Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 61.2%
No. 57 vote(s) 38.8%
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  2. Correct! :)

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  5. ... I was 1 second later, if only my pc didnt derp
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  6. Hahaha, you did! ;) Nice, you've now got 10 CP! That brings you from 14th to 11th place, shared with Luckygreenbird. That means you're now in the range for the first rewards, but I don't know if you care about that :p (the ones that might be interesting are me recording a gameplay of any free to play game, or me recording a gameplay of any Roblox or Minecraft server. Both without commentary, for that you'd need 15 CP more)

    Haha, just a bit too late! You got it pretty much at the same time, though, and I'm sure you didn't see Dufne's answer beforehand, so I will award you 5 CP too! :)
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  8. EDIT: Darn it :mad:
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  9. :)
  10. That was pretty quick! That brings you up to 10 CP as well :) Tell me if you'd like to exchange them for something! (or you could keep on saving up)
  11. I should check the forums more often :3, I see them quite quickly everytime, but then someone else found it already :p
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  12. You should check the forums more often anyway, not only for the rubber ducky! ;)
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  13. This picture's over 10 months old, but I hadn't posted it yet, so here it is! :p
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  15. Okay, now that was quick!
    You're the third in a row to hit 10 CP now! :)
    You're tied with Luckygreenbird, Shyguy and Dufne.
    If you want to exchange the CP for something, tell me! (
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  16. I may or may not have this thread on E-mail notifications :p
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