[EVENT] Something New!!!

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Should the dev team organize more Find Something New, in the future?

Yes 47 vote(s) 52.2%
No 6 vote(s) 6.7%
Play-Doh 37 vote(s) 41.1%
  1. Update: congratulations to georgeashington, for finding the something new. It is world borders around the wastelands.

    Something new has been added this afternoon to the Empire by myself! First to find this will be given a special award, probably in the form of tokens. Depends on how long it takes, maybe something more!

    How to submit to win? Just send me a screenshot in a private message at http://pm.emc.gs/chickeneer

    But also go ahead and reply here for the rest of the community to see and join in. The Private message is necessary to eliminate cheaters from editing their posts later on.

    Good luck to all!

    *Be patient if I do not reply right away, I'm a busy person
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  2. First!
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  4. Dragon Tombs? Dragon Tombs. Dragon Tombs!

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  6. PvP minigames!
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  8. Only hint. You CAN find it on all servers. And it is visible hense the required screenshot.
  9. Is this the update involving Aikar and that guardian thing?
  10. Shhh, no that is something later.

    Should be noted. This is not related to the expansion to town, or new rings of residences.
  11. Not First! :D
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  12. grr i can't find it -.-"
  13. I found it
  14. Oh, this one is easy. It's [Redacted]
  15. The game server?
  16. Staff throne? :D