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  1. ...This is the one you have been waiting for...

    My Event:


    I have been posting auctions, collecting donations at my res, and using a few in-game connections to gather as much money as possible to give away at this event. I am proud to say that the grand prize for this event will be:
    2 million rupees!
    Second place will be: A diamond voucher and a few other promos.
    Third place will be: A gold voucher, a few left over promos, stacks of ores and my Head.

    Here are the details of the EVENT:

    Players will compete in a race across land, sea, and air? through the wild to
    2 secret locations. The exact locations will be revealed on one of my res' on smp1 the day of the event. Once you have received the locations, it is my recommendation that you write down these coordinates immediately, because the race starts after they are revealed and you will need to leave as soon as possible!

    Once you enter the wild and follow the coordinates to the FIRST LOCATION, you will mine a block of my choosing which has already been placed, and keep this block in your inventory. You will then quickly race to the SECOND LOCATION and mine a different block and keep this block as well. Once you have attained both of these blocks (which will be renamed), you will head back into town to the res in which the race started.

    The first person to place the two blocks they mined in the wild onto the DIAMOND BLOCK on my res will win:
    2 million rupees!

    The second place winner will place their blocks on the GOLD BLOCK, and the third place winner will place their blocks on the IRON BLOCK.

    Things you may want to bring:

    A Horse
    A Bed
    EDIT: Added: Ender Chest

    Basically anything you feel will get you from point A to point B to Point C the fastest and most efficient.

    EDIT: Someone has brought to my attention (something I had already considered but never made public) that the best strategy would be:
    When you get the second item, place an Ender Chest, put the two items in the chest, then kill yourself.

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anyone to be aggressive in any way toward any of the other contestants. This means normal EMC rules apply, and you are in no way to impede (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/impede) anyone else's journey through the wild. No placing lava in anyone's path, no water buckets, no breaking blocks under anyone's feet, breaking their boats, or breaking any more than 1 of the pre-placed blocks you must mine in order to win. If you are found doing any of these things, you will be punished accordingly and disqualified. I can't stress this enough. Please be kind to our fellow community members. I want everyone to have fun and enjoy their time in a safe environment. I love you all too much, so please look out for one another and be courteous.

    *EDIT- After some deliberation, teaming up for this event is strictly forbidden. I considered it for a brief moment, but not everyone will have a partner to go to the 2 separate locations.


    EVILTOADE'S AMAZING RACE will take place on 8/8/2015

    Please come to /v eviltoade on smp1

    at 5:00PM SERVER TIME!
    the remainder of the details will be revealed then.

    If you would still like to donate to this Event, it is not too late. You can donate at /v eviltoade on smp1, and you can also see the current prizes for the event in the chests straight and slightly to your left.

    Thank you all who have donated thus far. I truly and deeply appreciate your dedication and love of our community.


  2. Official Winners:

    1st Place: Ivanivanchenchen - http://imgur.com/f1r6M1P
    2nd Place: guhenry3
    3rd Place: JV2K
    4th Place: PenguinDJ

    I still owe 2nd-4th place winners my head. I will send them in the mail.
    I will also edit this shortly with all the contributors to the event.

    Thank you all for coming! Love you all!

    p.s. All the winners navigated the nether to win the race. Although not specifically stated in the original thread, this was indeed allowed. Also to clarify, no teaming was allowed to gather one block in one location and the other teammate for the other location. All the winners mined both blocks themselves.

    I spent around 1.5 million myself for the event, and tried my best to cover all aspects of fairness. I just hope everyone had fun even if they didn't win. Thanks again.

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  3. -runs to calendar and puts little star on the 8th of August-
  4. TBD but surface says I probably should be able to make this. :)
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  5. 4th! I'll be sure to be there! I think?
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  6. I should be there! Sounds like it will be a blast. :D

    Edit: Will you be posting on this thread when you put down the coords?
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  7. What's the first place prize? :p

    EDIT: Looking forward to it, it sounds like fun :D
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  8. This sounds like a good time, regardless of whether I get anywhere near that prize money :D I hope I can make it.
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  9. 5pm, i won't be able to make it sadly =( i'm hardly ever on at that time. sounds fun tho
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  10. Hmm i could be on wait never mind ill be at school
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  11. School!?!? Already?
    Oh and great idea toade :)
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  12. Eh i live in New Zealand different times
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  13. This looks amazing, eviltoade! I plan on attending.

    *Now, where did i put my fast horses?*
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  14. Bleh, I sadly probably wont be able to make it, Im on vacation from August 3rd to 17th or so, and I wont be able to make it at that time most likely, also Hotel internet, yeah
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  15. I think that I'll be back from holiday then... It's a good time so I may tag along. Only problem is that I'm terrible at races. We'll see, I'll follow the thread and may be able to tag along, thanks for doing this Toade :)
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  16. I think I won't be able to make it :(, August 8th isn't a good date for me, have fun everyone *Crawls in corner*
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  17. Soo that's what you meant when you said I can buy 2 perms direlect vouchers for my build....Count me in! :D
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  18. sounds fun... I don't know if I will make it it but good luck everybody
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  19. I can so make this! Can't wait! Now, I just need to breed a horse that's faster than my favorite white pony so I don't risk losing her in the vast wilderness. Enderpearls away and all that hype!
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