Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 61.2%
No. 57 vote(s) 38.8%
  1. Have no idea on how to add spoilers but here's my guess :p
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  2. I might have found it again, after looking for literally just a few seconds! :D

    I knew that was a dopper... :p
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  3. I was wondering if it was too obvious but it was worth a shot :D
    Enjoy your trip in England!

    you can add them using BB codes.
    [spoiler="click, clack"]I just spoiled your mind.[/spoiler] 
    I just spoiled your mind.

    fine more fun stuff at
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  4. Funny enough, I was only able to find it because I zoomed in on your duck :p

    [EDIT] aaaaaaaand lukas beat me to it
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  5. Thanks for your guesses, guys! :D And congrats to Lukas for finding it! I wonder if, after all, Tom did see it there too?
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  6. Uhh... :rolleyes:
    No, that wasn't my original spot. :p When I looked at Lukas's picture, I did however immediately realise that that was correct. :p
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  7. Sure, but it was almost two hours late. :p
    Are you ready for another? ;) After half a year of no pictures...
  8. I would love that. If not I would quack up. XD
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  9. I trust most people who say/imply that they haven't looked at the other suggestions. :)

    Mostly, I arrived at my holiday destination now. :D I haven't set up the wifi here yet though, but I'd make an exception for this thread. :p (I won't load picture heavy pages on mobile data, as they chew through my limit. :p)
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  10. Mud and green leaves.

    Found by Lukas3226.

    Where two branches meet.

    Found by Lukas3226, with hints.

    In heavily backlit plain sight.

    Found by TomvanWijnen, after the hint.

    On top.

    Found by TomvanWijnen.

    Near very tall grass.

    Found by Hashhog.

    On the fence.

    Found by Hashhog.

    Yellow flowers.

    Found by JohnKid.

    High gap.

    Found by Jelle68 (picture from me).

    Branch, no climbing.

    Found by Lukas3226 (picture from me).

    The building's shade.

    Found by Lukas3226.

  11. I had issues with downloading the picture, so this'll have to do for now. :p If this is correct, I'll try again. :p

    The upload internet speed is absolutely terrible here, by the way. :p It literally took like 2 minutes to upload, and then it gave an error.... The reupload took more than 3 minutes.... The file is just 1.34 mb...
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  12. It's not. :) ;)
  13. Any other looks? :) I've found it! ;)
  14. Here then? :p

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  15. No, thanks. :) Anyone else?
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  17. That's not it, but thanks for the attempt!
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  19. If that's not it I have no clue xD