[EVENT] Moople's Firefloor

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by MoreMoople, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Unfortunately, because Windows loves being Windows, I had to leave mid-game. Windows notified me that a driver in my machine "stopped working". Of course, it wouldn't tell me which one it was and I had to spend a good amount of time trying to figure it out.

    I apologize for leaving like that, but I'm hoping that Windows doesn't do this again.
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  2. Firefloor this week will be on Friday the 13th! What sort of havoc will we cook up this time? :eek:
  3. Is Jason coming?
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  4. Might be to spooked to play or i'll have bad luck or something.. idk I might be on. who know, i don't know..
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  5. I shall attend! (Just watch my computer have issues on such an unlucky day, haha)
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  6. Thank you all for coming! :D We had the usual three rounds, and then jaqque hosted a speed round. :)

    It should be noted that jaqque has a lovely singing voice, and decided to bless us all with that sound once again. (Oh, and just for breezy... "Mah na mah na") ;)
  7. And don't forget the paid bop that turned into an arm punch. xD I should've screenshotted the dms as proof.

    That sounded exactly like ash would do, and I'm still amused by that. xD Thanks, ave!
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  8. I will be performing in the Nutcracker on Saturday, so jaqque will be taking over as your main host this week :) Hope you all have fun! :D
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  9. *muffled screams from the burning closet*
    jaqque has done it again! :eek: Run for your blockish lives!
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  10. Here we go again! I'm excited :) <3
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  11. I look forward to seeing Moople Jaqque as our host tonight. :)
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  12. Thank you every one that came out tonight - I hope you had fun, and didn't burn too much....
  13. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I have a guest coming over. They messaged me early this morning that they were coming today. They will not be leaving until late tonight. FireFloor will surely be over by the time they leave. I'm sorry, I will not be able to attend the last FireFloor of 2019...


    I will (so far) be able to attend the first FireFloor of 2020! :D
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  14. You will be missed.

    Looking forward to it!
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  15. I'll try to make it
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  16. woot ill be there
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  17. Thank you all for coming! See you again next week :) Make sure you join discord to hear jaqque's incredible voice ;) ;)
  18. As MoreMoople said, thank you for coming out! If you stayed for the Experimental Round I hope you enjoyed! A shout out to those that dressed in their FireFloorFineries, Dunstun and Avelaae

    (This is how Dunstun always dresses - always only one glass breakage away from spilling lava everywhere)
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  19. Hey all, Firefloor has been rescheduled to Sunday night (same time) to prevent conflict with a player event. Hope to see you all there! :)
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  20. That's why there was no Jaqque or MoreMoople firefloor thread when you go into EMC well maybe I'll be able make it? :eek:
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