[EVENT] Happy Halloween 2021!

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  1. Escape from Maelstrom Manor
    Available from the Games server spawn, which you can go to with /games in-game.

    Professor Maelstrom has gone crazy and wants to perform experiments on you! Overcome challenges to escape from the Manor. Then, help Ember University undo his evil deeds!

    This event has two difficulty modes. Normal mode is recommended for all players. Hard mode is recommended for players who seek an extra challenge (and bragging rights!)
    Disclaimer: Both modes have the same prize, which can only be claimed once.

    If you escape from Professor Maelstrom and put an end to his crazy experiments, you will receive a pair of his special Safety Goggles to remember the occasion!

    Trick-or-Treating: Empire Minecraft Style
    Explore the Classic Trick-or-Treat neighborhood by typing /halloween and throw Haunted Candy at each other in EMC Halloween style. Look for special details throughout the build as you exchange!

    Throughout the Neighborhood area, there will be mobs spawning. Don't worry, they can't hurt you. However, they have been gorging on Haunted Candy over the entire month of October and will likely drop some, if killed.

    Have a spare Haunted Head or Headless Horseman Helmet lying around from years ago? These old promos dispense the SAME candies as mobs, so you will be able to use those for the next part if you don't feel like slaughtering the inhabitants of Halloween Town.

    We have brought back our Trick-or-Treat Game! Each UNIQUE player that you TOSS a Haunted Candy to INSIDE the Halloween Candy Exchange area will earn you one point, as well as give you one candy back in return. Can't remember if you already gave candy to someone? If you've already tossed candy to that player, they won't be able to pick it up. If someone tosses a candy at you, you CAN toss a candy at them. The toss score limitations are set by the throwing player.
    Warning: You must be online in order to receive credit for your candy toss. You cannot just throw a bunch on each server and leave them there. :p

    There are automatic prizes after you receive a certain number of points in the Trick-or-Treat Game, such as the Haunted Head and others, so don't miss out on the candy throwing fun. You can even type /hscore to see where you stand in the rankings across each SMP and the server!

    These events will be open until AT LEAST November 10th.

    No costume? No worries! This week, you have been granted the /disguise command in town areas. You have a wide selection of monsters and animals to disguise yourself as while sharing candy with other EMC players. You will not be able to use mob disguises in any competitive areas of the server. Here are some commands you may find helpful!

    /disguise [mob_name] - shortcut /d ; leave blank to be sent a list of all mobs available to you.
    /undisguise - shortcut /und; to wear your normal skin.
    /viewselfdisguise - shortcut /viewselfd ; to hide the mob you are disguising as from yourself

    Final tip is that there are some special options you can set. Use /disguisehelp [mob_name] to learn more. Ex: "/d sheep setColor red"

    Monsters in the Survival Worlds
    Just like previous years, monsters in the Wastelands and Frontier will occasionally drop Haunted Candy too. Don't eat too much!
  2. In addition to Halloween stuff. We have updated our server version to be running the latest Paper version. This brings a lot of increased stability to the server. I will edit in specific changes that are noteworthy later today.
  3. Interesting! Will have to see if anyone has some haunted heads for sale now
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  4. Very nice! Thank you both for putting in all this hard work! It shows how much you really care about the server and it's inhabitants =)
  5. I love disguiseself!
  6. Hope you all enjoy the event ;)

    EDIT: Let me know if you find any of my easter eggs I hid around
  7. Yay! I was just wondering if we were getting the Trick or Treat event this year. Super excited that disguises are back!
    *slips into my llama costume*
  8. Happy Halloween to everyone from Lady and I!
  9. Happy Halloween everyone!

    Found this in my inventory lol
  10. Happy Halloween to everyone!
  11. Never afk when Waffle is ingame! Besides that... Happy Halloween all Spooks!
  12. blasting people with Cupid's bow is funny
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  13. Halloween everyone !! The place looks great and candy, candy, candy...
  14. The second half of our Halloween Event is out! Go check out Maelstrom Manor! :D

    HUGE thank you to my fellow Build Team and staff members for all of their hard work on these events. These events couldn't have come together without you. :)
  15. Normal Mode
  16. Ooh happy halloween.

  17. Great job to the build team on this one! Love the design and decor of the mansion/campus/maze! I had to stop multiple times to just look around and take some inspiration.
  18. Ah, yes. I always wanted to wear a fence gate on my face.
  19. having an issue with the event, on several occasions (three right now) when someone teleports to the start of the maze i am being teleported with them, regardless of where i am on the map.

    plz fix
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  20. Woo hoo! That was fun. Thank you guys!