Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 61.6%
No. 56 vote(s) 38.4%
  1. My sister says she placed this one and knows where it is, so here you go. ;)

    I like the photograph, in any case!
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  4. Sorry. :p I wanted to kick you trice by finding where is actually is, but am not "qualified" enough for that, sadly. :p
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  5. Me neither. :rolleyes:
  6. Hint: The other structure
  7. I've found the circle, and have asked my sister if you found the ducky. :p Meanwhile, other people may also make guesses (and you can also post another one if you want), but if this is it, you have of course won!
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  8. It's more of a guess, cann't see anything :p
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  9. You win, Tom. :p

    Hopefully I'll be able to find the next one myself. ;)
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  10. Hahahahaha, "she is sure of her business"... :p (Dutch expression) But yay, I found it! :D

    I also put in a direct link to my picture, as it often didn't want to load... Using the direct link works fine, though. I tried uploading it to imgur multiple times, but all failed... it's for some reason a 11.35 MB file, no clue how that happened... :p
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  11. I'll probably create a new picture anyway instead of using yours, as you don't see the circle right away.
  12. I can make it bigger if I remember at a time I can. :)
  13. Or add an arrow to it. :)
  14. This one isn't too pretty compared to most of the recent ones, but I figured I'd keep it anyway. :) I should post some more, I keep not feeling like it. :p I'm sorry to those that are on vacation and can't manage to do this on phone and/or slow wifi!

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  15. I thought I found it quite quickly... thwn went to circle it, but lost it.... >.< after a while of searching again, I think I found it again, but I'm now not 100% sure... :p

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  16. To be honest, I fell for it too until I actually looked at the picture again while your answers were loading in... (I have slow internet in England, but I could look at the picture on my iPad, which we took it with) but that's my Dopper bottle. :D

    Well, for this one, when I found it I was 100% sure, and that's not it. ;)

    Thanks for both of your attempts!