[event] Friday Night Miners

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  1. Friday Night Miners

    This isn't any normal event, there won't be prizes nor will there be any competition. This is just a peaceful way to go out with a few people and mine a bit.

    We will meet every Friday night and possibly Wednesday afternoons. If you are interested all you have to do is come to whatever outpost is designated for said that week. I will give 3 hour notice and before we head out another notice for anyone who may have missed the first one. We will go if there's only 2 people or 15. There will be overworld mining as well as nether quartz mining, people will vote before we go.

    Every Friday night at 8 PM EMC time (EST). Server and waste location will change weekly and will be announced before we head out.

    There will be no prizes, just going to collect a few resources and hangout with friends.

    If you wish to support or donate this event, please just offer others items such as pickaxes or potions to other plays. Please do not give me anything or I will just redistribute it. :)

    Items will not be supplied for you.

    The EMC Mumble will be used to communicate but is not necessary, just an easier and more fun way to talk to the community.
  2. What's Mumble?
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  3. mum·ble [muhm-buhl] verb (used without object), mum·bled, mum·bling.
    1.to speak in a low indistinct manner, almost to an unintelligible extent; mutter.

    Or a program you can download to talk to people. EMC has a Mumble.
  4. Sounds epic! I'll see if I can make it. :)
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  5. EMC absolutely needed one of these things, count me in boss. :D
  6. Get your stuff ready for tomorrow!
  7. Will bump again 3 hours before the events starts and before we head out, make sure you're ready on time!
  8. I hope everyone is ready to mine! 3 hours until departure, going to meet either on smp7 or mumble at 7:45 emc time.
  9. Alright everybody time for the first Friday Night Miners to commence! If you wish you can meet on mumble, if not please come onto smp7 and we can make some plans to head out!
  10. Boo ya, I'm ready to get my mine on! :D
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  11. Is mumble required?
  12. Of course not, just a nice way to talk to others
  13. Anyone want me to bring them a stack of enderpearls?
  14. If you wish to come we will be at /waste se on SMP7 feel free to join late and leave whenever because I will be there for a while!
  15. Would like to thank the people who attended this first week. Mined for about 2 hours and got a bunch of ores plus tokens from mining bonuses. See you all next week!
  16. Sorry couldn't come, had some emergency stuff that came up...but ill be back for next Friday and I wont let anything get in the way this time
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  17. No FNMs tonight due to being 4th of july and most people going to watch fireworks and other 4th of july activities. See you all next week!
  18. I'll be here off n' on. Don't have any plans tonight, if anyone else is still interested. I just can't commit to a specific time. I'm available on most SMPs, but there's a couple where I'm stuck out in the Frontier.
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  19. A short notice bump as I have been very busy today! Meet online around 8:10 as I may be a bit late.