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  1. Greetings everyone! As the titles says I am honoured to present you the Empire's first bank!!!(kinda)
    Its not build (yet) but we are kindly asking for help and support to make this come true :)
    All donations are extremely well appreciated such as : quartz and glowstone! Anything helps honestly!
    Me and my best bud Slymanbran will be creating the bank on his 4th res (18673).
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and help the foundation of BP World Bank !
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  2. Love the idea ^-^
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  3. I thought banks weren't allowed....
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  4. Rule 10:

    Loaning and Banks are not Moderated and are participated with at your own risk.
    It seems they are allowed; carry on?

    Also, it seems you are actually creating the first allowed Empire Bank. Congrats on that!
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  5. Some aspects are allowed, but not moderated by staff. There was an update that changed the ruling slightly not so long ago. Re-read the wiki page for banks: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/storage-banks-and-loans/

    Edit: Ninja'd by Sky :p
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  6. Thank you! Thats what i thought :)
  7. Could you tell us a bit more about the bank? Is it a storage bank for items, is it to do with rupees/loans?
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  8. Loans and Savings Accounts are not moderated by Staff. Participating with one is done at your own risk and if something goes wrong, Staff will not have the proper evidence to take action.

    It is NOT allowed to publicize the offering of nor the inquiry of a loan or savings account. By this, we mean that you may not make a forum thread or speak in the public Chat channels about them. Unsolicited advertising through other means is also disallowed.

    This is from the wiki. Banks are allowed, but you can't advertise them. That would mean you can't have this thread.
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  9. Valid point, but it depends on the bank type. If it's a storage bank, then there's no red writing about publicizing under that section, so that aspect should be allowed. But if it's to do with rupees, you're right :)
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  10. Its a mix of everything a bank could do! We can keep your items safe in our Vault Storages (you may call them lockers if you would like), you can take credit and then return said ammount of money, deposit your rupees and potentially pawn items (ex. pot of gold in exchange of said ammount of money, if money isnt returned we keep the item). Every investement made from a player will be noted in a seperate book for each player so we keep track of what they have invested!
  11. My bad, pardon me!
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  12. Well, props to you for doing your best to follow the rules. The way I see it, you may still be allowed to advertise it using signs in your bank, just don't go to the masses. :)
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  13. Thank you everyone for all the support, critiques and tips! ^-^
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  14. This seems like a nice idea but with my history with banks and MC it never has gone well. If you are going to make a bank make sure you have a clean record and it can help to be trusted too which you seem to be. I may donate some money for this, I will think about it.
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  15. Playing devils advocate here, but...

    True that, but the bank doesn't exist yet and the OP is merely asking for help / donations to build it. So they're technically not advertising their services, merely the process of building the whole thing. Therefor; no issues so far :)

    I think the most important thing here is to keep the intent of these rules in mind, not the very letter of what's being written. Being which: protecting players from scamming. Well, we're far away from that part IMO.

    Best of luck to you, right now I don't have much to spare because of some of my own projects but I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for this :)
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  16. Thank you insanely much!
  17. Any sort of support, is welcome. Thank you so much!
  18. I'm honored to be a part of it Plam! We'll definitely update as we build if it's allowed and hopefully it goes as well as we hope it will!
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  19. I got an alt for my bank
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  20. Update :
    Added new member - our best gal AmyLeePlayz !
    Brooke_11 Donated a stack of glowstone and 2 stacks of glass blocks !
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