[Event] Minigames Galore!

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  1. Guess My Word went well so it will not be removed from the rotation! Let's see how the other games do in the upcoming weeks :D
  2. Pearly Parkour is functional and open! I need to make the surrounding walls higher so that people aren't throwing enderpearls onto other people's reses from the last few platforms, but there's a teleport pad to it now :D Also need to go stock up on enderpearls so that people don't have to bring their own. As soon as I do both of those things, it will be added to Minigames Galore :D
    Pearly Parkour is an enderpearl race course. Throw enderpearls to get to the floating platforms while being pushed around with water. The goal is the top of the obsidian tower centerpiece. During official events, I will add chests to different platforms. You will have to collect items from specific platforms to win or get bonus points, I'm not sure which yet. That's a brief summary of the game. Also, there's only +enderpearl on the platforms, so if you miss your enderpearl throw, it'll say that you don't have the enderpearl permission. You do--but only to and from the platforms.

    Edit: I'd appreciate it if people tried it and told me if it's too easy after a few minutes. 3 people have tried it so far. 2 people find it to be super easy after getting used to it. 1 person quit after 10 seconds. I need more opinions.
  3. Pearly Parkour has been added! Not a traditional parkour, you use enderpearls to teleport to floating platforms. See the event description for more info.
  4. Anyone hyped for Speedy Spleef this Saturday?
  5. Added a Preferred Donations list. All donations are accepted and will be used in one way or another, but the list is of items that will be used directly for prizes or for stocking game items.