[EVENT] Clover's Interior Design Competition - Kitchen Edition

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  1. Calling All Builders! Do you love interior design?
    Do you love winning prizes and showing off your creations?
    Well this is the competition for you!
    Welcome to Clover's Interior Design Competitions!
    This will be the first competition in a series of head-to-head Interior Design Battles!

    Once the competition begins, competitors will get a set amount of space
    to build their themed rooms. Once you have completed your design you may have
    3 additional chances to alter or change it before Judgement Day! Your rooms will be
    showcased and remain on display until the next competition of the same type.

    The competition will begin on September 1st and will be Judged on September 30th.
    Everyone may cast their vote for their favorite room on the poll above. To be opened on the 30th.

    There are 3 categories to compete in and no limit to how many times you can win!
    1. Crowd Favorite
    During the last week of the competition a poll will be opened up
    for everyone to vote on. In the event of a tie
    a coin toss will decide the winner.
    2. Judges Choice
    On Judgement Day - our Panel of Judges will rate
    everyone's creations based on Style, Originality, Execution,
    Complexity and Overall Appearance. Each category can
    receive up to 10 points. The most points win.
    3. Clover's Choice
    This is obviously a wild-card win where
    I'll simply just pick my favorite. Good luck!

    There's a total of 115 Diamonds and 262,500 Rupee's to be won!
    If you win 1st place in all categories, you'll win a whopping 30 Diamonds & 15,000 Rupees!
    Crowd Favorite
    1st Prize: 1 Iron Voucher, 20 Diamonds & 50,000 Rupees
    2nd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 25,000 Rupees
    3rd Prize: 5 Diamonds & 15,000 Rupees
    Judges Choice
    1st Prize: 1 Iron Voucher, 25 Diamonds & 75,000 Rupees
    2nd Prize: 15 Diamonds & 50,000 Rupees
    3rd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 25,000 Rupees
    Clover's Choice
    1st Prize: 1 Iron Voucher, 10 Diamonds & 10,000 Rupees
    2nd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 7,500 Rupees
    3rd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 5,000 Rupees

  2. Anyone may fill out the Entry Form below to join the Contest
    Builders will be chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis
    There is a total of 13 open spots for this competition
    You may apply to join the contest, even if there is no room left
    In case someone gets disqualified - you will be next in line for a spot

    Builders must supply their own resources for their entry
    understanding that it will not be returned to them
    because it will remain in the showcase

    The Location of the Build site will be posted below on Sep. 1st
    Builders will be given permissions to build on location
    when the owner of the property is online (me)

    Set building times will be listed below in addition
    to whenever I'm otherwise online messing around

    Builders agree to only build in their designated areas
    and to obviously not touch their opponents builds

    You are expected to Replace the Colored Wool with your Floors & Walls
    There are no Height Restrictions but please don't go overboard

    Reasons for being disqualified & your spot given to someone else
    1. Failure to build or contact me about your absence for more than a week
    2. Purposely building outside of your designated area / or otherwise trolling
    3. Failure to finish your design before the competition ends.
    4. If your build does not meet the aforementioned theme

    Don't worry or stress about these rules
    You'll be warned and given a chance for correction
    Before being disqualified

    Trolls / Griefers will obviously be immediately disqualified and reported

    Entry Form
    Please Copy and Paste your filled out form below to enter in the contest

    Plot Options
    There are 13 color-coded plots below of different sizes, list your choice in the form above.
    The hollowed out room will be built into a showroom during the last week of the competition.

    • Cyan Plot 10 x 10
    • Light Blue Plot 10 x 10
    • Purple Plot 10 x 10
    • Magenta Plot 10 x 10
    • Lime Plot 10 x 10
    • Green Plot 10 x 10
    • Orange Plot 10 x 10
    • Brown Plot 15 x 10
    • Gray Plot 15 x 10
    • Black Plot 7-12 x 9-15
    • Yellow Plot 10 x 5
    • Blue Plot 9 x 9
    • Pink Plot 4-10 x 4-6

    Any Kitchen that Makes Use of the New Colored Blocks
    *Glazed Terracotta
    Will Receive 5 Diamonds Per Completed Entry!
    And a stack of the colors they need for their build!

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  4. #1 Crafter31211 (Gray Plot)
    #2 Floorfne (Brown Plot)
    #3 finch_rocks_1 (Orange & Yellow Plot)
    #4 TrueArkon (Black Plot)
    #5 NathanRP (Cyan Plot)
    #6 ItzKennedyy (Lime Plot)
    #7 MoreMoople (Light Blue Plot)
    #8 Cam7051 (Blue Plot)
    #9 TheBossGamer_ (Magenta Plot)
    #10 _King (Green Plot)
    #11 SkyeLil (Purple Plot)

  5. Woow!!
    This thread is so pretty!!! :o
    Like, seriously, I've never seen such pretty posts anywhere on the internet! :o

    I hope many people will be entering! :)
  6. Thank you! :D
    I worked long and hard on it!

    And, I hope so too.. ^^
    I'm building a showcase lot that people can use as a in-game reference when building.
    If this takes off, I'll follow up with Dining room, Living Room, Office, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc. etc.
    If it doesn't, I'll just do all the work myself - not such a big problem as indoor decorating is one of my favorite things. ^^
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  7. I would enter if in singleplayer/creative. But I, 1, haven't got the time, 2 I, per defenition, can't do the interiour of a thing I haven't got the exteriour of :p
    But, I guess, I'll just show of the only two kitchens I ever did anyway, to give other people a little more inspiration:

    And I guess, with this, you can also understand why I can't do anything without exteriour. Those two things don't look really good, only, they both were really chalenging to fit in the space they're build in. That is the thing I have practiced a lot with, not with just getting a nice premade space to do somthing, that can be usefull for some cases, but it isn't what I usually do I guess :p
    Also, it would be a little emerancing if I wouldn't win... I mean, I made build guides to show people how to build stuff, including interiour. :p
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  8. I completely get where you're coming from. Usually I'm the same way. ^^
    Except for the part about creative mode, :D I love to take a random hill in survival and build into it natural looking, but modern style house. Or a tree! If you suddenly find yourself having loads of free time, you're welcome to join and not compete. ^^
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  9. This literally is the prettiest thread in the history of threads! Can't wait to see what the contestants do!! Sent a little donation for the event too :) GLHF all!!
  10. That's a good point Jelle's making there.
    But surely, interior can be shown off without complete exterior: in kitchen stores, you also see kitchens on their own.
    Besides, you could of course start with the floor and the walls, to get a bit of a feel going, and then make the kitchen to fit that. :)
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  11. I'm already a fan of this competition, you thought things out quite well. For reasons not shared (I kind of suck at this) I won't be participating but still my compliments for how you set this whole thing up so far. Even sorted out some solid rules.

    This looks awesome.

    However, there's also a problem (uh oh :confused:) :D

    57 diamonds and 27,500r? Can't we make this into 60 diamonds and 30,000r? No wait, I know: 65 diamonds and 30,000r? If donations are possible then expect 8 diamonds & 2500r incoming :)

    Hmm, now that I mention that so blunt it suddenly does't really sound like much anymore, does it? So maybe: 13 diamonds and 7500r? ;)
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  12. I considered asking if she would accept donations too, but I ended up not doing it, as I was afraid it'd mess up the nice distribution among places. :p
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  13. I've increased the prize pool, thanks to advice and generous donations!
    How do they look now? (Certainly more serious?) xD

    Judges Choice
    1st Prize: 25 Diamonds & 75,000 Rupees
    2nd Prize: 15 Diamonds & 50,000 Rupees
    3rd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 25,000 Rupees

    Crowd Favorite
    1st Prize: 20 Diamonds & 50,000 Rupees
    2nd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 25,000 Rupees
    3rd Prize: 5 Diamonds & 15,000 Rupees

    Clover's Choice
    1st Prize: 10 Diamonds & 10,000 Rupees
    2nd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 7,500 Rupees
    3rd Prize: 10 Diamonds & 5,000 Rupees
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  14. Clover's IDC: Kitchen Edition
    Contestant Entry Form
    Minecraft Name: Crafter31211
    Experience: Intermediate
    Timezone: EST or EMC Time

    Plot Choice: Gray or Brown
    Building Style: (Some ideas: Modern, Retro, Woodsy, Nature, Sandstone, etc.)
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  15. This thread is beautiful and really well organized (GORGEOUS) <3
    Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into this thread!
    The event looks awesome itself :p
  16. Thank you! I hope we get a good turn out. ^^
    I'd love to see everyone's creations! :eek:
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  17. I'm don't think this is getting enough exposition...
    This deserves more likes, comments, and, above all, entries!! :)
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  18. I was kind of expecting a lot more people to be interested, I mean... It's building - in a small space, for lots of money and bragging rights! xD What's not to like!? ^^
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  19. I would but the issue is the lack of time.
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  20. Clover's IDC: Kitchen Edition
    Contestant Entry Form
    Minecraft Name: Floorfne
    Experience: Intermediate (with very light shadows of advanced)
    Timezone: PST

    Plot Choice: Brown
    Building Style: Medieval/Rustic
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