[EVENT] Moople's Firefloor

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by MoreMoople, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Woohoo! Gratz mah Toade man ;)

    Very big thank you to Elfin for putting in some fun and spooky floors today! He also helped us run a Last Block Standing round :D

    TIL kittens and firefloor don't mix well ;)
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  2. Will be there!!! Another fun mooplefloor
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  3. Thank you all for coming! We had a fairly good turnout tonight. Let's keep it up! See you next week :)
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  4. Just a heads-up, tomorrow's firefloor was moved to Sunday because deadmon5 and Burki are hosting a bunch of events (including firefloor) on Saturday! :)
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  5. See you all tonight! :D
  6. I'm attending tonight~

    I never win but it'll be fun to participate anyways. :)
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  7. Thanks for hosting Moople, and Jaqque for hosting the speed round!

    Thanks for the congrats Moople, now personal best, made it to the top 3 players that one round! ^^
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  8. Thanks for hosting moople, I had a blast!
  9. Missed again. Hopefully be able to join FireMoopleFloor by december sometime.
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  10. i have no explanation for this :rolleyes:
  11. Perhaps they are trying to win Last Block together...
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  12. I hope you are able to make it next time, because voice chat was rocking last night! :D
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  13. A couple of the most well dressed people at the FireFloor last night:

  14. Such spiffy attire! :D

    Should I make myself a skin specifically for firefloor? Might be fun. ;)
  15. Nice.. Made from the finest flammable fabrics of course!

    Maybe you can be a Blaze :D
  16. Hey everyone! This week's firefloor has been moved to Friday. I'm traveling next week, so next week's firefloor has been cancelled.

    I hope to see you all tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving. :)
  17. yay for FF being tonight have fun on your trip moople
  18. A Challenger has Appeared!

    Have no fear! jaqque is here! I'll host next week's FireFloor! I may even have used flint and steel to offer the winners!

    edit: Have lots of fear... jaqque is here... you will BURN!!!
  19. Woohoo! You rock, jaqque :D

    (lol, that rhymes)
  20. Thank you all for coming! We had a fantastic turnout today. :)
    Two columns of people online for a majority of the event!

    jaqque blessed us with his beautiful voice, featuring many FireFloor classics!
    "My block, in the middle of the fire, my block.." and many others ;)

    Tonight we had our usual three rounds, and then jaqque stole the magical glass box from me and hosted a speed round :eek:

    Everybody show up when jaqque hosts next week, because he's a great guy and wants to burn you all to a crisp have a lot of fun hosting!