[EVENT] Stairway to Heaven 2019

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  1. 1st place: Extendingskys!
    2nd place: OPEN
    3rd place: OPEN

    Announced and released at the EMC 8th Birthday Bash, the Stairway event is the 3rd of such events.

    What is Stairway:
    A devilish combination of extreme parkour mixed with a maze, and then made even more harrowing by being built with invisible blocks. You must first find the block, then make the jump, and then hope you're going in the right direction. ;) It's intentionally one of the more difficult events the EMC hosts and it's been a runnig joke in the past that many players have lost their sanity in the attempt. And no block glitching because items are controlled on the residence...Think you're up to the challenge?

    What do you get for Winning:
    The first player to the top (legitly) will receive a yellow krysyy head that was created especially for these events. It is officially the 3rd in existence.
    Second and third place will receive rupee prizes, amount TBD.
    (also accepting donations if you want to contribute to the players crazy enough to attempt this)

    Tips and Tricks:
    Use the seeds provided at the start (1r for 100) to throw around and find blocks you may not see with outlines. Remember, you SHOULD NOT see the barrier blocks. If you see them clearly due to a texture change, you will be disqualified and banned from the event. Keep this fair everyone!

    Where is the Stairway:
    On utopia /v bday2019

    Why can't we bring our own items like previous versions?
    The release of certain items (padded boots) bypass the usual buffs flag and give an advantage.

    Winners are checked for daily and this post will be updated if someone completes it.
  2. Lol I've gotten to the third and fell off a forb xD
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  3. Awesome this should make things smoother and less drama with forbs. But I am still feeling insane for even trying it.

    Next time it should be so much easier that it can be done quickly.
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  4. Bless the souls crazy enough to take on this monstrous challenge 😂
  5. I missed jump 1 on the first installment and knew it was not for me :)
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  6. Might attempt it later can we use bows?
  7. Tears, Tears.
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  8. Making my way downtown
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  9. This is literally insane! I don’t understand how anyone can accomplish this. But best of luck to the trying, they have much more patience and tenacity with this than I do!
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  10. i was totally deterred from this because i missed the initial event and afterwards when you all said you shouldn't be able to see the barriers i thought you meant the outline of the barrier

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  11. Lol, more like leap of faith...
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  12. ahhaahah
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  13. I stood no chance!:eek: Best of luck for those who try.:D
  14. Lol jewel and rhy are the only people I've seen get high up
  15. Hmm...
    sounds fun...

    I might just have to try this
  16. I feel like jumping into a pool of lava at this point
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  17. You should do that with all your promo/rare items. I will watch. :)
  18. But he'll do it in town so he wont lose anything tho
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  19. No, no, needs to be done so that everything is destroyed.
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