[EVENT] Stairway to Heaven 2019

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Yeet.
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  2. Tried it, realized I'm a miner and not a jumper, so I retired back to my res on SMP1. ;)
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  3. I've made some progress! But then i fell... :( I'll get back to my furthest point on Wednesday (After work) :p
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  4. Been a while since I have seen one of these. I think I'll give it a go!
    I want to make something clear though. Whether I make it to the end or not, I don't want any prizes. Just don't see the need in it and would rather let the next person have them. Simply participating for fun! :)

    Good luck everyone!
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  5. Good to have you back :)
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  6. Your choice. For bragging rights, you should still click the button/take a pic for record =)
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  7. Easy, first attempt.
  8. I'm back here to ask if there's an invis 3 block neo. I was promised this last time and I will be very upset if there isn't one.
  9. are those even possible in 1.12.2?
  10. There is exactly 1.
    edit: with a safety under it so you don't always go to the VERY beginning because it's one of the hardest jumps for sure.
    edit#2: safety may or may not be before the 100 forb section, so you still have to do that...
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  11. Good to be back. Hope to stay, We'll see how that goes. :)
    Definitely getting a pic, no reason I shouldn't. :)
    So that's how you win! I've been doing it wrong all of this time!!!/s :eek:
    If I remember correctly, I did one a while back. So yea they should be possible(Will test it again on singleplayer later and update this message accordingly).

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  12. this um sounds impossible

    im going to suggest, after players discover a specific path and get to the end of it, you make it in glass, as to make re doing parts already completed slightly less of a pain?
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  13. Suggestion noted and denied.
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  14. i just tested a non barrier 3 neo, it is Possible, but i kinda doubt anyone can beat this :p
  15. It's only one jump out of hundreds. I'm sure a determined soul will, and they will be rewarded for their effort.
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  16. What is a "3 neo" jump?
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  17. could we get a test jump on the ground?
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  18. invisible or visible?
  19. invisible