[EVENT] Happy Halloween 2021!

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  1. Great job EMC!!! Awesome builds!! kudos to the build team and everyone involved.:+1: Happy Halloween>:)
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  2. What an awesome build! It was a ton of fun even though I had a difficult time with the maze. Well done build team, 10.0+.
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  3. This sounds like a feature, not a problem.
  4. I got on early yesterday before the 2nd half of the event was unveiled, so I didn’t go to it while I was able and about.

    I was able to trick enough people to treat with me until I was awarded two more authentic candy dispensers... so that’s nice!

    I’m excited to start the 2nd half. Judging by the descriptions and the picture, I’d say there is another grand masterpiece that awaits me!

    Looking forward to the next adventure! ✌️
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  5. I doubt it's a feature. As I was entering the University building last night I was teleported back to beginning of the maze. I was already over an hour into the event.

    Come to think of it, it might have been the Trick part of Halloween. The builders having a little fun with the event.
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  6. INABIAF (it's not a bug, it's a feature) is a common joke in developer circles. :) See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undocumented_feature
  7. Build Team is aware of the problem with teleporting to the maze at unintended times and we are looking into it. Thank you all for your patience. :)

    EDIT: A temporary fix should be in place. Please let us know if you run into any problems.
  8. The builds for this Manor event on games is absolutely amazing. I just went through it and the beginning had me frantic then I moved on to heart pounding and lastly a bit of fun before the reward.. Lots of detail and just WOW!! Thanks so much to the build team and everyone that helped make it special.
  9. I fell down a hole behind the sewer building (as instructed by the book , the entrance was outside) 2 blocks deep down among the command blocks etc, had to restart again - so close ha ha, excellent build and ideas as usual :)
  10. Moops replied, but to reiterate, fixes have been attempted. Per SS, that's a tricky one.

    One other "bug" type thing is the TP to the sewers. You must have the bow and arrow to TP.
    If you don't have those, you should just get a message. However... Weeh had a weird thing happen there, and Endermax had a game crash at least twice (he's trying it now with the knowledge "get the bow and arrow before going in").

    So that's it for the FYIs. Have fun all :)
  11. Amazing work as always BT! Love the addition of hard mode! that fox maze is super tough, Definitely my favorite part of hard mode is the slow fall section though!
    Lots of fun easter eggs and very speedrun friendly
  12. Awesome build and event! Thanks for all your hard work! In the Manor, thank y'all for not making the parkour too hard for us parkour challenged peps! Best server ever!
  13. I liked the aesthetic feeling of the easy mode maze. Not so much on the hard maze. So many doors!
  14. Thank you for the event!
    I had quite some fun with the mazes :D

    If I may, a couple requests/suggestions for next time:
    1. have the candy trading on games. It is a bit sad having to decide if to completely give up on working on my outpost or giving up on trading (or see others, that can't join trading because they are so far out in the frontier)
    2. mob spawning in candytown, it would be nice if either they can't spawn on roofs, or if we could climb to get the drops stuck up there
    3. if possible at all, make the names of people you've traded with both ways appear red, and yellow if you've traded one way only.
  15. Thank you for another fun event, an amazing build once again! :D
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  16. As for the roofs, while elytra don't work, tridents do (water in center fountain) or use pearls. Some of the roofs can be jumped to from another building. Since the mobs are hostiles, if you shoot them with a bow, often times they will come down to face you.

    It is very disconcerting to have the witch bombard you with potions and even having the effects show up on screen notice. Meaning, you don't get poisoned but you see the icon and the green 💚 hearts.
  17. I really loved the Halloween event, especially the second part!
    I love to build and see other peoples builds..
    And the building team of EMC impressed me once again.
    Amazing builds by the build team!

    The parkour.. Normally I don't like doing parkour (Maybe cause I am bad at it, but sshhh.) But I really enjoyed this!
    Once again, the builds were amazing on this too. It really gave the vibe that I became a small human being.

  18. Amazing build and event! Thank you, Build Team and EMC Staff!
  19. My life with command blocks of late:

    Jokes aside - that was a quirky bug. Still don't know what caused it but I had a decent enough idea to be able to patch it. All should be good now. If not, I'm a PM away.

    Also, goes without saying but a HUGE thank you the Build Team for the exceptional work done on this event!

  20. I went through it again with a friend and had no problems, dying only took that player back to the start. :+1: