[Event] Belac555's 2222 days Event!

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  1. This is a work in progress event.
    This event will be held on the Eve of May 22 2022
    It will be a Q and A with me(About my Awesomeness of course) and a DROP PARTY! The drop party will consist of at least 2.5 million rupees in items and promos. Now that being said, 2.5 million rupees is a lot of R so any donations at all, whether expensive or not are greatly appreciated and can either be mailed to belac555 or dropped off at /v 5728 on utopia in the chest as soon as you spawn in!
    Will be posting more updates as I get more stuff and will post a exact time and place as early as possible!

    Alright so Update! This is no longer a drop party as I was thinking about it and I realized, every time I go to a DP someone always seems to not get anything, so instead what I am gonna do is you all will pick a number from 1-50 and each of those numbers will correspond to a chest I am going to make for you, that chest will be worth up to 100k and hold at least 1 if not more promos. Now not all chests will be the same although some will be similar. So please comment a number 1-50 and your favorite emc promo and why it's your favorite!
  2. Numbers and who has claimed them
    1: SteamingFire
    2: Daanhu
    3: nick92461
    4: Upmostlocket106
    6: Sharpie42
    7: Starsphere
    8: Skeletin007
    9: Raaynn
    10: Stgbtl
    12: Tamraaa
    13: DullK
    15: OhMiku
    16: Fred_TWK
    18: Unixbrain
    19: Emprex_Zym
    20: Imperial_Fist8
    21: Torian42
    22: Ethy202
    23: TheGenderBandit
    24: Drasleona247
    26: The_Mancub
    28: Eclipsys
    29: Rhycicles
    30: W1therRex
    31" Eulenax
    32: EnigmaSpirit
    33: HxCami10
    34: VoidDistortion
    36: Ryko369
    37: Dreacon78
    39: Winfield_Hancock
    40: LindenNZ
    42: Fighter_Ethan
    43: Wafflecoffee
    44: Be6ja1min
    45: weeh
    47: PlasmaBanana
    50: NuclearBobomb
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  3. I would LOVE to attend! Going to keep an eye on this thread.
  4. if anyone would like to help with the setup or dropping of things feel free to pm me here or in game to discuss
  5. Currently about 10% of the way to my goal!
  6. I would also love to attend. Once I can get promos ill start donating, provided some be set aside for new players.
  7. Bump! Changed the event style! Make sure to read the OP and comment your favorite promo and why along with a number 1-50
  8. 3! Love me an eggcellent wand :D
  9. 50, Stretchy pants.
  10. #26 favorite promo would have to be the fish bowl. Just because itโ€™s ware able and looks awesome and from a great event ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. Can I claim number 20?

    Also, my fav promo is the steel armor. I really want a set, so when I have more free time I might start trying to collect some.
  12. I'll take my trusty number 43.
    Even though this isn't technically a promo, the Voters Bow is my favourite custom item because it's unbreakable, has infinity, and has looting III. Better than any infinimending bow :)
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  13. Ooh very nice

    Good Point! I should be getting mine soon!
  14. 7. My favourite promo is probably the Saltar, I love horses :)
  15. I've got two-
    the first is the Fish Bowl, just because it's super rare so it feels personal to wear it at events, and because it looks cool
    and Steel Armor, mainly because of how beneficial wearing it can be (enchantable + better attributes than netherite) alongside its rarity (enraged silverfish are uncommon, to say the least)
  16. What number did you want?
  17. Oh, sorry... 22!
  18. Number 28 please.

    Favorite promo, hmm that's a good one. There are so many nice ones! The first one that comes to mind is Independence Day armor
  19. 1
    Evergreen Sapling
    It's so pure. A tree that plants more trees. No one cares for it but I see its beauty.
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  20. Very beautiful

    Oh yeah I should get me some of that lol

    It's alright got you on there
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