[Event] Going to the Moon!

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  1. I love this whole thing but one problem

    w h e r e i s t h e h i d d e n m e s s a g e o n t h e u n e x p l o r e d s i d e o f t h e m o o n

    i've been searching for hours plz halp
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  2. Best event ever!! ^.^

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  3. lol, it is in there, many people have already found it ;)
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  4. I win. I have landed on the moon (with a tiny bit of modding ;)).
  5. Try the places so obvious, they're invisible.
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  6. This is probably the best advice you can get, to be honest
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  7. Well thats me done for :confused:
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  8. Haven't commented yet, but just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been to the moon so far! Has a blast (get it) helping JD build this! :) Many more of these to come hopefully!
  9. You said it.. However... when looking at that picture I think we should call Toade 'Darth Toade' for the rest of the month, that's obviously his ship :D

    As for the rest, this was needed:

    PS (edit):

    I liked this event, a lot. Look: when Aya & myself come to an event together then something is usually up :cool:

    For everyone who can't make it: A thorough review will be done as soon as the contest is over, that way I don't have to worry about revealing unwanted spoilers.

    And as for you greenies: you outdone yourself, really.. this was plain out awesome.
  10. Thanks you guys! This was such a blast! I had a ton of fun exploring the training facility and the moon base :)

    +1k Kudos ^_~* Job Well Done!! :D

    p.s. - I'm super hyped about going to Mars :D
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  11. Cool Cool, can't make it tonight (It's on my birthday :D) I'll come whenever I can
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  12. Happy birthday to you! Yes, I'm in "that mood" this evening so... I deny ever having send you something because I don't do that :D
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  13. Sazukemono Space Center!!
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  14. Needs more Xenomorphs
  15. JD, this is amazing and I can't wait to get on play! Thank you and your little green assistant for this creative and fun way to celebrate. =]
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  16. :D When I saw what you guys had named the Space Center, my face hurt from smiling too hard :D
  17. checked the most obvious place. it's there. i can't believe it took me 2 hours to find this :confused:
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  18. Made something for you ;p check it out (as well as anyone else) at /v 5862 alien
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  19. ;-; he put my deco xenomorph head on...hes one of them ! get the torches