[Event] Minigames Galore!

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  1. Do you like minigames?
    Trivia, hide 'n seek, ice boat racing, and more?
    Well, look no further;
    We have just the events for you!


    Next minigame (5/8): Speedy Spleef

    List of current minigames (and their rotation order):
    Ice Boat Racing
    Guess My Word
    Speedy Spleef
    Guess My Picture
    Hide 'n Seek
    Chaotic PvP
    Capture the Flag
    Pearly Parkour

    When: Saturdays 7pm ET
    Where: Trivia, Guess My Word, Speedy Spleef, Guess My Picture, Capture the Flag, and Pearly Parkour are hosted on SteamingFire's 4th res on smp8; tags include +minigame, +minigames, +galore, +mg
    Ice Boat Racing is hosted on SteamingFire's utopia TreeHouse res, tags include +treehouse
    Hide 'n Seek rotates between co-host reses.
    Chaotic PvP is in the /games PvP arena

    Prizes? Yes!

    Event Descriptions:

    40 questions, two winners per question!
    Per question, 1st place wins 1000r, 2nd place wins a diamond block. 1st place will get their rupees immediately. 2nd place can pick up their diamond block at the end.
    Answers must be in English. They do not have to be spelled correctly but they do need to be understandable. If I do not immediately understand what you are saying, it doesn't count!

    Boats provided.
    Up to 4 racers per round, as many rounds as it takes to accommodate everyone at least once. Everyone may race multiple times.
    You start behind the raised red line and end past the green line. You may not leave your boat during a race. You may not shoot at or break other people's boats.
    After you cross the finish line, REMAIN IN YOUR BOAT until after I say in chat that you've crossed the finish line. This ensures that I see you cross the line on my screen.
    If you want, you may have a backseat rider, but only the driver wins the prize. Backseat is purely for support. The driver may choose to share their winnings with backseat, but that is to be discussed between them. I will not moderate it.
    Three winners per round. 1st place gets 5000r, 2nd place gets 3000r, 3rd place gets 1000r.

    Time limit: 1 hour total, as many words as we can play during that time.
    I may or may not give you hints about what the word is. There will be a wall with one item frame per letter. My helpers will put in letters every time someone guesses one that's in the word. If the word has it, you will get 100r for each time that it appears in the word. Please guess only one letter at a time and wait for me to say if it's in the word or not. Use capital letters so it's easier to see. Any time during the round, you may guess what the full word is, as many times as you want. Spelling counts. Please talk in res chat or else I won't see your guesses.
    The first person who guesses the full word gets 1000r.
    Also, I need two helpers! You will be paid 5000r each. Who wants to help?

    You must use the unenchanted iron shovels provided. Everyone enters the glass cage via the entrances at the corners of the glass cage. Once everyone is in, I will say "Ready, set, GO!" to indicate the start of each round. Dig the dirt underneath others' feet so that they fall! Last man standing wins 1000r. Second to last man standing wins 500r. After each round, use the dirt provided to reset the spleef floor; use the acacia doors to enter. 10 rounds total.

    Time limit: 1 hour total, as many pictures as we can draw during that time.
    I will not give you any hints about the picture; I will simply draw (build) it.
    Any time, anyone can guess what the picture is as many times as they want. The first person to guess it correctly gets 1000r.
    Guesses must be in English. They do not have to be spelled correctly, but they do need to be understandable. If I do not understand what it is that you're trying to say immediately, then it will not count!
    Also, while I am hosting, others are also free to draw. Each drawer must draw at least 5 pictures and must bring their own Efficiency V shovel.

    This game is unique in that the location will rotate between other people's reses. This means that I will need to gather co-hosts. This also means that the game and arena will feel fresh every time. I or the co-host will hide a named, sitting/fenced-in/leashed animal somewhere on the res. The name will include a code.
    There will be three winners per hiding place and three hiding places (one after another), for a total of 9 winners. The first three people per hiding place to whisper SteamingFire the code are awarded. 1st place gets 3000r, 2nd and 3rd place get 1000r each.
    If you want to be a co-host, please whisper me, forum message me, or post in this thread. Think of this as an opportunity to show off or advertise your res!

    Requirements to co-host are:
    1) The res has to be complex enough to be entertaining to explore
    2) There must be at least three hiding places that we can use
    3) Either the co-host has to be online and present during the game, or I need to have all permissions to spawn, tame, egg, and sit/leash/fence-in the animal during the game
    4) The res must have move and tp flags on during the game, and any doors leading to the hiding spots must be openable by everyone
    5) I need to be able to explore the res with the co-host present before the game

    Everyone joins the color arena that I pick and fight to the death! And beyond death! Resurrect as many times as you want. For every kill, you win 500r. Killing yourself does not count. No food or consumables. Armor can be any material EXCEPT netherite and NO enchants. Shield allowed. Weapons can be anything. Time limit: 30 minutes. Do NOT kill me or else I won't reward anyone until I re-enter the arena!

    The arena is made of ice.
    When running around outside of your spawn area, you must be in a boat. If your boat is destroyed, you must return to your team's spawn area to "respawn". You may not leave your boat while outside of the spawn area. The exceptions are when you need to stand on the raised blocks around the flags to either pick up the flag or plant it, or when you've been shot and are respawning.
    Archers can shoot at boats to destroy them. Archers can only shoot while on their own team's archer towers; bows and arrows must remain in the chests on the towers when not in use. Archers may only shoot at enemy boats that are in their own team's territory. Archers must use the bows and arrows provided in the chests on the towers. Only Archers are allowed to destroy boats.
    There are two ways to win. 1) Steal your enemy's flag and plant it in your own territory on the colored wool block. 2) Steal the three head-items from the three enemy's chests and display them on your own team's armor stands. There is a timer of 10 minutes per round, 3 rounds total. If time runs out, the team with the most captured head-items wins. If both teams have either no head-items or the same amount of head-items on the armor stands when time runs out, then there is a tie and everyone wins 2k. Otherwise, the winning team wins 3k per teammate and the losing team gets 1k per teammate. No forfeits.
    When stealing the head-items, only one head-item can be in your inventory at a time. You must steal all three separately, or have three people steal them at the same time, etc. You may not move your own head-items or flag; they must remain in their chests and on their wool.
    If your boat is shot while you are holding a flag or head, you must put the head or flag back to their starting spots before respawning.
    Everyone must wear a full set of the dyed leather armor that corresponds to their team, red or green. You may not switch teams in the middle of a round. All dyed leather armor, boats, bows, arrows, flags, and head-items are provided. Please do not use any items from outside of the arena.
    If you want, you may form a group with your teammates and talk in group chat to strategize.
    May the best team win!

    Not a traditional parkour, it's an enderpearl race. Compete against other players using enderpearls to teleport to floating platforms to get to the goal!
    There's an easy mode and a hard mode. Easy mode is when you can only enderpearl to the floating platforms, meaning that if you miss, you just lose an enderpearl. Hard mode is when enderpearl is turned on everywhere, meaning that if you miss, you might fall and have to restart. "/v +minigame pp" to get back to the starting platform. There is also flowing water on the platforms that will try to push you off.
    In both modes, you are only allowed to throw enderpearls from platforms. If you're climbing the water or standing on the stone slabs, do not enderpearl. If you're on the wool ground, do not enderpearl. You may only enderpearl from the end stone platforms/boxes.
    There are multiple ways to earn rupee prizes. The first way is to get to the goal first. The goal is the top of the obsidian tower, inside of the iron bars. The second way is to collect treasure items from within chests spread out among the floating platforms. Please only take one item from each chest. Finishing first gets you 3,000r. Each treasure items gets you an additional 1,000r. There will be three chests with three items in them each, meaning that maybe 3 players will get 3,000r each from the items, or maybe 9 players will get 1,000r each. There are 3 rounds.
    Enderpearls are provided, but please return all extra enderpearls that you do not use. You may also donate enderpearls to the enderpearl chests.

    Hope to see you there!

    Want to host your own game on my reses?

    1) Contact me at least 48 hours in advance and tell me which game you want to host and when
    2) I will give you all necessary permissions to effectively host that game
    3) This service is free
    4) You are responsible for the prizes
    5) You must be present to host the game
    6) You are responsible for advertising it, though I will update this thread with a notice of your game
    7) If it's your first time hosting that game, we must be online together once before the game so I can show you everything
    8) You are responsible for all of the game items. If any items are missing, you will receive a fine. Please ensure that all items are placed back into their respective chests, item frames, etc. and that they are organized.
    9) For Pearly Parkour, please restock the enderpearls. Also tell me if you want to play in easy mode or hard mode.

    Want to donate? Everything is accepted and used in one way or another, but here's a list of preferred items that will be used directly:

    1. Rupees
    2. Leather
    3. Diamonds/diamond blocks
    4. Shop credits of 1k (books)
    5. Enderpearls
    6. Iron ingots/iron blocks/iron nuggets
    7. Wood logs/wood planks

    Random notes:
    1) The Sandbox on the Chat Games floor will be cleared before every chat game so people can build on a blank slate.
    2) Sometimes, I will host unofficial games outside of the normal time to test features. In these cases, prizes will be at least halved.
  2. Hide 'n Seek Co-Hosts:
    none. anyone want to show off their res?
  3. Monthly Prizes have been discontinued.

    Monthly Scoreboard (April):
    (no official prizes for this month because it won't be a full month, but the donation chest will be open)
    If you get a name change and 2+ names on this list are yours, please comment below to merge them into one name. You are responsible for this. I take no responsibility for lost points due to name changes.

    1) sonicol and adroiri (6 pts)
    2) KAROLkarol12 (4 pts)
    3) fighter_Ethan, Esrik, and MommaDragon (2 pts)
    4) SteadShrumm (1 pt)
  4. Added Chaotic PvP to the minigames list! Let's have fun!
    Edit: Option to host your own games on my res's has been added.
  5. Trivia has ended! More than 5 but less than 10 people came, which is more than I expected but less than I wanted. Come join us next Saturday!

    Edit: Changed the time to 7pm ET.
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  6. Guess My Picture got an upgrade! GRAY CONCRETE POWDER instead of gray wool for FAST CLEANUP with efficiency V shovels! No more waiting a full minute before rounds! Yay!
    Edit: Thank you all who joined the unofficial game to make this upgrade happen.
    Edit 2: Monthly Scoreboard updated from Trivia.
  7. Want to show off or advertise your res to a bunch of people at once? Consider lending it for Hide 'n Seek! More info under the Hide 'n Seek section.
  8. I gave out 30k within 15 minutes of testing Chaotic PvP, and that was with people only winning 300r! Wow!
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  9. I came, I saw, I looked at some good pictures and ate some choc covered donuts.
    I'll go again...once they restock the long johns. :)
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  10. The second official minigame is tomorrow! Ice Boat Racing, woo! Maybe you'll want to visit the race course early to get in some practice ~.^

    Note: The course is really easy... for jewel_king
  11. My Supporter has been activated so you can host your own games on my res now!
  12. Ice Boat Racing today! Let's see how many people show up :)
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  13. Next week marks the start of May! Official Monthly Prizes will start!
    sonicol and adroiri tied for 1st place this partial month! They get to split the prizes in the Monthly Donation Box at smp8 /v +minigame! No fighting :p
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  14. Changed the monthly point system. Games now have different weights based on how many times you can win 1st place in a game.
  15. Speedy Spleef has been added!
  16. Due to how busy my summer will become, Minigames Galore will not have monthly prizes anymore. I may not have time to host games every Saturday--I already know that the weekend after my finals, I will be hiking in Yosemite. Therefore, I cannot tally monthly scores because not all months will have an equal amount of games. I've updated the OP to reflect this; the Monthly Prize Donations Box will be changed into a Prize Donations Box later, in case people want to donate item prizes to event winners. Spice up the prizes so it's not just rupees.
  17. Someone suggested Capture the Flag and I figured out how we can play it!
    Banners serve as flags.
    Raiders ride in boats.
    Archers attack the boats.
    If you're riding a boat and it's destroyed, you need to go back to your side's start area.
    Your boat can only be attacked when you're in the enemy's territory.
    The floor will be ice, not water.
    Some snow columns will serve as barriers and towers around the field.
    Minimum 4 players, 2 on each team (one archer, one raider).

    To spice things up a bit, there are two options to win.
    1) You capture the enemy's main flag
    2) You capture 3 smaller items from the enemy's territory
    This makes it so that people aren't single-mindedly shooting at boats that come towards their main flag :D

    What do you guys think?
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  18. Capture the Flag has been built! Get hyped, people, we have a team game!
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  19. Guess My Word is today! Monthly Prizes have been discontinued, but I still feel like this is the first *official* official game. I can also /rshout now, which will make it so much easier for people to see if they got the letter or word right.
  20. I've decided to remove minigames from the rotation list if less than 3 people show up. This will hopefully cause the list to only hold games that people are interested in, or it will cause Minigames Galore to be discontinued if all games are removed. Minigames can be re-added to the rotation list if people ask for it and if enough people show up to it when it's test-reinstalled.