{EVENTS} Something Fishy ... To Build :)

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Do you enjoy?

Fishing? 15 vote(s) 51.7%
Building? 21 vote(s) 72.4%
Mining? 19 vote(s) 65.5%
Survival PVE? 15 vote(s) 51.7%
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  1. What: Something Fishy - to build!!!
    When: Saturday February 22nd

    Where: Utopia 5125

    With your hosts, CliffCraft & Raaynn!
    Town Fishing Plot (res 427: across from /v aikar)
    Is always open for fishing 24/7 !
    My turn to host a fishing event in with a bit of a twist. The idea I have is to fish and build villages around the Empire, with some events in town, and others in survival in the wastes. At these I will be picking a server's waste by an area somewhere near a river, lake or ocean. You are welcome to build, mine, or fish or Just Hang out and Chat - both at survival and In Town events! This is meant to be a community social.
    PRIZES (rupees and items) will be available at All Events, plus at least four major events through the year, with various competitions and challenges.
    Bring your gear and plan to build a fishing village complete with fishing docks, or boats, and all! This is a small twist on past events. Help build the village and have fun fishing. Bring building materials and gear for town events, and when we "Go Wild" bring your things or live off the land survival style.
    please take note: As these are public events only bring materials you are willing to donate and/or lose through resets!
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    Survival Something Fishy (still to build...)
    February 22nd
    Something Fishy.... To Build With CliffCraft
    Time Slot 1: 10:00 am til noon
    Time Slot 2: midnight
    Location: Utopia 5125 (/v +fishy)

    Prizes at every event!
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  3. :D
    I've also decided we need more emojis. My immediate reaction was a <3 but there isn't one in the options.
  4. Sounds fun love fishing!!!!! And fun! I’ll send you a dm!
  5. Sounds something to reel in a good time.
  6. Can't wait! It will be a good time to test out my new voter's fishing rod.
  7. Woohoo! This sounds wonderful :)
    Let me know if there's anything I can help with!
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  8. High five Raaynn!!! Nice work. Looking forward to it and you already know I got your back so consider this my PM. <3
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  9. Hang on, just gonna shoot a PM to the Admins. :p

    PM received, looking forward to working with you cliff!

    Hope you come build us a cabin Skele.

    Extra luck!

    Might like your help with big events Moops :)

    Will be chattin with ya, supplies will be an ongoing need I hope :D
  10. Cast Away and build Photos, November 14, both Day and Night!
    !Where: SMP 1 | /v +gofish

    Nice turnout for our first events, Thanks to All who Attended ! Over 27,000 rupees given out in prizes.

    and as the sun sets on our happy crew, we bid Farewell until the next event !

  11. Love it! I was working so I missed the first event, and I’ll be asleep by the second event :( But I’ll have to come and check out what gets built tomorrow :D
  12. Now I can see what you were building next to my res the entire time~

    I'm going to try and come on this evening, hopefully when more people are online. :)
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  13. Thanks Anon, and please everyone, feel free to post time requests (EMC time) on here if you are interested in attending an event... my times are fairly flexible :)
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  14. I'm glad that I was able to attend. Seeing how the event was legit just right next door to my res. ^^

    I hope to attend more of these in the future if they are held in the same place. :)
  15. I forgot that I was going to name the squids "Kraken" before I spawned them :D
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  16. Survival Something Fishy (still to build...)
    November 27th!
    Where: SMP 7 | Wild
    With Raaynn and CliffCraft
    Location: Echo Jupiter Outpost

    Over 80,000 rupees in prizes awarded !

    In front of Bugsy's hut, Winning build.

  17. So I logged in to pick up an auction, took a phone call, and when that was done I sat there for a minute watching everyone fish until I fell asleep at 7:30pm EMC time. Lol! Oops. Had a rough day, sorry I musta looked like a creeper just standing on your roof the whole time. <3
  18. Lol. Tjanks for the support tho V !
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  19. What part of the day are these held at? Cause it's either when most of us are at work or sleeping. I know you mentioned being flexible to better suit those in other timezones far away, but still, some a.m.'s and p.m.'s would definitely help us out so we can plan on it. Thanks! :) Ps: Also double-checked in the event calendar.
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  20. Yes.. thats the idea... first events were 9am and 6 pm.. these next are a little closer to euro time
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