Farming vs. Mining - Let the truth be revealed!

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When I need resources I...

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Mine in the wastelands. 11 vote(s) 33.3%
Farm in the frontier. 3 vote(s) 9.1%
Both mine and farm. 9 vote(s) 27.3%
Mining? Farming? Duh: shops for the win! 8 vote(s) 24.2%
Other (For real? Wow, /please/ leave a comment below! :)) 2 vote(s) 6.1%
  1. Hi gang!

    Sometimes I get the impression that I'm the last of a dying race (as is the expression I believe): Miners. You know: packing your things, going out into the wastelands, finding a nice area to set up camp and then work hard to gather all sorts of different resources. Of course my primary goal are those nice shiny diamonds and emeralds (actually: I'm mostly ore mining these days) but I also nab all the coal (free XP!), iron and other stuff I can lay my hands on (when it comes to redstone and lapis I often switch my strategy between mining the items or the ores).

    The thing is: I also know of plenty of players who basically figure "why mine when I can farm?". While we're out mining they're chatting (or so I assume) while their farm gathers several materials for them. Depending on the location of the farm their primary concern is merely: "now how do I get all these items home?".

    Now, I'm not necessarily out for a discussion of "which is better" (though it could definitely be interesting, just keep it friendly!) but I do wonder what the majority of players on the Empire is doing :)

    So it's time for the ultimate confrontation guys: Farming vs. Mining! :mad:

    I set the poll to 6 weeks (1.5 month), this should give everyone time to vote and/or respond :)
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  2. Hi,
    I'm still quite new here on EMC (almost 1 month) but I saw this and was compelled to comment a bit.
    I enjoy mining and the comforting, thump thump thump rhythm of my non-efficiency pick-axe.
    ( I'm never in any hurry when I'm mining)
    Of course I'm always prepared to switch to Silk Touch if I happen upon diamond, emerald, coal,
    lapis or redstone. Those I bring back to my res and set them up to take my Fortune III pick to.
    There's something very satisfying about that. :D
    You're articles are always a great read ShelLuser, thank you.
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  3. Normally I dig out large areas in the wild, and I do this frequently (currently working on a guardian farm with a village surrounding the exterior) so I get plenty of materials that way. I also don't buy anything... ever... unless it's promos for my collection or beacons that I need (since I'm too lazy to fight withers). I use both for different things... I'll never use a stone gen for stone but I'm not gonna manually break 14 DCs of pumpkins for my villager farm. It's a balance that I've think I got down.

    Now I don't mine a lot now like I used too since I've been busy with online schoolwork and babysitting. But I hope to make a comeback come August when my niece and nephew head home. So I won't vote until then (when I'm actually playing) and this thread's now bookmarked. :D
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  4. I'm all about the zen strip mining trips. I find something very relaxing about it :) Until I run into a mineshaft with 8 cave spider spawners. Then I just get annoyed. What is up with EMC and those things? You can barely dig down without winding up in one. Shoo mineshafts. I just wanna lay out my grid; you're harshing my zen ;)
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  5. Its a hard life. Currently I have 40+DCs of Prismarine Bricks and another 15DCs of Sea Lanterns in the Wild.
    With a 35min trip back to town with a DC in my inventory and ender chest. I tend to just take the more valuable stuff back. That is why none of the raw fish gets taken back to town and there's 30DCs of it at all times the overflow gets dispense into lava.

    As for mining, the only mining I do is to build my farms to make them more efficient. This can involve clearing and half slabing big areas around my farms, hence accumulating a lot of stone and cobble. That I then sell or give to friends for their builds. Had about 100DCs of stone but sold and given away about 50DCs of it so far.

    1 percent-er problems right? :)
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  6. I see this is bound to lead to very heated debates :p

    Anyway, a quick bump. Looking back I suppose I could have used a "multiple option" vote instead, but yeah; looking back is always easy :)

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  7. i voted 'other': I'll just borrow stuff from you sometimes, like with that clay & bricks ^.^
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  8. Mining, for sure! I'm not a fan of using automatic farms (check my residence, even my sugar cane farm is manual). I don't like buying from shops either, as I feel that takes the fun and the challenge away.
    There's one problem, though: I can't chat while gathering resources. And that's why I want to be able to have G or T chat in the Wastelands!
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  9. I am to lazy XD Ill just go and buy the materials I need unless if someone else is willing to go mining with me :3
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  10. Am a miner in wasteland, also someone that lives in the frontier.
    Always asking myself why people are always out of rupees, you can mine everything for free ! It's relaxing at times too.
    Yes, i buy some things too, potions, gold, iron and books are the main parts. Everything else i have surplus.

    If people would mine more, the not run so fast out of rupees. Learn to survive the waste, nether. It's just a nice part of the game.

    This days i ahve ome gold and iron fever and for redstone i still do a dance too. because that are the mainparts for railtracks. And believe me in frontier you need plenty of them ! :D But i mean everything what looks usefull. except spider webs and eyes. My chest are full.

    Another reason to mine yourself, shops are many time sold out !
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  11. Oh, and also: why would you want to mine for diamonds and emeralds? Don't you get plenty from voting? :p
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  12. i think auctions and a combination of mining and farming are best
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  13. Hey ScareCboi, if you are looking for a good home for those other 50 DC of stone, I could put them to good use in SMP2. I have tried a couple of times to buy bulk orders of stone, but have yet to receive any. Originally attempted to purchase 30 DC from someone, and last I heard they had 2 DC collected. In between purchase order and that statistic, I had collected 12 DC myself in the waste. Currently have paid for 10 DC from another fellow and told him I would buy 20 more if he can get them together.

    So how does this tie into thread? Well, it is a prime example of how I am trying to acquire stone with which to build the Tempered Outpost Headquarters which will sit on 9 residences in the SMP2 Town. I am also currently way out in the wild on my main character working on the actual outpost itself and using the trusty stone gen to acquire stone there. My son (SUPERI0N) and I have laid thousands of slabs building roads for infrastructure for the outpost.

    Due to currently taking on a 2nd job (part time) , I have not had much time to invest in material acquisition, and may favor actually purchasing versus harvesting materials if I really want to build. Normally, I am more content saving rupees and collecting all of the materials myself. As for the farm aspect, they seem to be a more efficient method for collecting materials, and we have plans to build several at our Outpost.

    So normally, I would without question vote for mining, as it is a more entertaining form of material gathering. However, we must not forget that great wisdom from Uncle Scrooge - See Link :
  14. Actually, I do both. I sometimes enjoy mining, exploring caves or old mines. There's always that 'danger around the corner' element that I like.

    On the other hand, farms are reliable and convenient, so yes, I built many such installations, so that I don't need to rely on shops to gather the material I need.

    I tend to dislike using shops or buying stuff from other players, and I rarely do it. In a way, I think it makes the game 'too easy' and too geared towards making money.
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  15. This is interesting. I was honestly expecting much different results, for starts to see 'farm' and 'mine' actually go head to head.

    Time for a small bump :)
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  16. Who needs to farm when you can trade
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