Fe(11) smp8 Public Wild Utilities Iron Farm

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  1. Calling all volunteers for public builds! :D
    First of all, this is all Cuto's fault idea. Now that we know who to blame thank for this... :rolleyes:

    COMING SOON: Fe(11)
    A public iron farm with 16 units, 256 villagers, 384 doors, and one hit kill golems with an iron sword (or better).

    WHERE - smp8, Wild North between Pigmentus and Sushi Drop. Go to Pigmentus and look north.

    WHEN - starts Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 8PM emc time!
    Taking out supplies and building starts January 16, 2016. Time 8PM EST (emc time). Additional dates/times will be updated here as we need more.

    Please sign up here and let us know how you'd like to help! http://goo.gl/forms/38Nx6vprXL

    Further information will be forthcoming as we get closer to Saturday, January 16th. Stay tuned, and thank you all, cheers :)
  2. Unit Y coordinates
    Base 2nd Floor
    246 251
    176 181
    106 111
    36 41
    Transport tubes will be at 32, and center kill floor at 31.
    • 65 blocks BETWEEN unit towers horizontally (x/z axis) from unit door wall to unit door wall.
    • Base is 20x20.
    • 3 high wall all the way around (4 if count base block).
    • 2 more blocks up on corners. 6 doors (placed from outside), 6x2 high blocks, 6 doors. Repeat for each side of unit.
    • 2nd Floor of unit is even with top half of doors. Surround with 2.5 high wall.
    • Iron golems can jam up or take fall damage from lower units. Put in "drop guides" to keep golems falling straight down. May also need to widen unit 1 (bottom at y36) and/or 2's drop shafts with signs. Holding off on that till I see if the drop guides resolve that problem.
    • Villager holding cell platform is 1 block below doors. There is water in each corner keeping them in center and away from any harm. Villagers should be spawned symmetrically and quickly. 4 villagers per holding cell, totaling 16 per unit.
    • Torch unit's walls, especially near doors.
    • Lava blade will be roughly 15 blocks long. This may need to be tweaked on EMC.
    • Air is needed 5 blocks in front of doors all the way up (only glass blocks allowed above this area - no water, no anything else). This creates the "outside" of the village doors.
    • A completed unit is 20x20x8.5 with holding cells sticking out on each side by 5 blocks.
    • Water placement inside - dirt 2x2 in corners, add water on bottom blocks along walls, then add 1 water in each corner, remove dirt.
    • Golem transport tubes should be run between NW and NE units and between SW and SE units (in other words, they run east-west). Center transport tubes should run NS from the middle points.
    • No doors and no villagers anywhere else within 65 blocks (x/z axis).
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  3. Awesome :)

    I can supply materials if you'd like me to. :)
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  4. Il do as much as I can.
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  5. I wont be aboe to help as im on vacation but hope it goes well and is fun!
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  6. Cool! I want to help ^_^ repairing the one before sushi drop gets old sometimes :p it'd be nice to build one from scratch ^_^
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  7. Woot! Thank you all! I'm getting excited for this :D

    Ulti - By the way, in my single player mockup, I even designated an area for your menagerie/park decor :D This is the only build where we can actually put in a few animals and I won't have a heart attack over the drop rate.

    EDIT: Well, that turned out to be totally wrong, derp. Sorry Ulti :(
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  8. lel, khixan, you come up with the most creative names for these farms. I am excited. :)
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  9. I actually come up with none of these names. I just write down the brilliance of others! Cuto came up with this one. Sushi Drop I think was the end result of a group of us brainstorming a name. Etc etc lol.
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  10. Fe(II), remember? not Fe(11) :D
    And yes, this all my fault idea and I bet you can't start on your torture work.
    Would it be OK if we put the latest world download in the description for people to see, or is that a bit risky in case of griefers and stuuf?
    If you add strength beacons you can 1 hit kill with a wooden shovel (which is +1 damage).
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  11. Sure you can add the world download Cuto :) I intend to tweak it just a little based on tests. Boring specs (hey let's count blocks!) are being added above also.
    Yep, we will have a strength beacon out there. Not positive I feel like supporting yet another enchanting room. The anvils, yes definitely, but more bookshelves and enchant tables to maintain... Eh, let's see how much xp this thing actually produces before we give me more headaches. ;)
  12. Hey everyone -
    My father has been diagnosed with cancer in his small intestines. He is scheduled for surgery on 1/22. My availability may be limited. I'm looking for a few people to take on more of a leadership role (the stuff I usually do with the write ups/updates, keeping things organized, making sure supplies are flowing, and providing technical instructions to folks on the build).
    Cuto is already going to take some of these duties on with this build (thank you!).
    ChumMiner, rdmaster, Ulti, ChickenDice, and I might even drag Kephras into this because I might truly need the assistance - Can a few of you please step up for me? 65% of what I do is answering questions in game, resolving conflicts, make sure everyone is having fun and doing something so they know they're a valued part of the team, and keeping folks informed through this thread.
    Hopefully I will be able to be around for most/some of this build. We just found out about the cancer, so things are kinda up in the air at the moment, and I'm obviously upset/worried.
    Many thanks and much love,
  13. Family comes first my god bless your family in your times of need and i hope he gets better soon!
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  14. PM me a list of stuff for Fe(11), I just applied and ready to begin :)

    Where'd you get 11 BTW khix :p
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  15. Khixan...just saw this. Prayers going your way. I'm so sorry. Family first. We'll take the lead on this. If you have a minute, can you like us or message us a download of the build you have in mind? I know that is the last of your priorities now, but if you want us to get on with the build without you we can get it done block for block.
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  16. i will help i will be pretty packed with project faze ulti and my ocean temple project
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  17. Thanks all, appreciate it!
    Materials -
    I have all the doors, and am only short 1 stack of villager eggs. I have all the chests (ty MrGray), and a lot of the cobble/stone/wood. I have sea lanterns coming out my ears, and I probably have the glass and signs. Materials wise, we are in good shape. 1 stack of villager eggs, maybe some more stone and glass.
    World download - Chum, I will add you to the convo with me and Cuto. I have one version, Cuto has another, edits have been made to both in my head. Most of those details are in convo. Let me know if you can't see all older posts in it please. And thank you!
  18. 2 sides of Fell outlined (just the outer square for where this thing is gonna go). Progress!
    Thank you Tahitan for scouting with me!
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  19. This build starts Saturday at 8PM EST (emc time). I'm heading out there shortly to finish marking out the area. Thank you ChumMiner for your help with that! Location will be posted later tonight in the OP above. Thanks and cheers all :D
  20. Before bed bump so folks hopefully see this about tomorrow night. Night all, cheers :)