Final Drop Party (500k+)

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  1. This is the OFFICIAL thread. As mentioned before, I will be having a Drop Party totaling around 750,000r worth of items.

    What? Drop Party totaling the amount stated above.
    When? Tuesday June 9th. Time: 6:00pm EST (EMC Time)
    Where? Location: 1336 SMP1
    Why? Why not?

    Promotional Items include, but are not limited to:

    Ham Hacker x2
    Turkey Slicer 2013 x2
    Holiday Pick 2013 x1
    Maxarian Head x1
    Dragon Stone Fragment x3
    Cupid's Bow x3
    Cupid Egg x1
    Cupid Arrows x320
    Labor Bench 2013 x3
    Labor Bench 2014 x2
    Independence Day Firework 2013 x1

    General Items:

    Iron Blocks x209
    Gold Blocks xTBA
    Redstone Blocks x426
    Lapis Blocks x233
    Emeralds x1,750~ x2,070
    Diamonds x286
    Max Level Enchanted Books x200~
    Wither Skeleton Skull x9

    Other Items:

    Gold Horse Armor x2

    Recently Added Items:
    Iron Blocks x209
    RedStone Blocks x426
    Lapis Blocks x233
    Diamonds x286
    Emeralds x320
    Gold Horse Armor x2

    NEW TODAY: Blaze Rod x832

    Special Thanks:
    Eviltoade - Donated Magical Eggcelent Wand, Cupid's Bundle, Cupid's Bow, 64 Cupid's Arrows, and Haunted Halloween Mask! He also expanded the server allowing for many more people to be able to attend the Drop Party!
  2. Im sure to be there!
  3. Friendly reminder to save the date.
  4. Save the date, while the time is TBA?
    No... now I don't know if I'll be able to come.
  5. We will tentatively plan for the time to be 6:00pm EST.
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  6. I'll be on vacation, but I'll try to be there :) Sounds awesome
  7. When is that?? I'm in GMT and I really want to do it!
  8. UTC +4 if I'm not mistaken. The time zones and such really confuse me.
  9. What time will it be with EMC Time (Easy wasy of getting everyone to know the time) /time
  10. EMC Time corresponds with Eastern Standard Time.
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  11. Items updated. More to come over the next week.
  12. I'll try to make it, But im Getting My Braces Tightened That day, so I might not make it :p
  13. I saw a Preview of it, count me in :p
  14. Wow dude! ill be there! count me in
  15. Reminder
  16. I'll make sure to be there =)
  17. location still TBA :mad:
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  18. I will be there to
  19. Buss, are you leaving? :(