FEEDBACK: Wither Skeletons Spawning

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  1. Hello all.

    1.6.4 consisteted solely for the purpose of ensuring Fortesses generated before 1.7 would still work in 1.7. But there is a major problem:
    1) Most of our world was generated in 1.2, and has already been broken in even 1.6! So this new save code would be saving broken locations
    2) This new code causes massive amounts of lag and can not be turned on.


    This leaves us with a bad situation: No fortresses will work in 1.7 initially.

    So, the solution is for me to completely replace Vanilla spawning mechanism, and take it over ourself to make it better.

    So I'm looking for your input on criteria for handing Wither Skeletons!

    • Spawn everywhere in nether, and not care about any other details (Like PigZombies). This would mean you dont need to hunt down a specific location... go to nether: kill them.
    • Spawn Only on Netherbrick items (To simulate fortress like behavior). Players could then make their own fake fortresses and spawn them
    • Check light levels too?
    Please give me your ideas on how we can implement Wither Skeleton spawning to make it even better than Vanilla!
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  2. GG people who spent hundreds of thousands on a perfect wither farm lol. I'd like them to spawn on any netherbrick :)
  3. Get out and vote! :p I vote these
    • Spawn Only on Netherbrick items (To simulate fortress like behavior). Players could then make their own fake fortresses and spawn them
    • Check light levels too?
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  4. I don't think light levels should be considered in this case, if you don't want them to spawn get rid of the netherbrick or place other blocks on top of it :)
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  5. Spawning on netherbrick sounds good
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  6. I like spawn only on netherbrick items :)
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  7. Spawn only on nether brick is genius
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  8. I like spawn on nether brick a lot! But keep light levels the same
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  9. I like the netherbrick Idea. Normal Light level for spawning. Still try to simulate the rarity like a normal fortress though. I wouldn't want them everywhere like Zombie pigmen.
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  10. yeah im building a wither skelly farm in a fortress atm, would be a pain if the spawning mechanics changed for that. incidentally i know that witch huts have similar mechanics are they too being altered?
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  11. In 1.7 they can randomly spawn at night :)
  12. Spawn on nether brick would be nice!
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  13. Spawning on nether brick sounds good to me. :)
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  14. Spawn on nether brick. On upside down nether brick half slabs too.
    I'm not sure if light levels should be checked or not, as all spots in the nether have light level zero by default.
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  15. Netherbrick will work. Unfortunately I made my Wither Skeleton farm out of Stone Brick so I will have to replace all of them. Netherbrick and Stonebrick would be even better for me. Beggars can't be choosers I guess.

    I strongly think we need a light level check, otherwise it will give anyone who has built a structure no choice but to replace all their Netherbrick floors. A light level check will allow us to make areas safe and still use them.
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  16. For someone with a wither farm and someone who has helped build, slab etc. can you make it so they have regular spawning behavior, only spawn on a block with "brick" in its name.
    Otherwise, heck, just have them spawn like pigmen.
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  17. I agree on that. If we are going to be able to create fortresses just for the spawns, would be nice for a way to make them *safe*; and might be simple enough to just do that with light.
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  18. I don't go wither skeleton hunting much(only done it once) but I think we should have it so that they only spawn on nether brick. This won't confuse new players and won't change things too drastically and make construction a missive wither farm useless.
    That's a good point, I didn't think of that at first :p
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  19. Vote for over netherbricks :D
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  20. Giving Wither Skeletons the ability to spawn on any Netherbrick Item will drastically increase the amount of Wither Skeleton Heads in the EMC economy due to massive amounts of players building their own farms (whether they be auto or not) and farming them with ease, ultimately leading to a crash in price of Beacons and Wither Heads.

    Your choice, not mine.
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