[EVENT] Stairway to Heaven 2019

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Yeah I'll set one up when I get home this afternoon (after finding an 80s outfit for a party).
    edit: make that wednesday afternoon instead...
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  2. Please tell me said party includes dancing and sliding in boots
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  3. i love you
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  4. White t-shirt with large black lettering, fingerless gloves, clashing neon leggings, tutu for the ladies, shorts for the men, legwarmers and headband.*

    *any picture evidence of me wearing these items in my teenaged years must have been photoshopped.
  5. Anyone who knows this? :)
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  6. A neo is a jump is where you have to go around a block. 3neo I think you go around 3 blocks. Just learning this for the first time myself:D
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  7. Yes, 80s night at the country dance hall.

    I definitely hit close, lol. Forgot my fingerless gloves at home though...
  8. Sounds... weird. :p I still don't really understand how a 3 neo jump would work then, though.
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  10. i think, she said this is right After the 100 forbs, so if you beat the 100 forbs you get to do the triple Neo, if you fall on the triple Neo you have to Re do the 100 forbs
  11. ...and that's my cue to give up. Good luck to everyone else.
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  12. honestly same probably, i dont see anyone beating this in the next 10 years:rolleyes:
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  13. I said may or may not...
  14. I'll misquote you on this and say you said that for if it is possible like:
    Because with all of that above nonsense, it sounds like you are trying to outdo me on parkour.... I really need to do something about that...
  15. Managed to get like 10 blocks out. And...yes. I'm out. :rolleyes:
  16. Haha, Stairway has always been one of the most difficult parkours on EMC. Perhaps it is you who are trying to be more difficult than Stairway. Either way, I feel like the community may hate both of us slightly. :p
  17. Wait, that wasn't the goal?
  18. We are supposed to see the outline of the barriers with our cursor, correct? Otherwise I've been cheating, lol.
    Edit; Also, is it considered cheating to map out what you've found in a single player world? The parkour and invisible block part isnt actually that hard, it's just the maze part. I've been doing that + recording it in notepad.