[EVENT] Happy Halloween 2021!

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  1. I died,

    doing what I love.

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  2. solution of the hard maze for anyone who wanted to see the rest of the hard path but couldent make it through.
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  3. Solution worked! I gave up on the hard mode after that. The fall was a little hard
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  4. Looks like trick or treat event is done/doesn't work anymore. Was hoping to get to 150.
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  5. any idea yet why they closed before 10th Novemeber ?
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  6. Miscommunication.
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  7. what is a miscommunication? the post itself or the early removal of the ability to trade?
  8. I would guess between staff members. someone thinking that the others were on the same page while they weren't. probably the 8th was an earlier stop date that some thought it got changed, or viceversa.

    Sincerely I don't see the point in keeping the discussion up. It happened, this year's candy trading is gone, is not coming back. Dwelling on it does not make it better for anyone involved, us or the staff.
  9. Dang. Been too busy with work to come on and check it out. Was hoping I'd be able to catch it before it closed. Didn't realize it was closed early. Sad times.
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  10. It's pretty unfair to those who weren't able to get the promos because they were told it was closing later than it actually did, the least we should expect is for it to be open for the time they actually said it would be.
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  11. If that happened to anyone, send them my way.

    Can't turn back time but I can try and help there.
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  12. futuretrunks and anon were two who definitely mentioned not being able to get their rewards in chat, but there's probably more who won't have spoken up.

    What even is the solution anyway? Giving out free promos to those who may legitimately or not claim they were on the way to 150? It would've been a lot easier to reopen it for the extra 2 days since it was reported very quickly unless there's some hidden problem which makes reactivating it so tough
  13. I was also one of the ones unable to try and get and possible promos from the event. But yeah I'd prefer to just have it reopened, go there, look at all the cool stuff and do whatever I can to get whatever promo or promos that may be available. Since it does feel a bit unfair to just be given the promos. Whereas others at least had to put some time and effort into it and also got to see all the cool stuff that was made.
  14. I was away from home for a month and then came back on the 3rd (at night) to have to go to drill weekend the next day (also away from home). I got back on the 7th (night) and finished the main event, but I went to sleep thinking that the candy trading would be open for the next couple of days or more.
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  15. Sounds like what we need for events are concrete times that are listed when the event is going to be open and closed and perhaps a contingency plan in place in case there’s a closure of an event before its exact date and time to be closed. In that event that it’s closed before the officially time to be closed. It should be reopened for the exact time that was still left on the clock. NO FREE PROMOS.. That’s why these events are here. To allow people to log in and partake.
  16. lol this isn't the first time this exact event closed too early, some years ago I also missed out on the 150 trades because of this...
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  17. The special event with the unique prize is still open on games at /games.
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  18. Yep. I was at like 117 I believe. Was hoping to get to 150 to get the last prize being apparently the other head. I was gonna announce in chat on like the 8th-10th that I was still waiting to trade with anyone who hadn't traded candy with me yet to hopefully get the candy and make it to 150 but I figured I still had a few days left before I would start announcing in public chat (as to not annoy everyone with messages about still there ready to trade candies). So I just waited around in halloween town waiting for people to log in and check it. But then woke up the next day and it was closed which stinks cause I was under the impression it was 10th.

    I guess I should have just logged in for halloween since apparently there was a huge amount of people on then and probably would have been able to get to 150 easily. But I was busy that day and not even cause of halloween.
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