 10 more would be quite welcome, too. :p
  10. It's taking a while!
    I'm going to host on another forum too, let's see if it fills up more quickly. ;)
  11. I already have more submissions from the other forum than from this one! :eek: And the other forum has 2100 members and this forum 121000. :p
  12. Did I win?
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  13. Fun idea. Sent you my answers :)
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  14. I almost forgot that this was going on. I wonder what the results are.
  15. Ah, I thought Rhy randomly decided to join, but I see that Sky bumped it. :p We're still not there yet!
    And even if we get there, I'm not too hopeful for the future of the game: on the other forum, more people joined on the first round than on any following rounds.