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  1. Hello there! Welcome to my Art shop! In this shop, I will sell 3D animated Minecraft avatars. This shop was requested frequently, so here it is! My shop is currently closed!
    The price will be determined by how complex the render is. I will tell you the price once the order is given. If you do not like the price, you can talk to me via in game or forums. While tips are not necessary, they are appreciated!
    Note that these do take around 10 minutes to just create all the positioning, and about 3 minutes for the render. Credit is not required, but I'd appreciate it if you do give credit.
    Minecraft blocks are now allowed for backgrounds!
    Here are some examples of the things I can create:
    If you would like one of these, please use the following format and fill it out below.
    1.Player(s) wanted in animation-
    2.What would you like in the avatar-
    3.Anything extra? (Background, swords, armor)-
    4.Viewpoint(What body parts would you like to be viewing? Ex:Waist, Head, etc.)-
    5.Avatar or Signature-
  2. I'd Like one :p

    1. ww2fan168
    2. Just me w/ my arms crossed w/ 14599 on it
    3. Nope, just #2.
    4. Whole body.

  3. I hope you like it! Please pay the 1,000 rupees though
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  4. Make sure to wait three hours after any post before bumping :p
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  5. Do you do full backgrounds? Something like 1680 x 1050 (pixels). I saw some random renders in that art thread, so basically a scaled up one of those :p. Am willing to pay :)
  6. I can, but not for this shop, sorry. I might do a giveaway though for a background soon :)
  7. Sorry, I forgot about that
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  8. Nawh :( Can't I buy one? <33
  9. Ones with the background look awesome, I'm sure many would be willing to pay even more for one of those if you had the time :)
  10. Can you add a llama to mine? Ill pay another 1k.
  11. The background renders with the Minecraft blocks take some time due to the fact that I have to build the background in the actual game and apply the textures. Not to mention, it would take a much longer time. Though like I said, I can do giveaways
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  12. What about a llama?
  13. Sorry for the wait. Took me a while to model and rig the pig. Anyways, I hope you like it!
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  14. 1.Current IGN- KarateKitKat
    2.What would you like in the avatar- my skin
    3.Anything extra? Example: Background, swords, armor- could there be a pet cat next to me or in the background?
    4.Viewpoint(What body parts would you like to be viewing? Ex:Wast, Head, etc.)- whole body
    5.Have you paid the price for your avatar- I'll pay as soon as I go online
  15. 1.Scarmanzer
    2. Just me waving
    3.Can I have a wolf by my side?
    4.Full body please!
    5.I will A.S.A.P!
  16. Thanks heaps. It's amazing :3
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